Leah Messer SLAMS Corey Simms on Teen Mom 2 Reunion: He's Never There For His Kids!

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Just when it looked like Leah Messer's life was beginning to settle down a bit, she goes and launches another feud with one of her baby daddies.

Of course, these days, Leah is getting along with Jeremy Calvert, so it's Corey Simms' turn to have some shade thrown his way.

Leah and Jeremy took the stage together during Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 Season 9B Reunion special (they really need to start simplifying the titles of these things).

Viewers probably thought the interview would focus on Jeremy and Leah's recent hookups, but to the surprise of many, the former couple chose to spend their time trashing her first husband and his wife.

Needless to say, Corey was less than pleased, and he made his feelings very clear on Facebook.

Take a look:

1. Dueling Exes

Dueling Exes
Leah Messer had some unkind words for Corey Simms during last night's Teen Mom 2 reunion. And Corey was very quick to clap back at his ex on Twitter.

2. The Corey Story

The Corey Story
Corey, of course, is Leah's first husband and the father of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

3. The Name Shame

The Name Shame
So Corey was presumably complicit in giving the twins what is essentially the same freakin' name, but hey -- he was young. We'll forgive him.

4. Back At It

Back At It
Corey and Leah certainly had their ups and downs over the years, but we assumed they'd more or less settled their differences as of late. How wrong we were ...

5. Not Mincing Words

Not Mincing Words
During his interview segment on last night's reunion show, Jeremy absolutely unloaded on Corey in brutal fashion.

6. Tell Us What You REALLY Think!

Tell Us What You REALLY Think!
“We get along but I just don’t agree with some s--t,” Calvert began, before revealing that there's actually quite a lot of sh-t he doesn't agree with.

7. He Went There

He Went There
Calvert accused Simms of being negligent toward his ailing daughter, saying, “[Leah] is the only one who goes to [their daughter] Ali’s [doctor] appointments,"

8. A Bold Accusation

A Bold Accusation
“Corey hasn’t attended Ali’s appointment in Columbus in who knows how long," Jeremy added.

9. The User

The User
“I just feel like [Corey] uses [Leah] all the time,” Jeremy later added. “He still could make an effort to go [to Ali’s appointments]. I don’t care if it’s a two-minute appointment.

10. Dad-Shaming

"At least show your presence for your child," Calvert continued. "I can’t be there for Addie for so much and it hurts my feelings, because of my job. And Corey has a f--king great schedule; he works at home. And he can take off whenever he f--king wants to!”

11. Going Off

Going Off
“[Leah] can’t take the twins to their stepmom [Miranda]," Calvert went on. "She has to wait for Corey. [Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins,”

12. For Emphasis

For Emphasis
“Zero. And that’s obvious to anybody in the world," Jeremy added, in case anyone had somehow missed his point.

13. Leah's Take

Leah's Take
Leah was mostly silent during Jeremy's rant, but she did chime in once Miranda was mentioned.

14. Miranda's Not Right

Miranda's Not Right
"There’s something definitely going on…I would love to have a better relationship with both of them," Messer said. "Because I think, even at a softball game [we’re all at], the kids feel that tension [between us all]."

15. Off With Her Head

Off With Her Head
“It’s like when Miranda arrives, Corey’s entire family will stop talking to me and we all separate,” Leah continued. “When the queen arrives, it goes bad!” Jeremy quipped.

16. The Simms Response

The Simms Response
Needless to say, Corey was less than thrilled by all of this, and he promptly took to Twitter to make his feelings known.

17. Rage Tweeting

Rage Tweeting
“Oh wow!! Blood pressure so high right now!!” Corey wrote. “Miranda has been nothing but great to Ali and Aleeah since the very beginning, constantly making sure that everything the girls need or want they get. Loving and caring for them unconditionally.

18. Pointing the Finger Back at Jeremy

Pointing the Finger Back at Jeremy
"The girls never once came to me about any issues of such. And for Mr. Dad of the year to run his mouth about not going to doctors appointments.. how many have you been to there big guy??” Simms continued.

19. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
(Of course, Jeremy's not the girl's father, and Corey is -- but we hate to interrupt a good rant.)

20. MTV's Turn

MTV's Turn
Corey then turned his attention to the network that made his ex-wife famous, tweeting, “Also props to @MTV @TeenMom2 for making sure there wasn’t enough time for me to Skype in."

21. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
Corey went on to point out a potential silver lining. “The only good in this whole situation is that the step parents and split families can relate,” he wrote. “This has bothered my wife Miranda deeply because it came out of left field and is a direct attack on her as a person.”

22. The Normal Life

The Normal Life
“The thing about living your normal lives off camera (which we try to do) is that it rolls into our lives in the real world,” Corey wrote. “People judge you and treat you differently based off what little info the get off a reality TV show.

23. Hail the Queen

Hail the Queen
Responding to Calvert's "queen" comment, Corey added, “And btw Miranda IS my Queen,” Corey wrote. “I love her more than words can describe. She is my rock. She is the glue that holds the family together here at the Simms’ household. She puts her self on the back burner all the time and makes sure that my girls and myself is taken care of. She would never do anything to cause harm or hurt any feelings of anyone.

24. Mind-Blowing Stuff

Mind-Blowing Stuff
“The girls have not once asked to contact their mom and been told no," Simms added. "Idk this is all just really mind blowing and hurtful. There is way too much info to process right now. We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves like this. We know who we are as people and as parents.”

25. A Promise or a Threat?

A Promise or a Threat?
Corey wrapped things up by revealing that he WILL be at next year's reunion, come hell or high water.

26. The Return

The Return
“So much more to say.. maybe save it all for another season??” Corey wrote. “And FYI idc if I have to take unpaid days from my full time job.. I WILL BE AT THE NEXT REUNION…I spend my vacation time with my family doing things to make memories not to go to some bs reunion show.”

27. Should Be a Good One!

Should Be a Good One!
We're sure Jeremy can hold his own. But still -- they may want to beef up security at next year's taping.

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