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It’s been less than six months since Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation with her now-ex.

The allegations are familiar to fans by now, and they are scary. 

She is accused of attacking her then-partner, Andrew Glennon, with a machete. While he hid in the bathroom from her, with their baby.

One might think that given the tumultuous circumstances, she might take some time to pause, reflect and cool it on the romantic front.

But Amber has never been one to remain single for long.

(In fact, there’s been more than a bit of sketchy overlap between a few of her relationships, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

In any event, it should come as no surprise that Amber is already dating a new guy. Nor is it shocking how the new couple first met.

Like her previous fiance, Matt Baier, it seems this dude is a big Teen Mom fan who first began his relationship with Amber online.

But that’s where the similarities end … and this honestly shounds pretty wack, even by MTV reality star standards. Take a look: