Farrah Abraham: I Wish I Could Fix Sophia's Face! Too Bad It's Illegal!

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Farrah Abraham isn't going to be winning any Mother of the Year awards soon.

Or ever.

Farrah's parenting was featured on TV for years on Teen Mom OG, and in all that time, we don't think we saw one good bit of parenting on her part.

But sometimes, even though she's so awful all the time, she really goes out of her way to be as terrible as humanly possible.

This is one of those times.

1. Poor Sophia

Poor Sophia
Farrah's daughter, Sophia, is nine years old now. And since her father passed away before she was born, that means that Sophia has spent nine solid years solely in the care of Farrah and her parents. And that's sad.

2. What a Time

What a Time
Over the years, Sophia's been through a lot. She took many tumbles as an infant, thanks to Farrah's poor supervision, and who could forget the time that Farrah tried to wax her eyebrows when she was just three years old?

3. ... What

... What
Oh, and the time that Farrah said that she and Sophia liked to spend time apart because "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine." Sophia was four years old then.

4. Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas
Now that Sophia is older, it seems like she only has more to lose, like her education. Yep, Farrah has pulled her out of school so she could homeschool her herself. Because that will go well.

5. Ugh

Farrah also allows Sophia to get on social media, to attend events usually reserved for adults, and to sit in on conversations that she's really too young to hear, as evidenced on every episode of Teen Mom OG.

6. Oh Good

Oh Good
And because all of that isn't bad enough, now we have to worry about Farrah involving her kid in her plastic surgery obsession.

7. Sigh

Yes, really.

8. Farrah, No

Farrah, No
In a new interview, Farrah discussed the possibility of Sophia getting plastic surgery, and she revealed that "The only thing that Sophia has mentioned that she wanted was cosmetic dentistry, like I have."

9. Why?

Sophia, who has braces and still may have some baby teeth, wants veneers. Seriously.

10. Please No

Please No
So when would Farrah feel comfortable allowing her little girl to get some work done?

11. A Miracle

A Miracle
Thankfully, it's not up to her.

12. Thanks, Laws!

Thanks, Laws!
"It's not really my eyes, it's like health codes and what's legal," she explained. "The law for that in Texas, where we move back and forth through, is I believe 16 for her to have her cosmetic dentistry done to her teeth."

13. Oh, Girl

Oh, Girl
You'd think that most people would realize that it probably wouldn't be the best idea to take their kids in for a little cosmetic dentistry, but Farrah obviously isn't most people, so it's a good thing she seems to care about breaking that law.

14. Real Talk

Real Talk
Laws about assaulting other people and telling police officers to go f-ck themselves, she'll break those all day long, but you best believe she takes laws about cosmetic dentistry seriously.

15. Yes, Please!

Yes, Please!
Next, Sophia was asked if she wants to be like her mom when she grows up -- a twisted question, but sure.

16. Hopefully

Farrah answered the question for her, saying "Sophia's gonna be better than her mom!"

17. Tell 'Em!

Tell 'Em!
"Better than my mom," Sophia agreed, smiling.

18. Sorry, Deb

Sorry, Deb
Farrah was also asked about her strained relationship with her mother, and she said "You know what, we have the best relationship."

19. For the Best

For the Best
"I keep it comfortable with us for our safety and positivity. My mom's in her own space, and I am in mine, and it's great."

20. The Truth

The Truth
She was asked about her departure from Teen Mom OG, and she only had two words to say: "Thank God."

21. Fair

And with all that's going on with the show, from the addition of Bristol Palin to the possible addition of Cheyenne Floyd to the apparent firing of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, her response makes sense.

22. Oh God

Oh God
But just because she's happy to be done with Teen Mom, that doesn't mean she's done with reality TV altogether.

23. True

"I think reality TV loves me," she said. "I always will love reality TV. I'm so well-known and so great in that." It's not modest, but it's also not a lie.

24. LOL

"I also know after 10 years of doing something, it's just natural progression to keep growing," she added. "Producing, directing, screenwriting, filming. I just want progression."

25. Something to Think About

Something to Think About
What about progression in parenting skills? Could that be something she could look into? Or maybe just something she could consider sometime? Because we're pretty sure the emotional wellbeing of her child is a little more important than her potential career in Hollywood.

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