Amber Portwood Keeps an Arsenal of Weapons In Her House: Should She Be Arrested Before She Hurts Someone?

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Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence.

In his report to police, her then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon revealed that she had attacked him with a machete.

In an audio recording leaked on Thursday, Portwood threatened to stab Glennon.

During their intense argument, he stated that she had recently destroyed a security camera with her sword.

The situation raises many questions, chief among them -- why does Amber have so many weapons, and has she lost her damn mind?

Fortunately, The Ashley's Reality Roundup was able to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

Here's what we know so far about this increasingly bizarre situation:

1. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
We've known for quite some time that Amber has a bit of an anger problem. But few suspected the issue was THIS severe.

2. How Is She Still Employed?

How Is She Still Employed?
Amber has a long history of violent behavior, but the events of the past two months have highlighted the extent of her abusive tendencies.

3. In-Home Fireworks

In-Home Fireworks
It all started when Amber was arrested after attacking Andrew on July 4. She was apparently enraged by the fact that he was causing them to run late for a fireworks display.

4. Stay Classy

Stay Classy
Amber has accused Amber of attacking him while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old son, James.

5. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
Andrew says that at one point, he locked himself inside a bedroom with James, but Amber began to break down the door.

6. Knives Out

Knives Out
And in the most infamous incident from that fateful night, Amber brandished a machete and threatened Andrew with it.

7. Yes, Really

Yes, Really
This development raised several questions, including -- are there multiple weapons in the home, and does Amber do this sort of thing a lot? Sadly, the answer to both is "yes."

8. Just the Worst

On Thursday, vlogger Katie Joy obtained audio from a separate incident in which Amber can be heard threatening to stab Andrew.

9. What a Pleasant Person

What a Pleasant Person
The clip begins with Amber demanding that Andrew pick up James. “If you don’t pick him up you f--king fat piece of s--t,” she yells. “I’m going to f--king stab you!”

10. You'd Think She'd Be Used to Being on Camera

You'd Think She'd Be Used to Being on Camera
Amber then becomes upset about the presence of security cameras in the house, screaming, “Where’s the camera at in here? Where’s the camera? Show me the f--king camera, bitch!”

11. Amber the Camera Slayer

Amber the Camera Slayer
Glennon reminds Portwood that she destroyed the camera, saying, “You chopped it with a sword!” She doesn't deny this, shooting back, "Because you have cameras in my f--king room, dude!”

12. A Sword, You Say?

A Sword, You Say?
Amber's verbal abuse of Andrew gets worse from there (At one point, she fantasizes about him getting gang-raped!), but let's set that a side for a moment and focus on this sword business.

13. So Violent, So Corny

So Violent, So Corny
According to The Ashley, Amber not only keeps a sword in her bedroom, she had it engraved with the words "Mother Goddess."

14. Just Saying ...

Just Saying ...
Based on the audio we just heard, it seems Amber doesn't take the "Mother" part of her title too seriously, but we digress ...

15. Amber Smash

Amber Smash
Katie Joy has confirmed that Amber destroyed a security camera using her sword, and according to The Ashley, the blade makes regular appearances.

16. Proud Sword Slinger

Proud Sword Slinger
“She kept it leaning against her wall,” a production source tells The Ashley. “She even had it engraved.”

17. Amber's Arsenal

Amber's Arsenal
And you probably won't be surprised to learn, that that's not the only weapon Amber keeps on hand.

18. The Sloth Survivalist

The Sloth Survivalist
“She also had a hatchet and a hunting knife, at one time or another, that people have seen [while filming was taking place],” says the insider.

19. Limited Options

Limited Options
Amber is a convicted felon and is not permitted to own a firearm.

20. The Real Danger

The Real Danger
After her arrest on July 5, Portwood told police that she bought the machete “for protection” after hearing gunshots in her neighborhood. But who will protect Amber's family from Amber?

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