Briana DeJesus Shows Off Stunning Plastic Surgery Results, Lives Her Best Life

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Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has never been apprehensive when it comes to going under the knife. Or shy about sharing with fans.

Like so many reality TV personalities, when she came into unexpected wealth and fame, Briana decided to fine-tune some things.

It's an understandable reaction to being thrust into the spotlight.

People are gonna be looking at you like ever before, and you suddenly have the money for surgical touch-ups, so why the hell not?

Taking pride in cosmetic procedures can be seen as a form of body positivity, and Briana is leading the way in that regard.

With her latest round of fierce before-and-after pics, he proves she was serious about what she was talking about having done.

Let's just say less is more. Take a look at the eye-popping results:

1. Better Than Ever?

Better Than Ever?
Briana DeJesus promised she was about to undergo surgery on her breasts, and she delivered. She shared some jaw-dropping before-and-after pics on Instagram this week. And fans are loving what the Teen Mom 2 star has to offer.

2. Living the Life

Living the Life
As we said earlier, Briana can certainly afford whatever kind of cosmetic procedure she wants ... because quite frankly, she's worked for it.

3. Queen of the Hustle

Queen of the Hustle
Yes, that MTV money is pretty sweet. And yes, several of the Teen Mom cast members have side projects to bring in extra income, but it's possible that none of them works as hard as DeJesus.

4. The 9 to 5 Life

The 9 to 5 Life
We're not sure of the specifics, as DeJesus prefers to keep that part of her life off camera (a novel concept) but she has revealed that she works in "corporate America."

5. On Her Grind

On Her Grind
In fact, throughout much of her time in the spotlight, Bri has worked a full-time 9-5 job - keeping that part of her life private, no less!

6. Stacking Funds

Stacking Funds
It's paying off. Literally. Her current financial situation is comfortable enough that she was able to build a house near her native Orlando.

7. Family First

Family First
And of course, the new crib is large enough to house not only Briana and her kids, but also her sister and mother. It's hard to overstate how impressive that is.

8. Miami-Bound

So as a reward of sorts, Briana recently paid a visit to the famed Dr. Miami, a Florida-based plastic surgeon known for helping stars sculpt their bodies - and DeJesus in particular has worked with the plastic surgeon in the past.

9. Favorable Results

Favorable Results
Obviously, there's always some risk involved with plastic surgery, which is probably why Bri returned to the revered Dr. Miami for her third procedure.

10. Post-Op Joy!

Post-Op Joy!
And it seems that once again, she's very pleased with the results ...

11. The Outcome

The Outcome
On Thursday, Briana took to Instagram to share the results from her latest procedure. And judging by the comments, fans were almost as excited about her new look as she was.

12. A New Figure

A New Figure
Briana underwent a breast reduction and liposuction. She says the change will be even more apparent once her swelling goes down.

13. Dog Days

Dog Days
Oh, and don't worry - the dog ears and nose are just a filter (one she's very fond of, as you know if you follow her on the socials) and not a part of Bri's gradual transition into her best self. That would be some weird surgery.

14. The Before

The Before
Bri also shared this selfie, highlighting what her body looked like before she went under the knife for the third time. Those are some crazy sexy curves to be sure - but it appears she felt they were too much for her frame.

15. The After

The After
She contrasted it with this more recent picture. And what a contrast it is. You can bet she'll update further once she sees a reduction in her swelling.

16. In the Money

In the Money
Suffice it to say, Briana is flush with cash these days. But that doesn't mean she's burning money - even when she's indulging in things most people might not be able to afford, she's still hustling.

17. Cutting Deals

Cutting Deals
In all likelihood, Briand received a deep discount on her latest procedures in exchange for shouting Dr. Miami out on Instagram.

18. The Benefits of Fame

The Benefits of Fame
That's just one of the ways that being on Teen Mom is a form of compensation for its stars beyond their salaries. There are many advantages to having a social media following in the millions.

19. Throwback

Fans who have been with her since the beginning know this is not her first rodeo. Briana first went under the knife way back in 2016, prior to welcoming daughter Stella.

20. The Works

The Works
Then, in 2018, she underwent a tummy tuck, a breast lift and a procedure that reshaped and contoured her voluptuous backside.

21. One Hand Washes the Other

One Hand Washes the Other
On that occasion, Briana also shouted out Dr. Miami. We're guessing she got a discount from him back then, as well.

22. The Backlash

The Backlash
As is the case with pretty much everything she does, Briana's latest procedure is likely to attract some negative comments from haters.

23. Briana Not Giving AF

Briana Not Giving AF
Fortunately, the Teen Mom 2 star seems totally unconcerned - she never has hesitated to clap back at the haters, and we don't suspect it will be any different this time around.

24. A Weird Mix

A Weird Mix
These days, all the current Teen Mom stars seem to receive love and hate in about equal measure on their Instagram pages.

25. Unconcerned

But again, no one seems less bothered by the negativity than Briana. If there's anyone in the cast who has the thick skin necessary for life in the spotlight, it's her - and that's something you can't get through surgery.

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