Briana DeJesus Gives Herself Promise Ring, Trashes "F--kboy" Javi Marroquin

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Briana DeJesus has a new ring on her finger.

Because she's found true love and is engaged? Heck no.

It's because she has made a promise to herself, at the expense of ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin, and she wants a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion.

Meaning what, exactly? That's a fair question.

Scroll down for the answer...

1. A Ring Was Once The Thing

A Ring Was Once The Thing
As a quick refresher, remember: Teen Mom 2 stars Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus dated for a few months, after she joined the cast and he divorced co-star Kailyn Lowry. This was toward the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and he even asked her to marry him! (Javi is now dating and expecting a kid with Lauren Comeau.)

2. Wait, He Really Proposed??

Wait, He Really Proposed??
He didn't make a big deal of it online, for obvious reasons, but yes, according to a Teen Mom 2 episode that aired this summer, Javi actually popped the question. The installment alleged that DeJesus was going to be deployed by the Air Force and wanted to lock Briana down before leaving.

3. Look! We Told You He Got Her a Ring!

Look! We Told You He Got Her a Ring!
Probably a little uncomfortable knowing he divorced Kailyn, got another girl pregnant and asked a third girl to marry him in a span of 20 minutes, Marroquin has made it sound like a proposal never took place, but ... he hasn't denied that the photo above is of a ring he purchased for DeJesus.

4. Here. Just Take It!

Here. Just Take It!
DeJesus has said Javi just shoved the ring in her face that never even popped the question, really. "It wasn't my ideal proposal, and I wasn't going to accept the ring," DeJesus explained very simply to a friend. Seriously bruh. When the time comes with Lauren, you best do better than this s--t.

5. What Was the Problem?

What Was the Problem?
"He wants to marry me, he wants me to have his children, he wants me to move in with him, there's a lot of things that he wants," Briana said to her sister. "I told him, 'We have some time to think about it, we don't have to rush.'" In other words: Javi is a serial monogamist who goes 0-60 REAL QUICK in every relationship, and likely can't be alone due to underlying psychological issues, and she was okay taking things a little bit slower. Or, put another way, the two just wanted different things.

6. Okay. So Why is Briana Shading Javi Now?

Okay. So Why is Briana Shading Javi Now?
We have a theory that we'll get to momentarily, but first a rundown of the shade: On Snapchat, Briana posted a photo of a different ring on her finger than the one Javi offered.

7. Here is the Ring and the Caption:

Here is the Ring and the Caption:
"Made a promise to myself that I'll never f-ck with a f-ck ni--a ever again," she wrote across the picture. Whoa there, right?!?

8. Are We Sure She's Referring Here to Javi?

Are We Sure She's Referring Here to Javi?
Yes. Just ... yes, we are. DeJesus has not been linked romantically to another man since she split from Javi, and it's clear that there's no love lost between the two.

9. Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef?
Javi has already moved on from Briana and is even expecting his second child; his first with girlfriend Lauren. This news broke just weeks after we learned Marroquin broke up with DeJesus. Like we said ... psychological issues.

10. Forgot About Dre?

Forgot About Dre?
There was also a much-discussed incident in which DeJesus underwent plastic surgery (above) and Javi lost it upon realizing that Bri would be nursed back to health by her ex-boyfriend, Dre. DeJesus tells us that was a complete overreaction. "I definitely think Javi overreacted because Dre is just a friend, nothing more," Briana told THG last week. "That’s all it is ... friendship. There is nothing romantic there."

11. Whatever, Though!

Whatever, Though!
DeJesus initially said she wishes Javi and Lauren well ... while saying she was glad she was NOT having her ex's baby. Had to get in that minor dig.

12. But Then...

But Then...
Briana could not resist. After Javi claimed on Twitter that he never actually proposed, DeJesus fired back that he ought to just worry about his current "bitch" and keep her name out of his mouth. A bit salty, huh?

13. So is Briana Just Jealous?

So is Briana Just Jealous?
Of Javi having a kid with Lauren? We doubt it, although the timing of it and the way he treated her likely make the news sting a little bit more than if this had taken place, say, three years down the road. All of that being said, we do believe that she isn't interested in being a mother again, as well. Just not right now.

14. Is She Angry?

Is She Angry?
Clearly, but does she have reason to be more than a little salty? Based on the timeline of events, it seemed very possible that Marroquin cheated on DeJesus with Comeau, and given that both are long-distance relationnships, he certainly would have the means and opportunity. This would explain why she's now taunting him with a ring she got for herself and with the harsh label she affixed to him in her previously-cited caption.

15. Take Me Back!

Take Me Back!
On a recent Teen Mom 2 episode, filmed months ago, Marroquin was seen basically begging like a little ... we don't even know what to get back together with Briana. This, even while acknowledging he was dating Comeau. Pretty unreal.

16. This is Why He Sucks

This is Why He Sucks
According to some Internet users, that is. "Javi is a typical f-ck boy. Got other women on the side but god forbid somebody comes and tries to take his place," one fan tweeted, while another added, "I have always said this... JAVI IS A DOUCHEBAG." We've often wondered as well why fans tend to pile on Kailyn Lowry so much more than Marroquin ... yes, Kail makes plenty of mistakes and questionable decisions, but there's no deceit about her.

17. Wishing Them Well

Wishing Them Well
Perhaps in an effort to bury the hatchet, Briana told The Hollywood Gossip last week when we asked her about Javi's impending arrival: "As far as Javi and Lauren and if they’re moving too quickly - frankly, I don’t care what Javi has going on ... It’s his life and he can do with it what he wants just as I’m doing with mine.” Good answer!

18. As For Her Own Love Life ...

As For Her Own Love Life ...
There are rumors that one of the reasons Briana is suddenly more chill about Javi's new relationship is that she's involved with Floribama Shore star Gus Smyrnios. But Bri says that's simply not true. "The rumor I’m currently dating Gus is not true," Briana tells us. "I exchanged like two words with him. And yes I posted a picture of us at an after show and we had pleasantries exchanged online, but ... that’s all it was. It’s funny to me how I can’t even post a picture with a guy without the rumors starting up. Gus was cool and nice, but like I said, we’re not dating. I’m single at the moment."

19. Let it Go, Let it Go, Can't Hold Her Back Anymore

Let it Go, Let it Go, Can't Hold Her Back Anymore
Don't expect her to stir s--t up with Lowry, either: "As far as the altercation with Kail, I don’t foresee us having any further altercations during tapings of reunions I don’t care about any of the past drama and just want to continue sharing my story and keep it moving in a forward, positive direction," DeJesus says.

20. Real Talk

Real Talk
Briana has moved on from her Javi diss, though, and is now tossing out other controversial takes on social media. Consider the one above and then react accordingly.

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