Bethenny Frankel: Quitting The Real Housewives of New York City Over Dennis Shields' Death?

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Bethenny Frankel may star on a reality show.

She may even be the most famous Bravo reality star of all-time.

But the Skinnygirl entrepreneur was hit with a dose of actual reality just a few weeks ago when her long-time boyfriend, Dennis Shields, died of an accidental drug overdose.

As cliche as it may sound, this tragedy has understandably put things in perspective for Frankel.

And sources now say she may make a drastic decision in the wake of this loss.

Scroll down to find out what we mean and also to learn what Bethenny's fellow Housewives have been saying about her of late...

1. Her History on the Show

Her History on the Show
Frankel was hired as a Housewife in 2010 and starred on the program's first four seasons. She then left for her own spinoff and returned in 2014 in time for Season 7.

2. Her History with Dennis Shields

Her History with Dennis Shields
Frankel and Shields started dating in 2016. The romance was up and it was down, but it was also serious enough that marriage was at least a topic of conversation at times.

3. And Then Shields Died

And Then Shields Died
On August 10, Shields was found dead in his New York City apartment.

4. Bethenny Pays Tribute

Bethenny Pays Tribute
Frankel shared the above photo on Instagram after Shields passed away and wrote: "Rest In Peace my sweet babies who gave me endless unconditional love."

5. So... Now What?

So... Now What?
Now Frankel may move on, realizing that a life spent stirring up fake drama for the sake of ratings is no life at all. "Bethenny has spent over a decade fighting and partying on the Real Housewives," a source tells Radar. "Everything she did was to make herself famous. She even had her wedding televised! But after the death of her boyfriend, she's telling friends that she's going to quit the show."

6. Yes, It's All Fake. And That Has Taken Its Toll.

Yes, It's All Fake. And That Has Taken Its Toll.
"She's sick, absolutely sick of spending hours thinking up things to say to upstage other cast members… And of rehearsing nasty 'zingers,'" adds this insider.

7. She's a Success on Her Own

She's a Success on Her Own
Frankel has reportedly banked over $100 million from her Skinnygirl cocktail line. She certainly doesn't NEED the Housewives franchise any longer.

8. Ready to Keep It Real... For Real This Time

Ready to Keep It Real... For Real This Time
"She doesn't want to fight and scream and shout anymore," concludes this insider. "Bethenny is really over the whole process and wants to find real, not 'reality' happiness.'"

9. Here's a Counterpoint, However:

Here's a Counterpoint, However:
Another insider tells Radar that, no, Bethenny doesn't need the money from Bravo. But she craves the exposure: "Bethenny will never quit that show. It is all that she has. Being on TV is like oxygen to Bethenny Frankel."

10. Meanwhile, On the Actual Show?

Meanwhile, On the Actual Show?
Frankel was slammed left and right during the reunion special that aired on August 23, 2018. It was filmed long before Shieds died, remember.

11. What Was the Beef About?

What Was the Beef About?
Bethenny's fellow Housewives don't think she has done an admirable job supporting them in their own business endeavors. She did not show up at a pre-launch event for Ramona Singer’s upcoming "Ageless by Ramona" skincare line, they cited as an example.

12. What Was Bethenny's Defense?

What Was Bethenny's Defense?
She has a credible image to uphold, basically, saying on stage: "Since the show has begun, there was Tru Renewal, Tre Faith, wine, hair extensions, a restaurant that never existed that [Ramona] said existed. And currently, Ramona is still looking feverishly for a lab to create these products because they don't exist yet. I speak around the country about business to women and I think it is not ethical to pretend to women at home that it's just so easy to get these hair extensions and these restaurants. [Ramona] says she's a maven of everything and she's not."

13. This Did Not Sit Well with Her Co-Stars

This Did Not Sit Well with Her Co-Stars
What about Skinnygirl deli meat, Skinnygirl candy, and most recently, Skinnygirl jeans, they wondered? "You're not an expert in jeans!"Carole Radziwil said, while Dorinda Medley added: "You’re not an expert in bologna."

14. Why Can't You Support Me?

Why Can't You Support Me?
Singer asked this of Bethenny, who replied: "You've been terrible to me! You've been terrible to me for years Absolutely terrible... Think about all the things you have said to me. You have only been nasty to me for years."

15. Oh Yeah?!?

Oh Yeah?!?
Singer fired back at this claim: "You're the mean girl. You're the bully... You're such a bitch to me. Take a mirror. I've not been terrible to you. I've supported you in everything. You don't understand where I come from. You say I'm not a good friend, you don't know how to have friends! You don't know how... You don't see things for what they are. I don't know what happened in your life, but you don’t see things for what they are.”

16. Heck, Even Kelly Bensimon Has Chimed In

Speaking to Radar Online after this special aired, and after Shields died, the former Housewife took Singer's side in this feud, saying: "A lot of bad things are happening to Bethenny, but that does not give her the right to be a mean bitch to other people."

17. More From Bensimon:

More From Bensimon:
"I don’t like when people do a disservice to the fans by lying. Bethenny is like the last word on everything that happens at Bravo. Bravo can do that. They don't need to have her do PR for them."

18. Should She Quit?

Should She Quit?
Heck, yes, says Kelly, concluding to Radar: "I just want her to relax and take care of her daughter and settle in a little bit. Maybe taking a step away from Housewives would be good for her."

19. This All Sort of Leads to Just One Question, Right?

This All Sort of Leads to Just One Question, Right?
Given all the crap she is taking and everything she is going through following Shields' passing... forget why would Frankel leave.

20. Why Would Frankel Stay?!?

Why Would Frankel Stay?!?
That's what people should be asking, in our opinion.

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