Amber Portwood Flips OUT at 90 Day Fiance Comparison: I'm Not as Bad an Abuser as Geoffrey Paschel! I Was Abused Too!

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As soon as fans began asking if Dimitri Garcia was moving to the US for Amber Portwood, they had to know this was coming.

Sure enough, a Teen Mom blog made some humorous comparisons between Teen Mom couples and 90 Day Fiance pairs.

That may sound harmless ... but when Amber saw it, she lost her entire mind.

She posted rant after rant.

One of the issues may have been that she was compared to Geoffrey Paschel, the accused rapist and wifebeater.

But Amber's comments, now-deleted but thankfully captured by the good folks at The Ashley, show that this wasn't her only issue.

The most serious part of Amber's series of rants is when she describes abuse that she herself has suffered.

Take a look for yourself:

1. Here is the post that launched it all

Here is the post that launched it all
We will explain exactly what the post meant and why Amber didn't get it very shortly. Notably, this was one of many comparisons between Teen Mom couples and 90 Day Fiance couples.

2. Briefly ...

Briefly ...
Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina starred on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Geoffrey's on-screen behavior seemed weird as he juggled two women, playing them against each other. His off-screen "behavior" includes a lengthy criminal history and an upcoming trial for a brutal domestic attack, and fan outcry got him banned from the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special.

3. Meanwhile

Amber Portwood has moved on from Andrew Glennon to Dimitri Garcia, but she is haunted by her own past, including a frightening attack against Andrew -- one that led to her pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation. This was not her first time getting into trouble with the law for striking her partner.

4. Amber flipped out at the comparison

Amber flipped out at the comparison
Seemingly missing the point of the comparison, Amber flips out over her relationship being compared to 90 Day Fiance. We get it -- there were a lot of comments roasting her relationship, and many 90 Day Fiance relationships are infamous for one or both parties transparently using the other. But for Amber to threaten to sue the page seems a little ... extreme.

5. Dimitri didn't get it either

Dimitri didn't get it either
He thought that people were just saying that he, a Belgian man, was trying to get legal residency, taking advantage of Amber, etc. Again, sure, plenty of people have said that, but no one questions that Varya genuinely fell in love with Geoffrey. Like Amber, he is totally missing the point. They both could have googled Geoffrey's name and understood the REAL point being made.

6. Amber apologized to Dimitri

Amber apologized to Dimitri
Look, plenty of people had made weird comments, so that's fair ... but the biggest burn was aimed at Amber, not at Belgians.

7. Dimitri isn't scamming her!

Dimitri isn't scamming her!
Amber re-litigates how she is thoroughly convinced that Dimitri is not using her for money, fame, or getting a visa to the US. You can see that her infamous anger is boiling over -- but this has scarcely begun.

8. Then, Amber SNAPPED

Then, Amber SNAPPED
She ranted about mental illness. In some places, she is right -- blaming domestic violence on mental illness is defaming to millions of mentally ill people who never harm anyone, and also offers up an excuse to countless abusers who love to claim that they "lose control" and "cannot help" their violent behavior. But Amber also talks about her two domestic violence arrests as if they were things that happened TO her, rather than consequences for her inexcusable actions.

9. And by the way

And by the way
Amber says that only MTV's editing makes it seem like she doesn't see her kids often, insisting that they are with her every week. Meanwhile, another commenter implores Gary Shirley to come collect Amber, whose comments are too long and impassioned to be healthy. But Gary does not ride to her rescue.

10. Then, Amber says this:

Then, Amber says this:
As you can see, she says that she has been "choked out and spit on" while pleading for her life, facing physical abuse so bad that she had to wear long sleeves in order to film Teen Mom.

11. That's awful

That's awful
Domestic violence is absolutely horrifying and no one should have to endure abuse, including Amber. But ... that does not grant her a moral pardon for inflicting abuse upon any of the men in her life. While we always encourage survivors to come forward to share their stories if it is safe to do so, at the moment, some fans felt like Amber was trying to deflect attention upon her own crimes.

12. Amber regretted it all

Amber regretted it all
She announced that she would be deleting her comments and rants, and followed through. Thankfully, the good folks over at The Ashley snatched up screenshots before Amber came to her senses.

13. So ... was Dimitri insulted during this?

So ... was Dimitri insulted during this?
We're sure that plenty of fan comments have been cruel (yeah, we've seen a handful, and Amber has certainly seen more), but being compared to Varya Malina isn't mean. Varya is a nice, somewhat quirky and unwise woman -- a woman whom we all hope remains safe.

14. The insult was aimed at Amber

The insult was aimed at Amber
Amber and Geoffrey are both reality stars with criminal histories that include domestic violence, but though all abuse is absolutely evil, we have to acknowledge that the similarities end there.

15. The more that you learn about Geoffrey ...

The more that you learn about Geoffrey ...
... the less that there is to like. There is a reason that numerous recappers called him "Prince Joffrey" after the monstrous Game of Thrones character, and it's not just his name.

16. The details of the accusations against him are staggering

The details of the accusations against him are staggering
Geoffrey has been accused by multiple ex wives and multiple ex girlfriends of horrific abuse. We have yet to hear from an ex of his (other than the two women he juggled on 90 Day Fiance) who has not accused him of unspeakable domestic violence. He is also accused of raping his ex wife and inflicting abuse upon his children.

17. And then there is his latest arrest

And then there is his latest arrest
Some misguided people have tried to dismiss Geoffrey's accusations of abuse as being part of his past. In reality, just a few weeks before Amber's arrest last year, Geoffrey was dragged off to jail -- in June of 2019.

18. The details are grisly

The details are grisly
His ex-girlfriend describes arriving home and immediately being attacked, having her face slammed into walls. The battery apparently took place around the house while he prevented her from calling for help. She was fortunately able to escape and flee to a neighbor's house to call for help.

19. As for his arrest

As for his arrest
According to the police report, Geoffrey's violent rampage continued after he was cuffed, as he began flipping out and trying to kick out the window of the car. Police had to restrain him multiple times in order to end his violence. The report also notes that the victim was able to show officers exactly where the battery had taken place, as the attack had left blood evidence scattered throughout the home.

20. Worse than Amber?

Worse than Amber?
It's up to each individual to decide how bad a person is. Does a person become the maximum amount of evil the moment that they lay hands on a partner? Does degree matter? Different people feel differently. We will just say that the scope and scale of Geoffrey's accusations far outstrips Amber's, and that Amber has acknowledged -- at least in part -- her own misdeeds, while Geoffrey is claiming that his exes are ALL conspiring to make him look bad.

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