Kailyn Lowry: None of Us Wanted Jade Cline to Join Teen Mom 2!

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It's been eight months since Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2.

And while the move may have come as surprise to viewers, it clearly wasn't much of a shock the show's producers, who had a replacement lined up well before they axed Jenelle.

When Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline was cast on TM2, the public reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

Some didn't like Cline on a personal level, while others simply felt the show was fine as is.

Now, we know that Kailyn Lowry was among those who took issue with Jade joining the series -- and it seems several other cast members shared her opinion.

Take a look:

1. The Newcomer

The Newcomer
When Jade Cline joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, many fans were vocal in their opposition to the move. Now, Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she didn't like it either.

2. From Foes to Friends

From Foes to Friends
These days, Kail and Jade say they're more than just co-stars, they're friends. But as Lowry revealed Tuesday night, it wasn't always that way.

3. Trouble on the Set

Trouble on the Set
If you watched this week's installment of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, you know that all hell broke loose on set, and Kail and Jade were both in the center of the storm.

4. The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker
Kail eventually stormed off set, but only after she attempted to rescue Jade from what she surely thought would be a physical confrontation with her former Young and Pregnant co-star, Ashley Jones.

5. Righteous Indignation

Righteous Indignation
Kail advised Jade to go backstage rather than fight Ashley, and when co-host Nessa instructed Kail to "move to the back" and stay out of it, Lowry took offense and stormed off.

6. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
Clearly, these days, Kail feels protective of Jade. But as she revealed last night, she took a very different view of her young co-star in the beginning.

7. Not Having It

Not Having It
"I don't think I was thrilled," Lowry said when asked about her initial reaction to the news that Cline had been cast on the show.

8. No Hard Feelings?

No Hard Feelings?
Kail went on to reveal that she was uninterested in giving Jade a chance to prove herself, but she insists it was nothing personal.

9. Sympathy For the Devil

Sympathy For the Devil
"It's hard because -- as much as I don't like Jenelle -- Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and I have all been on the show for 10 years together and so it was like someone new coming in," she said.

10. Really?!

Yes, Kail stops just short of saying she would've preferred to work with Jenelle over Jade. We imagine it was difficult for Cline not to take that as an insult.

11. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
Again, Kail says she likes Jade now that she's gotten to know her, and she offers a previous example as proof that her misgivings had everything to do with the future of the show and nothing to do with Jade as a person.

12. If It Ain't Broke ...

If It Ain't Broke ...
"We felt the same way with Brianna joined, it didn't feel right," Lowry said, referring to producers' decision to cast Briana DeJesus on the show.

13. Speaking For the Group

Speaking For the Group
Many viewers felt that Kail had thrown her castmates under the bus by using the pronoun "we" -- but to be fair, it seems that they did agree with her initial assessment of Jade.

14. Reason to Be Suspicious?

Reason to Be Suspicious?
Of course, Bri went on to date Kail's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, which may speak to why Lowry is wary of newcomers.

15. Working Things Out

Working Things Out
But Jade is not Briana -- a fact that she made clear to Kail when she made an appearance on Lowry's popular "Coffee Convos" podcast.

16. Not So Bad After All

Not So Bad After All
"We hit it off," Lowry said of her first face-to-face encounter with Jade.

17. A Controversial Decision

A Controversial Decision
Of course, Kail was not alone in her feeling that producers made the wrong move by casting Jade on Teen Mom 2.

18. Ashley's Take

Ashley's Take
Jones has been vocal in her belief that she was strung along by producers and made to feel that she would be the one to get the job.

19. Blindsided

On last night's reunion, she downplayed her earlier claims that she felt she had had the rug pulled out from her upon learning that Jade had been hired instead.

20. The Move

The Move
"I have no feelings, I got a bunch of calls about it, they told me they were gonna move her," Ashley said, referring to the decision to move Jade from Teen Mom Young and Pregnant to the more popular and lucrative Teen Mom 2.

21. Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving
Of course, Ashley said much of this during a tirade that eventually got her removed by security, so it's hard to believe she doesn't have any hard feelings toward Jade.

22. Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters
As for Kail, it's not surprising that she eventually warmed to Jade. After all, the two of them have a lot in common.

23. Similar Struggles

Similar Struggles
For example, they had similar upbringings. Kail has stated that her mother is an addict, and Jade's mom was recently arrested for possession of meth.

24. The Connection

The Connection
And, of course, Jade and Kail are both young moms who found reality TV stardom.

25. Someone Who's Been There

Someone Who's Been There
There might be a lot of people who can mentor Jade through the other struggles in her life, but Kail is one of very few who can help her with that one.

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