Briana DeJesus Spills Tea on New Boyfriend: I'm SO Over Javi!

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Briana DeJesus has had a bit of a roller coaster year.

So we suppose it's fitting that she's decided to introduce her new boyfriend to the world with a photo taken at a theme park.

Yes, Briana has moved on from Javi Marroquin with an NYC native named Johnny Rodriguez.

And based on their social media comments, Bri's legion of loyal fans are almost as excited about this new romance as she is ...

1. Briana and Johnny

Briana and Johnny
Bri introduced her new man to the world by posting this loved-up pic on her Instagram page.

2. Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels
"My sweet love, thank you for shining your light into the darkness that was surrounding me," Bri captioned the pic.

3. Still Bri

Still Bri
Exhibiting her signature irreverent humor, Dejesus added, "#wealmostdiedonthatridetho lol"

4. Playing Coy

Playing Coy
At first, there was a fair bit of mystery surrounding the identity of Bri's man -- after all, she didn't even provide his name in the original post.

5. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
Fortunately, Briana decided to opened up to The Hollywood Gossip in an exclusive interview about her mystery man.

6. Bri Opens Up

Bri Opens Up
Asked why she decided to go public with her new boo, Bri replied, “I decided to go public with it because I’m on TV and have thus elected to share my life. This is part of my life so that’s it.”

7. Moving Slowly

Moving Slowly
Next, we asked if Johnny has met Briana's daughters yet, she replied, "No he has not met them and I don’t want them meeting right now, it’s too soon."

8. So Far Away

So Far Away
Briana also confirmed for us that Johnny still lives in New York. We asked if she's worried about entering another longp-distance relationship after everything that happened with Javi.

9. Doing What They Can

Doing What They Can
"So far we have been making it work," DeJesus responded. "He comes down here, I go up there."

10. A Hard Situation

A Hard Situation
"It’s tough because I wish I was able to see him more," Briana said. "But for now it's okay."

11. Moving On?

Moving On?
Asked if the situation has helped her move on from her messy situation with Kail and Javi, Bri replied, "I’ve been moved on from kail and Javi. I’m just enjoying my life."

12. Here's Johnny

Here's Johnny
"It's nothing crazy and it's relatively new," Briana told Radar Online after revealing Rodriguez's name to her deeply curious fan base.

13. A Stable Situation

A Stable Situation
"There's no 'other baby mama' craziness to deal with," she added, an apparent reference to her previous relationship.

14. Shade Thrown

Shade Thrown
Prior to meeting Johnny, Briana was involved in a relationship with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Javi Marroquin.

15. Strange Days

Strange Days
That relationship didn't sit terribly well with Javi's ex-wife and baby mama, Kailyn Lowry, and the result was a volatile situation for everyone involved.

16. Calmer Seas

Calmer Seas
Briana's new relationship is unlikely to involve quite as much turbulence, and while that may be a disappointment for fans of Teen Mom drama, we're sure it's a development she's quite happy about.

17. Well ... Relatively Private

Well ... Relatively Private
"For now I'm keeping it private, as I don't know if I'm ready to put it out there," Briana told Radar.

18. The Big Question

The Big Question
Briana is currently filming the next season of Teen Mom 2, so naturally she was asked if she's clear on whether or not Johnny will be appearing on the show.

19. A Cryptic Response

A Cryptic Response
"When I am, I'll definitely reveal it, and of course, you'd see it on the show, as I'm completely open with my life and what's going on," Briana replied.

20. The Public Response

The Public Response
Fans have been offering their congratulations on Twitter, and while Bri appears to have disabled comments on her Instagram post, the photo of her and Johnny has racked up nearly 60,000 likes.

21. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
Bri is without question one of the most honest and unfiltered Teen Mom cast members, and while those qualities have certainly earned her some haters, they've attracted far more fans.

22. A New Day

A New Day
Of course, most of the time that she's been on the show, Bri has been one-third of a messy love triangle.

23. And a New Bri?

And a New Bri?
Now that she's in a more stable situation will fans be seeing a kinder, gentler Briana? We hope not!

24. Don't Mess With DeJesus

Don't Mess With DeJesus
Don't get us wrong -- we're glad she's found some stability, but part of the reason Briana has been such a success on TM2 is that she's capable of bringing the drama like few others.

25. Looking Forward to What's Next

Looking Forward to What's Next
So while our sincere congrats to go out to Briana and Johnny, we hope Ms. DeJesus is not so content that she stops locking horns with her co-stars!

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