Amber Portwood to MTV: Put My New Stalker Boyfriend on Teen Mom OG or I QUIT!

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It's only been six months since MTV star Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic assault charges after she allegedly attacked her son's father, Andrew Glennon, with a machete.

But like so many of her co-stars, Amber is not one to remain single for very long. (She's no Jenelle Evans, but she gives the Carolina Hurricane a serious for her money.)

These days Portwood is dating Dimitri Garcia, a Teen Mom OG fan whom she met on social media. Seriously. Again. This sort of situation always works out so well for Amber!

Obviously, the couple hasn't been together long, but they're already getting serious (we wish we were kidding), and Portwood really wants Garcia on MTV.

In fact, according to a new exclusive report from The Ashley at The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she's willing to risk her own career to make it happen. Yeesh.

Take a look at these ridiculous new developments:

1. Not Taking No For an Answer

Not Taking No For an Answer
Move over, Andrew Glennon. There's a new man in Amber Portwood's life. And if the Teen Mom OG mainstay has any say in the matter, you'll be seeing him on MTV along with her VERY soon!

2. Meet Dimitri

Meet Dimitri
You cannot make this stuff up, Teen Mom Nation. Dimitri is a Belgian Teen Mom fan who slid inside Amber's DMs and really impressed Portwood on social media. So much so, in fact, that she flew him to the United States.

3. Multi-Tasking

Yes, while Portwood was fighting to stay out of jail and win back custody of her son - who's living with his dad after the aforementioned machete incident - she was also enjoying the company of a foreign visitor.

4. Turning on the Charm

Turning on the Charm
We're sure Dimitri was impressed by her class, her career, and her level-headed equanimity. Sorry, that was harsh. We don't know what's inside their respective heads, but things are getting pretty serious!

5. Belgian Bucks

Belgian Bucks
So what does Dimitri REALLY see in Amber? Tough to say, but we're pretty sure when he looks at her, she turns into a giant paycheck or a vault full of gold coins a la Duck Tales. (Wouldn't it be great if those really existed?)

6. She Never Learns

She Never Learns
Yes, it seems Dimitri is eager to start enriching himself by appearing on MTV. And it seems that Amber - likely realizing her own future is tied financially to her reputation as a star on the long-running series - is happy to help him in that respect.

7. Always Fighting

Always Fighting
According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Amber is fighting to get Dimitri on TV. And not surprisingly, at least to us, she's experiencing a lot of resistance from her bosses.

8. No Looking Back

No Looking Back
“Amber flew him to the United States and he doesn’t have a return ticket,” says The Ashley’s source. “Dimitri doesn’t speak much English, so it’s very hard for [the crew] to communicate with him.”

9. Major SNAFU

Here's where things start going sideways: “Since Dimitri has been filmed for the show, Amber demanded that he be paid, but the producers told her that, because he is not living in the United States legally and he’s still a visitor, he can’t be paid,” the source adds.

10. Good to Know

Good to Know
Yes, if the greatness that is TLC's 90 Day Fiance has taught us anything, it's that you can't just decide to move to America on a whim, even if you're dating a reality star. Amber needs to binge-watch that show.

11. Ignoring the Signs

Ignoring the Signs
It seems that her Belgian beau's desire for TV stardom is just one of many red flags surrounding Dimitri. (Yes, there are more red flags than the fact that he met her online from another country and is now pursuing her here in America.)

12. Baier With Us

Baier With Us
In fact, for many, Dimitri is bringing to mind Amber's most troubled ex-lover. Matt Baier, a Teen Mom superfan who tried to slide into Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham before Amber, ended up being a fixture in Portwood's life for years. Plural!

13. A Walking Mistake

A Walking Mistake
For those with a short memory, Baier was not only an obsessive Teen Mom fan who made Amber's acquaintance on social media (sound familiar), but a drug addict and deadbeat dad with between 7-9 kids, as Gary Shirley eventually found out.

14. Another Deadbeat?

Another Deadbeat?
No one's suggesting that Dimitri can top that list of life achievements, but: “He has young kids in Europe that he left to be with Amber in the United States, which made a lot of people think of [Matt] Baier,” the Ashley's source says.

15. Strange Would Be an Understatement

Strange Would Be an Understatement
“She had only been talking to him a short time before she flew him out here, so it’s a strange situation, and the language barrier makes it even weirder," the insider adds. Have we mentioned how you couldn't make this up?

16. Okay, the Baier is Basically Back

Okay, the Baier is Basically Back
Apparently this new dude is also more than a decade older than her ... not unlike you-know-who. “Plus he’s almost 40 so he is definitely giving people Matt Baier vibes,” adds the informant,

17. Words of Warning

Words of Warning
On social media, fans have been cautioning the embattled Teen Mom star against getting serious with Dimitri, but thus far, their words have fallen on deaf ears.

18. Priorities

Who are we to say, but it seems to us at The Hollywood Gossip like Amber should probably be focused on putting her tumultuous life back together and regaining custody of her kid, rather than dating someone new.

19. This Should End Well

This Should End Well
But hey, what do we know? We're sure she knows what she's doing. After all, when has Amber ever made a mistake?

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