Ashley Martson Exposes GROSS Jay Smith Cheating Details

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As we mentioned during our 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap of Sunday night's episode, Ashley was still dealing with issues.

Cheating is bad.

A guy cheating on you a couple of days after your wedding is going to have you rethinking your whole entire life.

In the episode, Ashley tells her friends about the fallout, including some details that had never before been made public.

The unsavory secrets spilled out ... including the girl's shockingly young age.

1. These details are shocking

These details are shocking
Ashley Martson has now told the world the frankly gross details of Jay Smith's (first) cheating scandal. WOW.

2. Ashley blew off some steam on a girls trip

Ashley blew off some steam on a girls trip
She and her friends went to New York ... and left Jay behind to think about things.

3. Ashley was still mad

Ashley was still mad
She continued to grapple with the aftermath of Jay's Tinder cheating scandal. She had caught him video chatting with a girl just DAYS after their wedding.

4. Jay still weighed on her thoughts

Jay still weighed on her thoughts
Ashley confessed that she couldn't help wondering what Jay was up to. "I don’t know if Jay would do something to get back at me for going out with my ex but wouldn’t surprise me,” Ashley admitted. “I don’t think that he would do anything stupid but I guess I didn’t think he would last time either."

5. This wasn't a random outing

This wasn't a random outing
Ashley explained that she was trying to get away from the "constant pattern of arguing and bickering and fighting."

6. Ashley had real concerns

Ashley had real concerns
"I still love him," Ashley assured her friends. "But I don't know if Jay and I are going to get past this." Spoiler alert: they do get past this ... and then they walk into new cheating drama.

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