Beyonce: See the Beyhive's AMAZING Reactions to Pregnancy News!

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As you know -- seriously, there's no way in the world you haven't heard about this, not one single way -- Beyonce is pregnant. With twins.

She made the surprise announcement on February 1st (the first day of Black History Month!!!), and the world has been reeling ever since.

And the reeling shows no signs of stopping. Actually, it almost certainly won't stop until at least five years after the twins are born.

Oh, what a time to be alive ...

And also, what a time to check out all the hilarious, wise, and insightful things that Beyonce's biggest fans are saying about them twins!

1. A Hopeful Fan

A Hopeful Fan
Surely we can all identify with this, right? To live and grow in the womb of Beyonce ...

2. The Dream ...

The Dream ...
Seriously, just imagine being in there. Not in a creepy way, in a ... OK, no, there's no way for that NOT to be creepy.

3. "Can You Not?"

"Can You Not?"
Listen, this is a very special time for us all. It's important to be so respectful and caring to all our brothers and sisters right now.

4. A Brilliant Idea

A Brilliant Idea
Do what you have to do, ladies.

5. An Undeniable Fact

An Undeniable Fact
While Beyonce's pregnant, we should probably all work on coming to terms with the fact that these twins are likely to rule our entire universe one day. Adjust accordingly.

6. More Facts

More Facts
The truth hurts, doesn't it? So, SO bad.

7. Beyonce to Beyonce

Beyonce to Beyonce
Because there is literally no other human in this universe who can top Beyonce other than Beyonce.

8. Copy Cats!

Copy Cats!
"The only disappointing thing about Beyonce's birth announcement" is NOTHING. Bite your tongue, Twitterer.

9. Baby Names

Baby Names
Dear Beyonce, Already got your baby names picked out! Love, The World

10. Bringing The People Together

Bringing The People Together
This girl's screaming, we're weeping at the beautiful unity we're all experiencing right now.

11. A Solid Kimye Burn

A Solid Kimye Burn
It's sad, but come on. You know it's true. We're calling it, Kanye's going to rant about the twins as soon as possible.

12. Too Real

Too Real
Hey, not everyone can be Supreme Goddess of the Galaxy, you know? There's no shame in that.

13. So Thirsty, Denny's!

So Thirsty, Denny's!
Did you get your attention, Denny's? Are you happy now? Also, high five on the eating babies joke.

14. An Important Announcement

An Important Announcement
Really, is there any other proper way to make this announcement? It's IMPORTANT.

15. Hope in a Dark Time

Hope in a Dark Time
It's OK for you to feel this way, Ryan.

16. A Glimpse into the Future

A Glimpse into the Future
Thank you, Beyonce, for all you have done and all you will do.


Savage, but is it wrong? Is it really?

18. Don't Do It, Jay

Don't Do It, Jay
... You can see him doing it though, right?

19. A New Executive Order?

A New Executive Order?
Please. Please, we need this.

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