Briana DeJesus Talks Jenelle Evans, Devoin Austin, Plastic Surgery & More! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Briana DeJesus has really worked her way into the Teen Mom 2 family, right?

A couple of years ago when we first learned that she'd be joining the cast, some people weren't too happy about the news, but now things are different.

She fits right in, she and her family bring some much-needed humor to the show, and of course she brings the drama, too.

And so of course you're going to want to hear what she had to say when we had this little chat ...

1. Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
So ... we like Briana, right?

2. Some Hesitation

Some Hesitation
Of course it was a little weird when we heard that she'd be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2. After all, we'd been following Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle, and Chelsea for years at that point. Why add in a girl from Teen Mom 3?

3. Some Anger

Some Anger
While some people didn't understand her addition, plenty of others were straight up mad about it. It was a wild time to be a fan of a reality show about previously pregnant teens.

4. Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It
But when her first season actually started airing, it didn't take her long to prove that she definitely brought something new to the show.

5. Dang

Remember her first season? She was pregnant with Stella and trying to figure the situation out with Luis, the guy who turned out to be a total deadbeat. She considered adoption. It was intense.

6. Curse You, Javi!

Curse You, Javi!
And in her next season, we saw her brief relationship with Javi, which led to her longer-lasting feud with Kailyn.

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