Jenelle Evans: FINE, It's True, I'm Back with David Eason!

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Jenelle Evans' love life has always been a disaster, but her relationship with David Eason?

It's a whole new kind of monster.

Her mother, dear Barbara, once said that David is the worst guy she's ever been with, and from what we've seen, we'd have to agree.

But still, despite everything, Jenelle just can't seem to quit him.

1. Facts Only

Facts Only
David is a terrible person. There are heaps and heaps of evidence of this.

2. So Scary

So Scary
Before he even got with Jenelle, he was accused of doing some pretty horrendous things to a former girlfriend -- and from the things he's done since entering the Teen Mom universe, it's not exactly difficult to believe those accusations are true.

3. Gross

We've seen David yell at Jenelle's kids and call them names, we've seen him go off the rails about guns, we've heard Jenelle cry hysterically to a 911 operator as she claimed he assaulted her.

4. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
We know he killed Jenelle's dog, poor little Nugget, and that local officials thought the situation was so dire that they immediately removed all the kids from their home.

5. Oh, Kaiser ...

Oh, Kaiser ...
Nathan has accused him more than once of physically abusing Kaiser -- he's said that Kaiser has told him that he's hit him with a stick and punched him in the head.

6. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
On top of all of that, he's also seriously homophobic. Like, so homophobic that it got him fired from Teen Mom 2.

7. Making a Break for It

Making a Break for It
Considering all of this, as well as the fact that David's behavior was ultimately what caused her to lose her own spot on the show, it definitely made sense when she decided she'd had enough and left him back in October, right?

8. A New Start

A New Start
She got Kaiser and Ensley and moved all the way to Nashville, and in the process, she got a restraining order against David. To do so, she gave the court proof that he was abusive to her and her children, and she said that she feared for her life.

9. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
She even had a brief fling with another guy, that's how serious she was about starting over.

10. Oh No

Oh No
But in January, something happened. She dropped the restraining order, she started hanging out with David (for Ensley's sake, she insisted), and it quickly became clear that they were getting back together.

11. Suspicious

She started wearing her engagement and wedding rings again, even flaunting them in videos -- including one video that was filmed by David, by the way.

12. Hmmm

She started spending some time at her old home on the swamp in North Carolina with David, and they were also seen going out together in Nashville.

13. How Unfortunate

How Unfortunate
Reports started coming out about how she was too broke to continue living in Nashville, and that she'd be moving back to North Carolina full-time soon.

14. About Time

About Time
And now, after all the rumors and speculation, Jenelle is finally addressing the situation directly.

15. A Real Conundrum

A Real Conundrum
In a new interview, Jenelle admits that ”My mind keeps going back and forth on what I should do."

16. What to Do?

What to Do?
"I do have an apartment in Tennessee," she says, "and I still do have my house here [in North Carolina], so at the moment I’m kind of back and forth… I haven’t made an ultimate decision of what I’m doing.”

17. Tough Times

Tough Times
She explains that right now, she's paying rent and a mortgage for two different homes in two different states, and “I can’t be paying thousands of dollars for two different places, so that’s another big issue I’m dealing with.”

18. Riiiiiight

She did say that "“Right now, my main priority is to keep the kids safe,” so ... there's that.

19. Finally, The Truth

Finally, The Truth
She admits that “I have no idea what I’m doing." Truer words were never spoken, right?

20. Telling Him What For

Telling Him What For
Jenelle claims that she told David “Right now… my major focus is my kids and my future," and that if the kids aren't happy, "I’m not gonna be happy, and then it’s going to make me be angry towards you.”

21. And There It Is

And There It Is
She also told him that if he wants to "work things out," then he has to “help me with bills, and I have to see that before we even speak about being back together, and you have to show me actions. You can’t just tell me you’re going to do something; I need to see something happen.”

22. Ugh

Even though the state of their relationship couldn't be clearer right now, she says “As of now, I still tell people we’re not back together."

23. That'll Happen

That'll Happen
“He has a lot to prove to me, and he has a lot to change about himself, and he knows that.”

24. OK

As for why she left him in the first place, she claims that “It had nothing to do with him intentionally doing something because he hates the kids or him hurting the kids. It had nothing to do with that."

25. The Real Reason?

The Real Reason?
“It had to do with me and David putting each other down as parents, calling [each other] names in front of the kids and cussing in front of the kids.”

26. We Bet

We Bet
“I just want everyone to know if me and David did reconcile things, it’s because of issues me and him had between ourselves," she insists.

27. Seriously?

But the children -- her main focus, remember -- are apparently "actually really excited to be here," because why wouldn't they want to be living with David again?

28. The Golden Child

The Golden Child
Specifically she says that “Ensley is very happy to be here. She’s really attached to [the baby goat that Jenelle and David won't stop going on about], and everyone loves to see her.”

29. So Sad

So Sad
She didn't mention Kaiser by name like she did with Ensley -- we can't imagine the poor kid is too thrilled to be back living with David, especially when Jenelle admitted in court that he'd been cruel and abusive towards him.

30. Oops!

But wait, last week she changed her story and said that her kids were never abused, so whatever, guess everyone is thrilled if she says so.

31. A True Mystery

A True Mystery
In conclusion ... what is WRONG with this girl?

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