Psalm West: Twitter Roasts Kim and Kanye Over New Baby Name

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Last week, Kim Kardashian revealed the name of her new baby: Psalm West.

Her fourth child with Kanye West is just a newborn, but is already getting a lot of attention.

Because his name is ... unusual.

Unusual and, even though fans can never quite guess what Kimye will come up with, the name was also unexpected.

Some people are offended on religious grounds.

Others just feel sorry for the guy who has to grow up being named Psalm.

But his future embarrassment may be worth it for the rest of us, who get to enjoy the jokes and memes. Take a look:

1. Kimye did it again

Kimye did it again
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child via gestational carrier. And then, very casually, Kim dropped his name on Friday afternoon.

2. This is the tweet that started it all

This is the tweet that started it all
Psalm West is a hell of a name. No name has gotten as much attention as North West, but that's because that name was BRILLIANT and also the first. The current, every-day-is-a-new-horror political climate probably didn't help Psalm make a splash, either. North was born during simpler times.

3. The choice was a shock

The choice was a shock
In case you are unfamiliar, a psalm is a sacred song or hymn, and the term specifically refers to those found in the holy books of Judaism and Christianity. Using it as a name was a lot for people to swallow.

4. The obvious jokes poured in

The obvious jokes poured in
if you've studied the Old Testament for either personal or academic reasons, you have to admit that this is a bit of a thigh-slapper.

5. Send in the memes

Send in the memes
Absolutely floored to see that someone did a redraw of the extremely famous meme of Da'Vonne Rogers from Big Brother ... as Jesus. Somebody probably did this for Easter one year, all so that it could one day be used for commentary on a Kimye baby name.

6. Speaking of religious reactions

Speaking of religious reactions
It's clear that some people thought that Kim and Kanye were getting a little ahead of themselves with their baby names. If they have a fifth child, perhaps they can be named Hubris.

7. In a word: no

In a word: no
Some people were just not having it with this name. The apparent irreverence of using "Psalm" as a baby name. The fact that it's an inconvenient word to spell and pronounce. None of it.


Giving people unusual or hard-to-pronounce names can make it harder for them to apply to jobs or even get promotions once they are hired. Fortunately, no Kimye child is ever likely to have to worry about their financial future.

9. It's quite a name

It's quite a name
Though this may not be the best reaction image. Because, well, Kulture is also an unusual name. Just saying.

10. People feel sorry for Psalm

People feel sorry for Psalm
The Kardashians are, by and large, a deeply religious (and specifically Christian) family. This kid's gonna hear his name all of the time if he goes to church. The "I'm tired of this church" meme absolutely applies.

11. There had already been hints

There had already been hints
Yep, yep. Fans are seeing it now. That doesn't make this name choice sit better with those who don't like the sound of it.

12. This is a genuinely good joke

This is a genuinely good joke
"Her or hymn" is a solid pronoun joke AND evidence that you can make a joke about pronouns without being a transphobic garbage monster

13. How will Psalm feel?

How will Psalm feel?
Some people grow up to accept whatever names they were given without an issue. Others are dissatisfied or even resentful. Some are torn between the two. There's no telling how Psalm will feel.

14. What does "Psalm West" sound like to you?

What does "Psalm West" sound like to you?
Dang, what if his middle name is "Springs?" Psalm Springs. Better than "Oil" as a middle name, which is also not something that we can rule out when Kanye is involved.

15. This tweet really hit the nail on the head

This tweet really hit the nail on the head
A desert festival that fleeces thousands of dollars out of rich people who want to stay relevant? This is the best description of this baby name that we've seen.

16. But there were much better options

But there were much better options
Harrow West would have been a profoundly good choice.

17. And the memes keep coming

And the memes keep coming
This Key and Peele sketch is a classic, in which a substitute teacher ridicules white children with traditional European-American names and misprounces them. Ever since that skit, I haven't looked at the name "Aaron" the same way.

18. Anyone else notice this pattern?

Anyone else notice this pattern?
North and Chicago get location names -- one more specific than the other -- while the boys get unorthodox religious names. Some people think that Kim and Kanye are just taking turns.

19. And a final joke

And a final joke
It's a stretch to turn "psalm" into "somethin'" but we admire the effort and creativity.

20. We don't think that Kimye are too bothered

We don't think that Kimye are too bothered
Except where her brand (or rumors of her marriage) are concerned, Kim is beyond caring what people think about certain things. And Kanye thinks that he's a genius beyond anyone's ability to understand whose "dragon energy" makes him special, so ... he's not looking for feedback on his baby name picks, either.

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