Vanderpump Rules: Everything We Know About Season 8

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It's almost time to return to the scandalous world of Vanderpump Rules. 

If you're feeling a little burned after how tame the last few seasons have been, then we're sure all of the latest intel on Vanderpump Rules Season 8 will turn that frown upside down. 

This season is poised to be filled with more drama than ever before. 

Scroll down to find out everything we know about the upcoming season of this addictive Bravo reality series. 

1. Billie Lee is OUT

Billie Lee is OUT
Billie Lee had several tussles with her castmates throughout her short stint on the series, but she quit her job at SUR in July 2019.

2. Why?

Billie Lee to the Gram shortly after quitting, claiming that one of her coworkers was bullying her.

The bullying on and off camera brought my deep insecurities to the surface, this dark black mirror held up high for everyone in public to see and to judge,” she wrote, saying the situation brought back the “depression and suicidal thoughts” she had before her transition.

“Like any other time I’ve been bullied or rejected I started journaling, and I attached myself to anything and everything positive that would pull me out of this dark funk.”

3. What About Everyone Else?

What About Everyone Else?

4. Scheana is Back!

Scheana is Back!
Scheana loves the drama, so she'll be back!

5. Stassi is Back!

Stassi is Back!
Stassi may seem like she's done with the show every time she releases a new installment of her podcast, but she'll be back.

6. These Two

These Two
Jax and Brittany's relationship may always be on thin ice, but they will probably be on Vanderpump Rules until its conclusion.

7. Lala is Back!

Lala is Back!
Lala Kent is in a good place with most of her castmates, so she'll be back.

8. James Kennedy Is...

James Kennedy Is...
BACK -- and probably still yelling about pasta.

9. Going Strong

Going Strong
Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix will be back for more arguments.

10. Secrets Exposed for this Couple

Secrets Exposed for this Couple
Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will be back. They'll be forced to lift a lid on a secret.

11. Kristen Doute is...

Kristen Doute is...
Back and still chugging wine!

12. LVP is...

LVP is...
Back, and we're sure she'll have some shade to throw about her former RHOBH co-stars.

13. Raquel Has a Job!

Raquel Has a Job!
She wanted a job at SUR and she got one. According to US Weekly, James Kennedy's girl will be working at the restaurant during Season 8.

14. Mending Fences

Mending Fences
After bickering for much of last season, Lala and James have seemingly put their feud behind them. Who would have thought THAT would happen?

15. A Wedding!

A Wedding!
Jax and Brittany will officially tie the knot during Season 8. James and Raquel did not snag an invite, so don't expect fireworks.

16. Another Wedding!

Another Wedding!
Remember the big hoo-ha about Tom and Katie's wedding? Well, it turned out they were never legally married, and the real wedding will take place on Season 8 -- in Vegas! Do you feel robbed?

17. An Engagement!

An Engagement!
Stassi and Beau got engaged in July 2019. It was about time, right?

18. More of This?

More of This?
Stassi and Kristen are on the outs again, and while we doubt anything like the above goes down, we can hope. Kristen did not attend Stassi's engagement party, and the latter's mother confirmed the rift on Instagram.

“Dayna were you sad Kristen wasn’t there? I know you two are close!” a fan asked Dayna Schroeder about the engagement party.

“Yes, quite sad,” Dayna replied.

“But I didn’t really know all the particulars. So I was out of the loop for awhile. Don’t you worry, it’s like Lion King and the circle of life. ….each one of these girls will grow, change and come back to their original strong friendship bond that they’ve always had. Somethings just take time.”


Jax blocked Kristen, Ariana, and Sandoval on Instagram following the taping of the reunion. He later unblocked Kristen, leading to speculation that they're getting hot and heavy again. We're totally kidding about that last part, but it is somewhat believable.

20. It Returns Soon!

It Returns Soon!
The series generally debuts in November or December, so a premiere date should be coming any day now.

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