Briana DeJesus: PROOF Her Boyfriend Got Another Girl Pregnant Revealed?!

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Briana DeJesus. Bless her heart.

The 16 & Pregnant cast member slash Teen Mom 2 firebrand is many things, but she has never been lucky in love.

Yet when it came to her most recent boyfriend, John Rodriguez, it looked there was at long last reason for hope.

Alas, she broke up with him last month, and when the news surfaced, there seemed to be many reasons for that.

But was one of them a bombshell no one could've expected - that he went and got someone else pregnant?!

That's the rumor going around, and THG is here to get after it and break things down for you as only we can.

[Rolls up sleeves, takes deep breath ...]

1. Oh, Girl ...

Oh, Girl ...
We've seen just a few of Briana's relationships play out on television - namely the romantic interludes she had with Devoin Austin, Luis Miguel, Javi Marroquin, and John Rodriguez. Okay, that's more than a few. But you get the idea.

2. Wowza

Luis barely counts, in our view, because they were barely together and now he never comes around. Meanwhile, things between her and Devoin have always been at least a little rocky since the beginning of time.

3. That Time

That Time
We did get to see a lot of her relationship with Javi, but like, do we have to remember it? Marroquin puts on a good nice-guy front, but as we've seen from his marriage to Kailyn Lowry and his recent scandal with Lauren Comeau and that girl he got naked with in the bathroom, every romance he's involved with goes south fast - in dramatic fashion.

4. True Love?

True Love?
But back to Briana. She recently started dating John, and things were good. Really good. John did seem to be different. A lot different.

5. Making It Work

Making It Work
It may have been tough, sure, since he lived in New York and of course she's in Florida, but she said she was very happy with him. And she's never one to mince words or sugar coat anything.

6. So Sad

So Sad
Unfortunately, last month Briana announced that she and John had gone their separate ways.

7. The Reason

The Reason
At the time, she gave a statement that began with "To be perfectly frank, I did not plan on addressing my personal life and what was going on in it whatsoever publicly at this time. I decided it was best to take matters into my own hands and just address the truth head on.”

8. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
“I realized I wasn’t happy, had too much on my plate and needed to stay focused on all the things going on in my life including my kids, my new spa, filming Teen Mom 2, my other job and my family,” she continued.

9. No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings
She's also said this: “At the end of the day I truly feel bad about what went down with John and I, as he really is a great, sweet, amazing man."

10. Also Fair

Also Fair
"Looking back, I don’t think I was ready for nor wanted another relationship. I never gave myself time to heal from prior relationships," she added, again with wisdom beyond her years.

11. To Be Clear

To Be Clear
“There was absolutely no cheating in our relationship,” she insisted, referring to the inevitable rumors that someone was unfaithful. "John’s a really great guy and the allegations were completely false."

12. Buckle Up!

Buckle Up!
What allegations were made, though, you ask? Oh, friends, if you're not familiar with this story then you are in for one wild ride.

13. A Scandal

A Scandal
This happened back in May - some screenshots started floating around that were supposedly some DMs between John and another woman. The woman ... wait for it ... was PREGNANT.

14. NO!

Yes. And it was JOHN'S BABY. You can imagine how this went down.

15. The Threats!

The Threats!
"Oh save it John!" read one of the alleged texts from the alleged woman. "We both know the real reason you're with her. You think you can get me pregnant and then just bail out? F-ck all that, I'm telling her and I'm [going to] make sure people know everything about you!"

16. The Retorts!

The Retorts!
"How are you going to tell her she won't even read your message dumb bitch," the response, allegedly from John, read. "You were just a piece of ass." Ouch.

17. Oh Man

Oh Man
Pretty crazy, right? Except Briana came right out and told everyone that those texts were fake.

18. Well Dang

Well Dang
Specifically, she said "There is no truth to these rumors. The conversation is completely fake and was made up by someone clearly looking for attention.”

19. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
Even when she broke up with John, she reminded everyone that “There was absolutely no cheating in our relationship. John’s a really great guy and the allegations were completely false."

20. But Wait!

But Wait!
So then why are they talking about it in next week's episode of Teen Mom 2?!

21. Whoa

Briana's part of the sneak peek goes by very quickly - we see her sitting in her car, talking to someone and looking at her phone.

22. Brutal

If you look closely, you can see she's looking at the screenshot we were just talking about - the one where the alleged mistress talks to allegedly John about the alleged pregnancy.

23. The Bombshell

The Bombshell
"It's John's Instagram," she says. "He got another girl pregnant."

24. More, Please

More, Please
And that's it. That's her part of the clip.

25. Asking the Tough Questions

Asking the Tough Questions
But ... when was this? What more is there to the story? What does Briana really know and what does it all mean?

26. Maybe?

Does it mean that when she first saw the scandalous screenshots in question, she was shocked enough that she believed it at first? Then determined they were fake after the fact?

27. Possibly?

Has this bit of footage been edited this way for special drama? After all, it really does look like she believes the screen shots here ... but there could be several explanations for that.

28. Could It Be?

Could It Be?
Or, and this would absolutely be the juiciest outcome, what if the screenshots were true all along and he really DID impregnate someone else? And Briana has been trying to protect him and stay out of the spotlight but has since learned the truth?

29. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
Honestly, that one definitely seems the least likely. We have a hard time believing that Briana would have stayed in the relationship for an extra few months if she knew that he had cheated on her like this.

30. Not Our Girl!

Not Our Girl!
And we absolutely don't believe that the outspoken Teen Mom 2 mainstay would care to speak so kindly about him, even after the breakup, if there was even a chance this rumor was true.

31. Appreciate You, Briana!

Appreciate You, Briana!
It looks like Briana is just bringing her best drama to us in these trying Teen Mom times, and we can't thank her enough for it! Especially with Jenelle Evans gone, someone has to carry that torch. We also can't wait to see how everything plays out ...

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