Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: Having a Baby Will Change Everything!

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Last month, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith confirmed that they are really back together, despite several breakups, each following a cheating incident.

The 90 Day Fiance stars are sheltering in place together, but they're also trying to make their marriage work ... agian.

What's more is that they teased talk about having a baby together.

Now, Ashley has given further talk to the timetable for making a baby with Jay.

Below, you can read her statement on the subject .... along with a reminder of how Ashley and Jay got to this place in their relationship.

Ashley does acknowledge that having a baby changes everything.

1. Ashley and Jay are talking about babymaking

Ashley and Jay are talking about babymaking
Perhaps the midst of a pandemic isn't the best time to be growing one's family, but Ashley has babies on the brain in a new statement that she has made to her fans.

2. It was thirst at first sight

It was thirst at first sight
When Ashley Martson attended a friend's wedding in Jamaica, she never imagined that she would soon be making plans for her own. That was before she locked eyes on Jay on the dance floor.

3. Jay is over a decade younger than Ashley

Jay is over a decade younger than Ashley
At the time of their meeting, she believed that he was in his mid-twenties. He turned out to be much younger, but by the time that she learned that, she was already head-over-heels. And besides, they were both adults.

4. They had a ceremony in Jamaica

They had a ceremony in Jamaica
This was a thoughtful gesture, made so that Jay's family could attend, even though the binding ceremony would take place in the United States.

5. They did 90 Day Fiance

They did 90 Day Fiance
And yes, they got married, even though Ashley's friend warned her that Jay had probably cheated on her before coming back to the US.

6. Welp, Jay cheated again

Welp, Jay cheated again
Almost immediately after their wedding, he downloaded Tinder, and started chatting up a high school girl (though she was an adult). Ashley found them video chatting and was furious.

7. But she took him back

But she took him back
Ashley decided, perhaps since the cheating was not physical (because Jay didn't get a chance to meet up with the girl), to keep trying with her marriage. Jay, for his part, claimed very weakly that he thought that Tinder was an app for making friends. (For the record, they have Tinder in Jamaica)

8. Until he cheated again

Until he cheated again
This time, Jay full-on boned a random girl in the bathroom of his friend's barbershop. His friend not only told Ashley about it, but roughed up Jay for disrespecting his place of business.

9. Ashley kicked Jay out

Ashley kicked Jay out
She was so furious and humiliated and, despite multiple initial denials, Jay eventually admitted on camera to what he had done. Ashley filed to divorce him on January 11 of 2019.

10. He wasn't going to make it easy

He wasn't going to make it easy
Ashley tried to pressure Jay to sign the divorce papers on camera, but he refused, and Ashley was filled with resignation -- he wasn't going to sign them off camera, either. Being married had too many benefits.

11. But then ...

But then ...
After Ashley was found passed out at home due to kidney failure brought on by her chronic battle with Lupus, Jay rushed to be by her side and even helped her to recover.

12. They got back together

They got back together
Jay bragged, if not in so many words, about their reconciliation on Instagram. It was only 11 days after filing for divorce that Ashley withdrew those papers.

13. Then, months later ...

Then, months later ...
In April of 2019, Ashley took to Instagram to announce that Jay hadn't just cheated again, but had a full on mistress and had apparently been seeing her for months.

14. They still posed for a photoshoot together

They still posed for a photoshoot together
They had agreed to the gig the year before. But just because they could smile for the cameras didn't mean that they weren't furious at each other. At one point, Ashley allegedly threw a fire extinguisher through Jay's window. According to Ashley, she may have flung it through his window, but only after she came over to get her passport he stole from her house so she could leave on a cruise, and since he told her to come over and get it, then wouldn't let her in.

15. Ashley went on a family vacation

Ashley went on a family vacation
She traveled to New York and embarked on a cruise with her family. While she was gone, Jay allegedly broke into her home and removed some belongings of hers.

