Beyonce Shatters Instagram Record with Pregnancy Announcement

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Beyonce has done it, folks.

Yes, she's gotten herself pregnant with twins and changed the conversation within America from one that centered on despair to one filled with hope.

But she's also officially set an Instagram record that we can't imagine will be broken any time soon, if at all.

Beyonce for All the Wins

Around 1:40 Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, Beyonce posted a unique photo of herself wearing lingerie and a veil while clutching her growing baby bump.

It was accompanied by a caption that read as follows:

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over.

We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters 

Within eight hours of the post and message going live, it notched 6.33 million Likes, breaking the Instagram mark of 6.3 million Likes previously set by Selena Gomez last June.

That artist achieved the milestone by simply staring into the camera and sipping from a bottle of Coke.

Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

Beyonce has a solid 92.9 million followers on this social media platform, but such a figure doesn't even rank her among the most popular celebrities on Instagram.

Gomez leads the way in this department with 108.4 million followers, while Taylor Swift (96.8 million) and Ariana Grande (95.4 million) round out the top three.

Still, within 12 hours of the Beyonce pregnant announcement, the superstar had garnered 7.12 million Likes and 360,600 comments for the above photo.

It's hard to imagine anyone ever topping those figures, unless Swift maybe gets pregnant with Donald Trump's baby or something.

This isn't the first time social media has gone bat $hit crazy in response to something Beyonce did or said, of course.

Back in 2011, Beyonce confirmed her first pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards by showing off her baby bump on stage following a performance.

This move generated the most Tweets per second (8,868) of any event to date at the time.

According to Thuzio’s Julius influencer-marketing platform, Beyonce averages 1.6 million engagements per post.

This number will clearly rise after this week, although she'll still have a way to go before she catches Gomez at number-one (2.9 million combined Likes and comments on average), Cristiano Ronaldo (2.1 million), Lionel Messi (2 million) or Kylie Jenner (2 million).

But we're guessing social media dominance isn't really at the forefront of Beyonce's mind right now.

Take a look at that above baby bump. She's not all that far away from giving birth!

There's a nursery to design, there are clothes to purchase, there are names to pick out, there's maybe even a new album to record at the last minutes.

Who knows when it comes to Beyonce?

And Jay Z. It's easy to forget that he also plays a major role in this development and that he's one of the most successful musicians of all-time.

Jay Z and Beyonce on HBO

But few stars have ever controlled their own narrative like Beyonce.

She dictates when announcements are made and when she'll simply own the celebrity gossip and news headlines for a few days.

In this case, though, we think it will be a few months.

Heck, she may break her own Instagram record with the first photo she shares later this year of the twins. We can't wait!

Congrats to the parents-to-be!

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