Barbara Evans: Moving to Tennessee to Help Jenelle Raise Her Kids?

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There's been a lot of upheavel in Jenelle Evans' life these past few weeks.

In fact, the former Teen Mom 2 star has done a complete 180 in many of her relationships, as some of her closest allies have become her most bitter foes -- and vice versa.

As you're probably aware, Jenelle has filed for divorce from David Eason.

The move has had a ripple effect that's impacted just about every major relationship in Evans' life.

As a result, former foes such as Nathan Griffith and Barbara Evans have become staunch supporters.

Now, a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup highlights just how big of a role Babs is playing in Jenelle's transformation.

Take a look:

1. Changing Times

Changing Times
For years, Barbara and Jenelle Evans were the bitterest of foes. Now, it seems the mother and daughter have mended their relationship in the wake of Jenelle's split from David Eason.

2. The Dueling Evanses

The Dueling Evanses
Babs and Jenelle have butted heads over a number of issues over the years, but it seems they've now bonded over their shared hatred of David.

3. The Battle For Jace

The Battle For Jace
Barbara has had custody of Jenelle's 10-year-old son, Jace, since he was an infant. The arrangement has been a point of contention for most of the boy's life, with both sides claiming that Jace belongs with them.

4. Mending Fences

Mending Fences
But with David out of the picture, it appears that Barbara and Jenelle have decided to set aside their differences and focus and what's best for Jace.

5. A New Start

A New Start
Jenelle recently relocated to Nashville, and she was joined by Babs and Jace over Thanksgiving weekend.

6. A Family Affair

A Family Affair
The family was spotted enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. They posed for photographs with fans, who reported that they appeared to be in good spirits.

7. Full-Time Babs

Full-Time Babs
And according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the weekend went so smoothly that Barbara is now considering relocating to Nashville full-time.

8. Lending a Hand

Lending a Hand
“Barbara and Jenelle have been getting along and she has been very helpful to Jenelle in the transition, but she can only do so much from where she is,” one of The Ashley’s sources says.

9. What's Best For Jace

What's Best For Jace
“It’s over 10 hours away [from Jenelle]. Barbara is very serious about wanting to leave North Carolina,” the insider adds.

10. Music City Mom

Music City Mom
Despite reports that Jenelle is faking her split from David in order to get re-hired by MTV, all signs now point to the separation being very real and very permanent.

11. Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots
"Jenelle has rented an apartment and the kids are starting school and daycare in Tennessee,” The Ashley's source says.

12. A Major Concern

A Major Concern
Unfortunately, Jenelle's future in Tennessee remains uncertain, due to one important problem.

13. Hard Times

Hard Times
“She still has no idea what she’s going to do for income, though," The Ashley's insider says.

14. Longshot Odds

Longshot Odds
Obviously, Jenelle's best option at this point would be to win back her cushy, six-figure reality TV gig.

15. A Collaborative Effort

A Collaborative Effort
Barbara might be her best ally in that uphill battle, as Teen Mom 2 execs would likely be much more interested in Jenelle's storyline if she had another adult to interact with on camera.

16. Bad News

Bad News
Unfortunately for Jenelle (and Barbara), it'll likely be a very long time before the Evans family returns to MTV.

17. Not Gonna Happen

Not Gonna Happen
“At this point, they’re not bringing Jenelle back," says The Ashley's source. "If it does happen, it will be a while down the road…way down the road.”

18. That Ship Has Sailed

That Ship Has Sailed
“Jenelle is still under contract right now, but that does not mean MTV will exercise that contract,” says the insider.

19. Doing Her Best

Doing Her Best
Not surprisingly, it seems Barbara is also hoping to be rehired by MTV.

20. Can't Blame Her For Trying

Can't Blame Her For Trying
“She has definitely tried to get back on the show, a lot actually,” the production source says. “But there’s no way they can put her back on without adding Jenelle, so it can’t work.”

21. Stuck In NC

Stuck In NC
Further complicating the situation is the fact that it might be several months before Babs is able to relocate to Tennessee.

22. A Long Way to Go

A Long Way to Go
“She has to figure out her situation with her nephew, whom she cares for, and also Jace’s school,” the source adds.

23. A One-Woman War

A One-Woman War
In the meantime, Jenelle is still waging a bitter custody battle against her ex-husband.

24. Squaring Off

Squaring Off
“Jenelle and Nathan had a court date last week,” the source says. “They did not have to attend but their attorneys appeared. They are discussing a possible consent order.”

25. More to Come

More to Come
And it seems the battle will continue in 2020. “The next court date to work out the custody details is set for January 6,” says the insider. Sounds like this situation is likely to get worse before it gets any better.

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