13 TV Reboots That Should Never Have Happened

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Some shows are meant to stay dead. 

But with creativity at an all-time low in Hollywood, networks are banking on reboots of former successful shows to bring in a crowd. 

For the most part, reboots suck. 

These 13 shows forever tarnished the names of the shows that came before them. 



1. 90210 - The CW

90210 - The CW
The CW always seems to have reboots in the works. One of the earlier ones, 90210, was lackluster from start to finish. It had appearances from a select few original series stars, but it was too melodramatic to take seriously. It ended after five seasons after ratings collapsed.

2. Murphy Brown - CBS

Murphy Brown - CBS
From the get-go, there was a dark cloud hanging over the Candice Bergen-fronted Murphy Brown. It was never a stellar ratings performer, and the show was not as talked about as the likes of Roseanne. When it premiered, the ratings were paltry and the reviews were just as bad. The only good thing is that much of the show's original cast returned, but the show was not as good as it was back in the day. It was canceled after just one season.

3. Heroes: Reborn - NBC

Heroes: Reborn - NBC
Heroes suffered from terrible writing and low ratings in its final two seasons, leading NBC to cancel the series after four seasons. To the surprise of many, it returned several years later in the form of Heroes: Reborn, with a largely new cast. It suffered from the same problems the original series had: Bad writing. It was canceled after one season.

4. Charmed - The CW

Charmed - The CW
The original Charmed was a huge success, but the reboot decided to ditch everything that came before it and the result was a TV show that felt like a low budget imitation. Despite horrible ratings, The CW renewed it for a second season.

5. Dynasty - The CW

Dynasty - The CW
The CW's take on Dynasty suffers as a result of a limited budget. It mostly sticks to the same sets every week, and is saddled with predictable plots, and has very little resemblance to the original series. Additionally, the cast seems to be changing on a weekly basis. It should never have been a thing.

6. Charlie's Angels - ABC

Charlie's Angels - ABC
A decent cast was squandered with terrible dialog and even worse plotting. The series paled in comparison to the original series and even the two terrible movies.

7. Melrose Place - The CW

Melrose Place - The CW
With wooden performances from the leads, the death of the beloved vixen from the original series in the first scene, and abysmal writing, this show lasted just one season before getting an eviction notice from The CW.

8. Skins - MTV

Skins - MTV
The original, U.K. version of Skins is widely regarded as one of the best teen dramas around. It makes sense then that the decision to make an American version caused an uproar. When the pilot aired, it was essentially a carbon copy of the OG version, and it was swiftly canceled.

9. 24: Legacy - Fox

24: Legacy - Fox
When you think of 24, you think of Jack Bauer. That's why 24: Legacy could not keep viewers entertained. A cushy post-Superbowl did nothing to make this show a success, and it was canceled after just one season.

10. Prison Break - Fox

Prison Break - Fox
Prison Break was canceled after four seasons for repeating the same storyline every single season. In the nine-episode reboot, it was revealed that Michael Scofield was actually alive, and he needed to break out of prison ... again. Despite a decent start in the ratings, the numbers dwindled, and even though there are rumors about a sixth season, it has yet to materialize.

11. Fuller House - Netflix

Fuller House - Netflix
Fuller House was a big swing for Netflix. The original series had millions of fans worldwide, but this reboot failed to capture the magic that made the original a hit. It is laugh-challenged, and the actors do their best with the lazy scripts they are given. It's canceled after five seasons. That's five too many!

12. Macgyver - CBS

Macgyver - CBS
While CBS has had success with many reboots, Macgyver borders on unwatchable. It's not good, and struggles to keep a steady pace.

13. Bionic Woman - NBC

Bionic Woman - NBC
Bionic Woman was huge back in the day, but NBC's decision to make a new one caused a lot of concern. Aside from Michelle Ryan, the cast was lacking. Most of the characters were dull, and the show was canceled.

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