Ryan Edwards: Is He REALLY the Father of Mackenzie Standifer's Unborn Child?!

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer ... well, they've had an eventful relationship, we'll say that much.

They've only been together for a couple of years, but boy, have they been through a lot.

And now, after two weddings and several arrests, they're expecting their first child together, a boy due in October.

But could there be a chance that Ryan isn't the baby's father?

1. A Fairytale Romance (Or Not)

A Fairytale Romance (Or Not)
It feels like we've been hearing about drama centering around Ryan and/or Mackenzie for decades, but if you can believe it, these two crazy kids have barely been together for two years now.

2. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
Yep, Mackenzie got divorced from her first husband in July of 2016, she met Ryan sometime after that, and by December, they were engaged.

3. Making It Official

Making It Official
They were married in May of 2017, a quick little affair down by the river for reasons we're still not entirely sure about. Ryan was super high when it happened.


But at that time, Mackenzie insisted that she didn't know Ryan was even using drugs, much less that he was shooting heroin. Like, he was arrested that March for having heroin and a bunch of needles in his car, but she claimed that she had no idea.

5. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
But regardless, they got married, then Ryan went to rehab, but he graduated from his program early, and Mackenzie seemed to think that was a good thing.

6. Cool, Cool

Cool, Cool
Oh, and during this whole time (and now, probably) Mackenzie blamed Ryan's drug problem on Maci Bookout, because apparently she was a "trigger" for him, and also because she knew about everything and didn't magically stop him somehow.

7. Tinder Time!

Tinder Time!
Oh, also during this time, Ryan was trying to hook up with local girls on Tinder, asking them intimate questions about their genitals and asking them to meet him at the grocery store so they could get it on.

8. And Yet ...

And Yet ...
But despite all of this, Ryan and Mackenzie went through with the big fancy wedding they'd been planning for much of 2017, and in November, they said their vows in front of friends and family (and MTV cameras). Ryan was wasted.

9. Everything's Fine

Everything's Fine
And then in January, Mackenzie became pregnant with the couple's first child.

10. So Eventful!

So Eventful!
A bunch of stuff has happened since then -- Ryan got arrested again, for one.

11. Oopsie

He was also caught hollering at the ladies on Tinder again, because he's classy like that.

12. Awkward

What else ... Ryan and Mackenzie were fired from Teen Mom OG after Maci threatened to quit if MTV didn't cut them loose. According to reports, she didn't want Bentley to be able to see anymore footage of his father screwing his life up.

13. Father of the Year

Father of the Year
Oh, and last season, we saw him say some pretty terrible things to Mack about their new baby, like when he told her to call him when the kid turned three.

14. Girl, Why?

Girl, Why?
But for some unfathomable reason, Mackenzie is still standing by her man and preparing for the arrival of their first child together.

15. Wait a Second

Wait a Second
Except hold up ... is Ryan actually the father?!

16. Suspicious

A new blind item from Crazy Days and Nights reads "I guess she is a former MTV star now. She was never really big on her particular show. Apparently she has still not told her celebrity significant other that he is not the father of her unborn baby."

17. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
OK, so a former MTV star who was never big on her show, that could definitely describe Mackenzie, right? She's been fired, and she wasn't a main part of the cast, even though her drama was heavily featured.

18. All These Clues!

All These Clues!
She obviously has an unborn baby, and while it may be a bit of a stretch to call Ryan a "celebrity," and while it would be kind of weird for the site to call him her "significant other" when they've had two weddings ...

19. Interesting

Could this blind item be about them? Yeah, for sure.

20. Real Talk

Real Talk
Let's be honest, it's not like they have some kind of crazy chemistry or anything. It barely even seems like they like each other.

21. For Real Though

For Real Though
Not to make it weird, but can you even imagine them getting into the baby-making process? You can't, can you?

22. Also, Heroin

Also, Heroin
Although Ryan went to rehab last summer, he failed a drug test this spring, so there's a solid possibility he was using when she got pregnant. It's extremely common for heroin addicts to have low sex drives, and if they do have sex, it's often difficult for them to finish, which, you know, would be the important part when it comes to making babies.

23. So Many Mysteries!

So Many Mysteries!
If the blind item is true, and if it's about Ryan and Mackenzie, then who would the real father be? It's hard to say, since we've never really seen much of her life outside of her marriage.

24. NBD

But it does feel safe to say that if this is true, then it's probably not a big deal. After all, Ryan doesn't seem to care about anything, so why would he care about something like this?

25. Best of Luck Though!

Best of Luck Though!
Hey, no matter what, it'll be interesting to see what happens with this baby is born, huh?

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