90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Control Freaks and Drama Kings Reign!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continues with major transitions, some medical worries, and a lot of control issues.

Season 5 has brought back some of the franchise's most dramatic couples, and it shows.

Larissa Lima has a blind date. Kalani and Asuelu plan for a trip that they may want to postpone.

Tania and Syngin struggle with themselves and each other. 

The real highlight was Paul and Karine's inadvertent reenactment of Kalani and Asuelu's infamous car scene.

The only thing missing was fingers caked in cheeto dust.

1. Paul and Karine Staehle

Paul and Karine Staehle
This (in)famous 90 Day Fiance couple is in the process of moving, and it is a huge milestone.

2. This is Karine's first time heading to the US

This is Karine's first time heading to the US
Though she is willing to give Paul's hometown a chance, she is admittedly sad because she will miss her family.

3. This is a big change for her

This is a big change for her
As we know, Karine is very attached to her family. Honestly, there are other issues, such as the drama that she and Paul have had throughout their relationship, and the fact that she and Paul are still using translation apps.

4. Meanwhile, Paul is packing

Meanwhile, Paul is packing
They have spent years in Brazil at this point, so he is loading up the van. They arrive safely in America, but drama already spikes on their first drive from the airport.

5. Flashback, anyone?

Flashback, anyone?
Remember the scene when Kalani stressed out because Asuelu had removed their baby from his carseat during the drive, which is a dangerous thing to do? Well, this time it was Paul freaking out while Karine took baby Pierre out of his carseat to nurse.

6. Paul couldn't take it

Paul couldn't take it
Though his safety concerns were reasonable, from the edit that aired, it's not clear if Paul adequately communicated this to Karine. Meanwhile, Paul's mom repeatedly demanded that he "shut up" and called him an "idiot" multiple times and also said that THIS was why she couldn't have him living with her. Sometimes you see somebody's parent and realize exactly how they became who they are.

7. Crisis averted

Crisis averted
Karine returned Pierre to his carseat while they approached the hotel ... but Paul ended up exiting the car and storming off in a dramatic huff. We wish that we could believe that this was just playing things up for the camera, but ... Paul just seems to have a gift for drama. Mommy Dearest then declared that he is a "drama king."

8. Karine has real worries

Karine has real worries
They're staying at a hotel, not at his mom's house, and she has concerns that Paul will not be able to provide for them.

9. Colt Johnson

Colt Johnson
Larissa's creepy ex-husband is still in Chicago to see his girlfriend, Jess Caroline, yet another Brazilian model.

10. There was tension the night before

There was tension the night before
Colt had demanded that Jess spend all of her time with him, pressuring her to skip a party with her friends to soothe his ego. It's a classic way for a douchecanoe to test how much he can control a new girlfriend with emotional manipulation.

11. So they go for a walk

So they go for a walk
Jess wants to address the red flags that she has seen in Colt's behavior in order to see a "new Colt." Colt wants to save face with her and, more importantly, with viewers.

12. He pours on the smarm

He pours on the smarm
Colt tries to have this awkward heart-to-heart despite the significant language barrier and it's all kinds of awkward.

13. Jess speaks up

Jess speaks up
She says that, because she enjoys partying, he needs to understand compromise for this relationship to work out Sometimes she will spend time with him, other times with her friends. This is reasonable.

14. They agree ... sort of

They agree ... sort of
It's hard to tell between the language barrier and the show's editing, but it sounds like they both hear from the other what they WANT to hear and just decide to move forward.

15. Jess' feelings make sense

Jess' feelings make sense
She does not want for Colt to control her. Notably, like Larissa, she has gone on to describe Colt as emotionally manipulative and playing mind games.

16. For now ...

For now ...
Colt and Jess kiss and make up and make the most of his remaining time in Chicago by doing a dance that will haunt our dreams for forty years or more.

17. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
These two are gearing up for a trip to Samoa -- at least, that is what Asuelu hopes to see. He is homesick, clearly.

18. Asuelu wants his kids to see his culture

Asuelu wants his kids to see his culture
While they are too young for a family vacation to mean anything at all to them, this seems like it may be Asuelu's excuse to visit.

19. There is some subtext at play

There is some subtext at play
Asuelu's concerns about his family are also financial. He sends them money. Kalani sends them money and buys them things, including livestock. But it sounds like they are still in need, as Asuelu hears from his sister.

20. He promises to help

He promises to help
Asuelu does not have anything close to the amount of money that his sister seems to imagine, so it is unclear of how he will keep that promise.

21. But can they even visit Samoa?

But can they even visit Samoa?
Measles, which was once nearly extinct, was having an outbreak in Samoa as part of its recent resurgence brought about by anti-vaccination lunatics. They need to get their youngest son vaccinated -- but is he too young for that vaccine?

22. Wisely, they ask their pediatrician

Wisely, they ask their pediatrician
Kennedy is old enough to be vaccinated for measles, they learn, which is great! Unfortunately for Asuelu's plans of a family reunion, the doctor says that it's still inadvisable for them to travel to Samoa during this outbreak. Waiting will keep their kids safest.

23. Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima

24. She's prepping for her blind date

She's prepping for her blind date
Larissa's friend Hannah (who also gives her an electrostim ab treatment, so they may be more professional friends, but whatever) has set her up with a mystery man, Matt.

25. Larissa has been stressed

Larissa has been stressed
So even if this date does not end up setting her up with the man of her dreams, it will be good to get out of the house.

26. She has had some real struggles

She has had some real struggles
Larissa is working to remain in the US, but a bitter breakup after 7 months of marriage along with her dubious arrests ... well, it's an uphill battle.

27. And dating is hard

And dating is hard
So many men in Las Vegas write about how they like tacos and hiking on their Tinder profiles. Larissa, relatably, does not want to go hiking with anyone.

28. Less relatably ...

Less relatably ...
... Larissa says that she doesn't want to date men who like hiking because it's a "cheap date." For whatever reason, she seems to prioritize men who like flashy displays of wealth -- or at least men who like to buy dinner.

29. So, for the blind date

So, for the blind date
Matt is her blind date. I have to say, he looks a little like a cross between a soap opera villain (not an insult; soap opera villains are cast for their nefarious appeal) and 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates. Maybe I just had all things 90 Day Fiance on the brain, but the resemblance was a little uncanny.

30. He gave her a card

He gave her a card
Larissa likes to receive thoughtful gestures that are symbols of affection -- infamously, this includes flowers. Matt gave her a first date card and it was sweet and thoughtful.

31. The date went (mostly) well

The date went (mostly) well
Matt noted that Larissa had many of the qualities that he is looking for in a companion.

32. Larissa seemed to take a shine to Matt

Larissa seemed to take a shine to Matt
We only saw bits and pieces of the date, which had to be awkward because it was a blind date on camera, but it seemed to go just fine.

33. Except ...

Except ...
Larissa acknowledged having kids back in Brazil. She also had trouble explaining Colt's name to Matt, because she pronounces it Coltee.

34. Also ...

Also ...
Matt had concerns that Larissa may be looking more for legal residency in the US than for a partner.

35. After the fact

After the fact
Larissa chills out with Hannah, telling her that the date was good but there were no "sparks." Meanwhile, she realizes that she owes it to Jess to reach out and warn her of what Colt is really like.

36. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Now that Elizabeth's extremely patient father, Chuck, has agreed to pay for her Moldovan wedding, they actually have to plan things.

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