Briana DeJesus Reveals Her OTHER Daughter Also Needs Surgery

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Think whatever you want about Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Take the side of Javi Marroquin or Kailyn Lowry and think she is nothing but trouble, if you desire.

As a parent, however, Briana DeJesus has had it very rough of late. This cannot really be debated.

Below, we document how the MTV personality had to recently watch one daughter undergo surgery... and how she'll soon need to watch the other one go under the knife as well.

We wish her and her kids the best...

1. Poor Stella

Poor Stella
In mid-August, DeJesus shared this photo with followers and said little Stella had just undergone a procedure.

2. Did She Come Out of It Okay?

Did She Come Out of It Okay?
Yes, although any sort of surgery is scary for an infant of course. "Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters," wrote Briana as an update.

3. What Was the Matter?

What Was the Matter?
"She [had] septic arthritis," DeJesus told Radar Online of Stella's joint infection. "It's common in kids." (According to Wikipedia, septic arthritis is the invasion of a joint by an infectious agent resulting in joint inflammation.)

4. How is Stella Doing Now?

How is Stella Doing Now?
Pretty well, it seems. No complications. No follow-ups needed in the last few weeks.

5. But What About Nova?

But What About Nova?
The almost-seven-year old was born to Briana in 2011. Her father is Devoin Austin, who is occasionally in the picture -- and DeJesus has now revealed that Nova needs surgery of her own.

6. This is What Briana Tweeted on the Subject

This is What Briana Tweeted on the Subject
"Nova has surgery on Friday and her bday is on Sunday and I just feel sooo bad." Darn. We feel bad, too.

7. A Very Difficult Stretch

A Very Difficult Stretch
"It's been a really rough few weeks with Stella having had her medical issues and been hospitalized," DeJesus tells Radar.

8. What's the Problem?

What's the Problem?
Someone on Twitter writes that Nova needs to have a "few teeth pulled" at the dentist, but Briana has not confirmed this just yet. (UPDATE: Briana has now acknowledged this is the procedure on tap.)

9. We Just Got Over That, Briana Adds

We Just Got Over That, Briana Adds
... and now "Nova has to have surgery." Don't scoff at dental surgery, either. It can be painful... and Nova is only six years old!

10. Poor, Poor Nova

Poor, Poor Nova
"It's scary because Nova hates the dentist, as most kids do, and has to be put to sleep," Briana elaborates in her interview with Radar.

11. A Not Very Happy Birthday?

A Not Very Happy Birthday?
Nova must undergo the surgery just two days before her birthday, meaning she still may be feeling some effects from it on her big day. What a bummer.

12. But We Must Soldier On!

But We Must Soldier On!
"We're gonna do the best we can and still do our best to enjoy her birthday," DeJesus says.

13. Thoughts, Prayers and Hopes

Thoughts, Prayers and Hopes
Continues Briana: "I appreciate everyone keeping her in your thoughts and prayers that this goes smoothly and that we hopefully don't have any health issues for awhile."

14. Will Austin Be There?

Will Austin Be There?
Yes, Briana says. While Stella's baby daddy was not present when his child went under the knife, Devoin WILL be around, she tells Radar.

15. Thumbs Up All Around for Austin

Thumbs Up All Around for Austin
"He's been good at being involved in Nova's life lately and I'm happy he will be there for his daughter," she concludes.

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