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When Briana DeJesus first joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry instantly disliked her.

To be fair, it was around this time that Briana started dating Javi Marroquin — who happens to be Kail’s ex-husband — so the veteran had reason to be wary about the newcomer.

Bri and Kail

For a while there, it looked as though Bri and Kail had decided to simply stay out of one another’s business.

But then, something remarkable and scandalous happened:

A topless photo of Briana was "liked" by Chris Lopez, aka Kail’s most notorious baby daddy.

Briana DeJesus in 2020

Kail didn’t have much to say about the situation publicly, but she eventually retaliated by liking a photo of Devoin Austin, father of Bri’s daughter Nova.

After that it was on.

First, Bri bashed Kail in a scathing interview (more on that later).

Briana DeJesus Smiles

Now, she’s openly flirting with Chris on his Instagram page.

As reported by In Touch, Chris posted a workout video to his Instagram Story this week, and it appears that Briana was a big fan.

“When we gonna work out together [eyes emoji] [hot face emoji] lmao," she wrote.

In all likelihood, Bri’s goal in posting the comment was to further irritate Kail.

And it seems she accomplished her mission.

Recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 have dealt with Briana contracting an STD following a one-night stand with her baby daddy.

Bri De

(Luis Hernandez, not Devoin Austin, the one Kail has been hitting on. There’s a lot going on here!)

To the surprise of many, Kail delighted in Briana’s misfortune and tweeted out her glee during the episode.

“Karma’s a bitch,” Lowry wrote.

Briana didn’t miss a beat, promptly throwing some major shade with an epic response:


Kail’s comment might seem like a low blow, but in fairness, Bri has been attempting to get under her skin for quite some time now.

Kailyn Talks to Her Mom

“You know what would make for good television? If you went after Chris. Imagine all the drama! This season would be lit. Secure the bag, girl. Get those ratings up!” a fan tweeted to Bri last month, prompting DeJesus to reply:

“What’s his Twitter? LMAO,” Briana replied.

For his part, Chris admitted that he was merely trying to get under Kail’s skin with by liking Bri’s pic.

“It was one picture, bro. One picture. Are you butthurt about one picture?” Chris said during a recent Instagram Live.

Chris Lopez Live

“At the time I was being petty. I can admit it, at the time I was being petty. I was angry. It happens. I’m a human. Y’all like pictures every day. S–t I do too. I just came across a picture I liked.”

As for Bri, she really let loose this week with a scathing interview for the website Celeb.

"I am not hooking up with Chris, I have never hooked up with Chris, and I never will hook up with Chris," she said.

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset

“Even if I was attracted to him — which I’m not, to be clear — I want NO involvement with Kail or anyone she’s been involved with nor am I trying to give her babies a half-sibling LMAO,” Bri continued.

Believe it or not, the most scathing comments were yet to come:

"I’m sure the rumors regarding Chris and I are only going to fuel her fire, but you heard it here from the source’s mouth — Chris and I are not an item and will never be," DeJesus said.

Chris Lopez In Blue

"I want no part of anything Kail’s WAP has touched, for real. Whatever’s between her and her baby daddies — including ones that beat her and cheat on her — is between her. I’m over anything involving her,” Briana continued.

“I apologize in advance that Kail won’t have something new to bash me on or attack me over.But knowing that old dog never learns new tricks I’m sure she can continue to harp on me from whatever past issues she has with me in her head," she added.

“You’re welcome in advance for that free press, Kail. Next time I’ll charge. Peace.”

Kail Cries

Yeah, you can see why Kail might have felt that she had no choice but to talk some trash in response.

You can read Bri’s full interview below.

Trust us, it’s a doozy.