Briana DeJesus to Kailyn Lowry: You Have No Friends and Beat Your Lovers!!

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Just when we thought Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry had reached an agreement to say out of one another's business ...

Okay, no one thought that. Think about who we're dealing with. But this recent escalation is a bit surprising nonetheless.

It seems their Cold War has reignited in a major way, as not even a pandemic can keep the MTV personalities apart.

Along with the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast members, the ladies took part in a virtual reunion in November.

It seems it's a good thing that the episodes were filmed remotely, as Kail and Bri might have each left with a fistful of the other's hair.

It's been a tough few months for both of them, of course.

Much of Bri's storyline centered around the news that she contracted chlamydia following a one-night stand with her ex.

Meanwhile, the whole world learned that Lowry was arrested for allegedly assaulting her baby daddy Chris Lopez.

Are these embattled cast members with zero love lost between them merely venting their frustrations on each other?

We're not sure what's got them so riled up, but the situation is getting uglier by the day.

Take a look at what Bri has to say to Celeb Mag:

1. Back At It

Back At It
Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry are at it again! The Teen Mom 2 castmates are throwing shade at one another, and it doesn't look like they'll be letting up anytime soon.

2. A Long History

A Long History
Briana and Kailyn have not been on a reunion stage together since 2018 -- and for very good reason!

3. Coming to Blows

Coming to Blows
On that occasion, the two had to be physically separated from one another, as Bri took the stage and immediately went after Kail.

4. Talking With Her Fists

Talking With Her Fists
“Briana was the last girl called to the stage, and she came out and went right at Kail,” a source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup at the time. “Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus was on set too and she jumped in and got in Kail’s face. They started swinging at each other and Kail was motioning to Bri to ‘Bring it on!’

5. It's Going Down

It's Going Down
This time around, the ladies were filming from their respective homes, but according to Bri, things still got ugly in a hurry.

6. Low Blows

Low Blows
“While one would think Kail would be more concerned with her recent arrest or selling her foot pics on Only Fans, we had an encounter at the reunion yesterday and it’s safe to say sh-t got awkward," Bri wrote on Instagram.

7. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
“She is immature, has not grown, and is still so hot and bothered by my presence it’s laughable,” DeJesus continued.

8. Going All In

Going All In
“So I’m telling ALL regarding what went on — and hopefully it airs in full, as you’ll see her for the petty person she continues to be," Bri went on.

9. Major Shade

Major Shade
I’ll continue living life in my own lane with a man who LOVES me and makes me HAPPY (and doesn’t lay his hands on me). Sending lots of love in her dark direction XO- Bri," she concluded.

10. A Messy Situation

A Messy Situation
Bri is referring to recent events that transpired between Kail and Chris Lopez, the father of her youngest two children. Both parties have been arrested on domestic violence charges within the past year.

11. The Shade Continues

The Shade Continues
From there, Bri directed fans to an interview she gave to Celebuzz in which she talked even more trash about Kail.

12. Super Awkward

Super Awkward
“The reunion was super awkward in general, especially during the last segment, which was when we were brought out all together (virtually, of course),” she told the outlet.

13. A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming
“This was obviously the first time Kail and I had appeared on camera together since our infamous ‘reunion fight’- which, by the way, occurred YEARS ago and (to me, at least) is LONG in the past," she added.

14. That's What He Does

That's What He Does
According to DeJesus, reunion host Dr. Drew stirred up drama by asking Kail how it felt to share camera time with Bri after so long.

15. Wilted Kail

Wilted Kail
“Dr. Drew decided to ask Kail how it was to see me on camera and how she felt about it. In true Kail fashion, she was exceptionally cold and said she didn’t care to comment,” Briana

16. And Here We Go

And Here We Go
"I’ve been clear in the past that I’m over the drama from years past. So I decided to pipe in to comment," Bri explained.

17. Burying the Hatchet?

Burying the Hatchet?
"I told Kail that it wasn’t that serious, I was happy to see her, and wished her nothing but the best going forward." she continued.

18. Stone-Walled

"At that point, Kail still refused to comment and didn’t say anything," Briana told Celebuzz. And then she really teed off on her rival.

19. She Went There

She Went There
“It’s clear she still has a grudge against me…which, given the news of her arrest yesterday, one would think she’d have better things to worry about like dealing with the courts for allegedly beating her baby Daddy instead of me,” Briana said, again referencing Lowry's legal troubles.

20. Beef With Kail

Beef With Kail
“But, Kail will be Kail and there’s no changing that- and, frankly, I don’t care to," DeJesus added

21. Dropping the Mic

Dropping the Mic
“I kept it classy and she kept it exactly what would be expected. She’s immature and shows no growth. It’s sad," DeJesus concluded.

22. Keeping It In

Keeping It In
Remarkably, Kail has yet to respond to all that trash talk, but she did drop a comment about shady people on her own IG.

23. A Loaded Question

A Loaded Question
"Why do you change your group of friend so much?" a friend asked Kail in response to this photo of Lowry getting a haircut from a new pal.

24. Done Dirty

Done Dirty
"Unfortunately, I've moved a lot but thankfully been able to meet new people, but secondly, a lot of my 'friends have done me dirty so..." she replied.

25. Spilling Tea

Spilling Tea
So Kail has had issues with some shady people in the past? We can't imagine whom she's referring to!

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