Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: Cast Members Who Need to Be There

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It wasn't long ago when getting eliminated from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette meant the end of a contestant's 15 minutes of fame.

Luckily, the franchise's bastard child, or drunk cousin, or summer break - whatever you want to call Bachelor in Paradise - fixed that.

The show will be on its fourth run this summer, as castoffs from the two dating competitions reunite in the tropics for booze and hookups.

Hey, it's a formula that works, and we are grateful for it.

Thanks to Nick Viall's just-completed season of The Bachelor, the casting possibilities are better and more insane than ever in 2017.

Here are the guys and girls who NEED to appear.

1. Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios
The most obvious Bachelor in Paradise cast member ever created. If Corinne Olympios doesn't appear on it this summer, there's basically no reason to be producing the show (or for this planet to be lived on).

2. Raven Gates

Raven Gates
So many orgasms are experienced each summer on Bachelor in Paradise. What better place for Raven Gates to enjoy her first (we refuse to believe Nick got her there).

3. Liz Sandoz

Liz Sandoz
Liz Sandoz needs to come to Paradise to talk about her one-night stand with Nick Viall for the 79th time, then have more one-night stands with other Bachelor rejects.

4. Danielle Maltby

Danielle Maltby
Danielle Maltby was a girl who could've gone a lot farther on Nick's season had it not been for the strong personalities she was up against. In other words, a perfect match for Paradise.

5. Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson
Probably second only to Corinne in terms of obviousness, Chad Johnson must return for a second stint if only to terrify the other cast members and be lectured by Chris Harrison again. That was awesome.

6. Luke Pell

Luke Pell
Led to believe he was the star of The Bachelor in 2017, only to be replaced by Nick Viall of all people, Luke Pell must feel like he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It's only fair that he gets a shot at love in Paradise ... and that his crush Raven Gates awaits.

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