16. Ashley took out a restraining order

Ashley took out a restraining order
It was actually a Protection From Abuse order, which seemed to corroborate statements made by other 90 Day Fiance stars regarding Jay's alleged actions towards Ashley during their marriage. We are leery of secondhand accounts of someone's experiences of abuse, but fans were deeply disturbed by what they heard, especially when Ashley confirmed that there was "abuse" in their marriage.

17. Jay ignored the order

Jay ignored the order
Specifically, he almost immediately violated the PFA at the beginning of July of 2019 by posting about it on Instagram. The police saw it. He spent almost all of that July behind bars in ICE custody.

18. Then, his luck changed

Then, his luck changed
His boss at the tattoo parlor bailed him out, using thousands of dollars of his own money, much to the delight of girlfriend Kayla O'Brien.

19. However ...

However ...
Weeks later, Jay and Kayla broke up, and Kayla warned that Jay might be getting back with Ashley.

20. YEP

Jay and Ashley got back together yet again, though they kept it a secret from fans for weeks ... right up until it was over again.

21. History repeated itself ... again

History repeated itself ... again
Then, Ashley announced that she and Jay had broken up yet again after a girl told her that not only had Jay been boning her, but had gotten her pregnant.

22. Jay denied part of that claim

Jay denied part of that claim
He insisted repeatedly that "nobody is pregnant by me," and apparently had the girl admit to her lie by having her take a pregnancy test. Still, Ashley was DONE with him.

23. It was still a rough breakup

It was still a rough breakup
Even back in November of 2019, Ashley admitted that she still loved Jay despite the repeated cheating and humiliation. She felt like she had somehow failed by not magically making it work regardless.

24. She just wanted it over

She just wanted it over
Ashley hounded Jay to please, sign the divorce papers and give her the closure that she needed. At first, he appeared to, but it turned out that the papers that he signed in late December had an "accidental" error on them rendering them null and void.

25. Ashley despaired

Ashley despaired
Not only was she still linked to Jay, but she feared that if she'd struck out with the young, Jamaican hottie despite getting married and giving him more chances than anyone has ever deserved, she was doomed to be alone forever.

26. Her prospects weren't looking too good

Her prospects weren't looking too good
Ashley's agent suggested a background check for her next boyfriend, which was smart for so, SO many reasons. But love isn't always smart, is it?

27. What's this?

What's this?
In March of 2020, just two months after Ashley was feeling despair at being "forever alone," she suddenly started sharing photos and videos of Jay in her home. Despite fan hopes that these were throwbacks intended to troll them, Ashley and Jay were, at the very least, sheltering in place together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

28. This is how they broke the news

This is how they broke the news
Fans and castmates alike lost their entire minds when Ashley and Jay unveiled their reconciliation on TikTok.

29. Then, they got serious

Then, they got serious
Without explaining why either of them believe that this time will be any different than the others except that Jay cannot physically cheat while sheltering in place, the two took to YouTube to explain that they were dating again and trying ... yet again ... to make this marriage work.

30. Now, Ashley is talking about making a baby

Now, Ashley is talking about making a baby
"If we were to have one, I would want one now," she posted on Instagram this week in response to a fan's question.

31. The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking
"I'm getting old, lol," Ashley joked. She was born in 1986, so she's old compared to her husband or in an "old begins at 30" kind of way, but not by society's standards.

32. Of Jay, she says ...

Of Jay, she says ...
"He doesn't want any kids right now," she notes. Well, yeah. Jay is college-aged.

33. They have different priorities right now

They have different priorities right now
"We want to travel and focus on our careers," Ashley shares.

34. Ashley is already a mom, but

Ashley is already a mom, but
"My kids are older and self sufficient," Ashley notes.

35. It would be a major change

It would be a major change
"It would change everything if we did," she correctly affirms. Having kids changes your life. Having a newborn turns your life upside down.

36. So, when?

So, when?
"It's not really something either of us want right now," she acknowledges, "and maybe not ever." A lot of people feel that way.

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