Jon Gosselin: TLC Was Gonna Pay Me $1 Million to Stay Married to Kate!

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Jon Gosselin has alleged that his ex-wife and the mother of his eight kids in an abusive monster.

This is likely the main takeaway from the former reality star's in-depth interview with DailyMailTV.

But Jon has now expounded on his past with Kate Gosselin, revealing that he was pressured by TLC executives to stay married to his ex long after their love died...

... and that he was even offered $1 million to keep the fake romance going.

Crazy, right?

What else did Jon tell The Daily Mail?

Scroll down for a shocking recap:

1. Why us Jon throwing so much shade now?

Why us Jon throwing so much shade now?
To be fair, he has ALWAYS shaded Kate, but there is a specific basis for why he is now spilling every ounce of tea: the ex-reality star signed a gag order back in 2009 when he and Kate got divorced.

2. And Now?

And Now?
The gag order has ended and Jon wants the world to know just how effed up Kate can be and just how effed up their marriage was by the end.

3. Let's Start with the Alleged Abuse...

Let's Start with the Alleged Abuse...
Jon claims that Kate tossed teenage son Collin into a special needs facility solely because he was diagnosed with ADHD and that she left him there to rot.

4. Kate is a Monster

Kate is a Monster
“Kate … couldn’t deal with him. He was alone for three and a half years with no parents, all alone. It was inhumane," he told The Daily Mail of what happened to Collin.

5. A Damning Accusation

A Damning Accusation
According to the The Daily Mail, Jon -- who alleges that he received "50 or 60" letters from the Department of Human Services over the years due to suspected child abuse -- alleges that Kate sent Collin to a child and adolescent behavioral unit without his knowledge.

6. Collin Begged to Be Rescured

Collin Begged to Be Rescured
The Daily Mail reports that Collin's roommate smuggled out a letter in 2017 that read as follows: “I told Mom I want to live with you, she said no. But right? She can’t choose for me. I’m old enough now, I’m YOUR son, not hers. She was abusive to me after I left your house. I’m sorry. Take this to court because … you’re my dad, my savior."

7. Concluded Collin:

Concluded Collin:
"I’m counting on you to get me out of here. Daddy, I love you. save me. Please come FAST. I love you. Help me. BYE."

8. Jon Did, Finally, Get Collin Out in Late 2019

Jon Did, Finally, Get Collin Out in Late 2019
After Kate didn't show up for a custody hearing in early December, Jon was named the primary guardian of the now-15-year old.

9. Letting Kate Just Have It

Letting Kate Just Have It
“It’s time America found out the truth about Kate, she isn’t the person you think she is,” Jon said of the reality star mom, who now has her own reality show titled Kate Plus Date.

10. Kate Has Scarred Her Kids

Kate Has Scarred Her Kids
Jon also claims that Hannah, of whom he currently has custody along with Collin, was "mentally abused," adding the allegation that both children in his care suffer from PTSD.

11. Hannah, Too?!?

Hannah, Too?!?
"Hannah had had enough, she was always labeled the leader of the pack. She just got tired of being the leader of the pack and all that responsibility. She just wanted to be a kid," Jon claims. "Kate targeted her. I mean, who puts all that pressure on to someone that's 12 years old? It's a lot."

12. Why Doesn't Jon Have Contact with His Other 6 Kids?

Why Doesn't Jon Have Contact with His Other 6 Kids?
"It's so far from co-parenting. We don't even talk to each other," he says of his relationship with his ex-wife, who, he claims, has "poisoned my children's minds against me."

13. My Poor Kids...

My Poor Kids...
"I have watched my children suffer and I have not been able to say a word," Jon adds, referencing a gag order from their 2009 divorce. "It's not about me, I don't give a sh-t, I'm like whatever, I'll just go to work, you know? But my kids have suffered so much. Who's going to defend them?"

14. Reality TV Has Ruined Them!

Reality TV Has Ruined Them!
"In an uncomfortable social situation, like college or an environment that's not suitable to white-collar demographics, it's going to be difficult for them and intermingling with other races and demographics and geography," Jon tells the The Daily Mail. "It's going to be difficult because they've been isolated so much and they haven't been taught those life skills."

15. I'm a Decent Guy!

I'm a Decent Guy!
“She’s put stuff in their minds about my personality," Jon continues of what Kate has said about him. "I never cheated on my wife, I’m not a monster, I love my children more than anything."

16. The Rumors Certainly Did Spread Back in the Day...

The Rumors Certainly Did Spread Back in the Day...
See this cover story as evidence.

17. A Brand New Bombshell

A Brand New Bombshell
In a second part of this Daily Mail interview, Jon says he was offered $1 million by TLC to remain in the marriage, despite the actual romance clearly being over.

18. I Just Couldn't Do It, Guys

I Just Couldn't Do It, Guys
“I left the show so my children would never have to relive our divorce,” Jon told the outlet. “That’s it. I could have made millions of dollars if I would’ve just continued, took their offer and stayed married for two years and I probably wouldn’t even be sitting here today. But I couldn’t live with myself. I couldn’t live a lie.”

19. What About Hailey Glassman?

What About Hailey Glassman?
In early 2009, there was talk that Jon had been cheating with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, but "they leaked stories to give that impression, it just wasn't true," Jon says here.

20. What About Marriage Counseling?

What About Marriage Counseling?
At the peak of the Gosselin marriage breakdown, TLC was so desperate to keep the series on air that the network paid for marriage counseling sessions. However...

21. ... There Was One Big Problem

... There Was One Big Problem
“Kate even picked the counselor but I went to the sessions by myself,” Jon explains. “It was clear to me that I was the only one that wanted the marriage to work. Kate came to me and said that she was leaving the marriage and she’s the one that filed for divorce. I had Kate against me, I had TLC against me and when you’re inside the fishbowl, you have nowhere to move, you have no way of breaking the glass. But when you’re outside you can see everything. That’s why I ultimately was glad to leave. I left the marriage in 2009 so I could come out and help my children and have more power on the outside because on the inside I was powerless.”

22. Goodbye, Jon

Goodbye, Jon
In September of 2009, TLC announced that, as of November 3, Jon & Kate Plus 8 would change its name to Kate Plus 8 and feature Kate as a newly-single mom.

23. Has Kate Responded to These Charges?

Has Kate Responded to These Charges?
No. She has only posted this photo on Instagram, which was shared the same day Jon's interview went viral.

24. Sorry, TLC

Sorry, TLC
"They wanted me to keep on filming for the next two years because we were making them $186 million a quarter... it all made sense," Jon concluded. "But I just wasn't gonna lie on camera. I wasn't gonna have a fake marriage."

25. What's Next for Hannah and Collin?

What's Next for Hannah and Collin?
A lot of counseling, we hope? We'd hope for peace between their parents, but that's very clearly impossible at this point.

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