Briana DeJesus Talks Jenelle Evans, Devoin Austin, Plastic Surgery & More! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Briana DeJesus has really worked her way into the Teen Mom 2 family, right?

A couple of years ago when we first learned that she'd be joining the cast, some people weren't too happy about the news, but now things are different.

She fits right in, she and her family bring some much-needed humor to the show, and of course she brings the drama, too.

And so of course you're going to want to hear what she had to say when we had this little chat ...

1. Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
So ... we like Briana, right?

2. Some Hesitation

Some Hesitation
Of course it was a little weird when we heard that she'd be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2. After all, we'd been following Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle, and Chelsea for years at that point. Why add in a girl from Teen Mom 3?

3. Some Anger

Some Anger
While some people didn't understand her addition, plenty of others were straight up mad about it. It was a wild time to be a fan of a reality show about previously pregnant teens.

4. Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It
But when her first season actually started airing, it didn't take her long to prove that she definitely brought something new to the show.

5. Dang

Remember her first season? She was pregnant with Stella and trying to figure the situation out with Luis, the guy who turned out to be a total deadbeat. She considered adoption. It was intense.

6. Curse You, Javi!

Curse You, Javi!
And in her next season, we saw her brief relationship with Javi, which led to her longer-lasting feud with Kailyn.

7. Smooth(ish) Sailing

Smooth(ish) Sailing
But now, things have calmed down a bit in Briana's life. She's really in love with her boyfriend, Johnny. She's got two lovely daughters. And it really seems like Teen Mom fans are getting behind her now.

8. So Relatable!

So Relatable!
We asked her about during our chat with her, about how perhaps viewers are enjoying her scenes because she's a bit more relatable than the original cast members, and she said "I would hope so."

9. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
"I feel like I bring a lot to the show," she continued. "Something new and fresh is always great."

10. The Real Briana

The Real Briana
"Hopefully I can continue sharing my story and everyone can see the real me."

11. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet
We also asked if she had any regrets about joining the show -- it had to have changed her life completely, right? -- and she simply said "No."

12. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Next, we took the opportunity to ask her about how things are going with Devoin Austin, Nova's father, after that scary incident last month.

13. Yikes

To give a quick summary, Devoin took Nova for the night, and while she was with him, he took her to the pool. He then got drunk while she was in the water.

14. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
Briana went OFF about what happened, which was totally understandable -- she said that Nova used to be terrifed of water, and although she worked on it with her, she's still not too confident with swimming. And even if she was a great swimmer, it would still be irresponsible to drink while your small child kicks around in a pool.

15. A Bad Look

A Bad Look
Briana and Devoin went back and forth on Twitter for a bit after this happened, but what's happening now?

16. Not Good

Not Good
We asked her if anything's changed between them, and she answered "Nope, he hasn’t reached out and neither have I. He has not reached out to nova at all. No communication."

17. Heartbreaking

We hope Devoin isn't letting a problem with Briana get in the way of his relationship with Nova, but it's not sounding great from her response.

18. Hooray!

Thankfully though, she had a good update for Stella!

19. Get Well, Girl!

Get Well, Girl!
Stella had gone back to the hospital last month, but now Briana says "Stella is wonderful. She’s great! Her body is so strong."

20. Like a Boss

Like a Boss
What's also wonderful is her career -- in addition to Teen Mom 2 and her regular day job, she's also starting a new business!

21. Interesting!

Just last week, she shared a logo on Instagram for something called Bri Baby Beauty. When we asked for details on that, she had a lot to say.

22. New Beginnings

New Beginnings
"I never had a chance to explore myself," she began, "I got pregnant so young so I’ve only known how to be a mom. Nothing else."

23. Sounds Great!

Sounds Great!
She explained that "I think it was time for me explore myself and I always loved beauty. So I finally have some time to invest in myself and focus on a business, a new career path. Got my licenses to start something that’ll be fun!"

24. Any Other Updates?

Any Other Updates?
In addition to working on a new business, is she also going to start working on another addition to her family?

25. Awww

She's been very opening about wanting to marry and have a baby with her boyfriend, Johnny Rodriguez, and when we asked if she had any immediate plans for that, she said "Soon baby soon!!!!"

26. Wait, What?!

Wait, What?!
Just how many more kids is she planning on having?!

27. Baby Time!

Baby Time!
She gave this answer last week on Twitter, where she wrote "Love my kids to death and I can’t wait to have another one. I feel like one more will complete the pack!"

28. Dr. Miami?

Dr. Miami?
And believe it or not, she also may be looking into more plastic surgery, too!

29. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
"I want to work out first and see what my progress is like," she told us. "If not, I will be trying to fix my body again."

30. The Ideal

The Ideal
"Everything is still way too much to handle for me. I just want to be small again."

31. Moving On ...

Moving On ...
We covered a variety of topics, but did she have anything to say about her fellow Teen Mom 2 cast members?

32. Bad Blood

Bad Blood
It felt safe to assume that she has no interest in having anything to do with Kailyn ever, and we know she's friends with Jenelle, so instead we figured we'd ask about the possibility of developing friendships with Leah and Chelsea.

33. Not So Much

Not So Much
"Lol I don’t really care honestly I’m busy focusing on my life," she answered.

34. No Interest

No Interest
She elaborated that "All of them are non factors not in a mean way."

35. And Jenelle?

And Jenelle?
But what about Jenelle? As we said, she and Briana are friends, and at times it seems like they're actually pretty close. And as we know, Jenelle's going through an especially tough time right now, what with her children being taken from her home.

36. Keeping It Cool

Keeping It Cool
About all of that, Briana said “As far as MTV replacing Jenelle it is not my place to comment on at this time ... MTV will do what they need to and want to and the audience can stay tuned to see what happens. I don’t really have anything to say regarding Jenelle at this point."

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