Amber Portwood: FINALLY Being Fired from Teen Mom OG After Abuse Scandal?!

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Remember when Amber Portwood got out of prison and everyone thought there was a chance that she'd changed and was going to turn her life around?

Boy, she proved that wrong, huh?

Things got very, very bad with Matt Baier, who she started dating a few minutes after she got out of prison, but her relationship with Andrew Glennon?

Well, we keep getting more and more proof about what a disaster that really was.

It looks like Amber never changed her awful, abusive ways ... and now, according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she might lose her job over it.

1. What a Summer

What a Summer
Amber's whole entire life has been falling apart for the past few months, but it's really pretty much 100% her own fault.

2. Truth

And that's because she's an abusive, nasty person.

3. Memories

We saw this when she was with Gary back in the day on Teen Mom -- she punched him, grabbed at him, once she kicked him in the back while he was walking down some stairs.

4. Consequences

Domestic violence was a big part of why she went to prison -- she was charged with felony domestic violence for what happened with Gary, placed on probation, had some drug charges a little later, violated probation ... just a lot of bad things, but the abuse was definitely part of it.

5. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
History does seem to repeat itself, huh?

6. Oh, Matt

Oh, Matt
Her next serious relationship after Gary was with Matt Baier, who she met online after being released from prison. Their relationship was definitely toxic, but hey, at least she never physically abused him on camera, right?

7. A Throwback

A Throwback
However, this photo did make the rounds at one point. The story was that Amber allegedly did this to him, but Matt later said that it wasn't true, that he was talking about something else.

8. Ugh

Their relationship ended in flames on Marriage Boot Camp, but it was there where Amber met her next boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

9. The History

The History
And yeah, a lot of this is super old news, but we're ultimately talking about Amber's career here, you know? So it matters that she's basically been doing the same thing to the men she dates for ten years.

10. Happy?

Anyway, Amber got pregnant pretty much immediately after she and Andrew started dating, and he moved from his hometown of Malibu back in California to her home in Indiana.

11. Enter James

Enter James
Their baby boy, James, was born in May of 2018, and lots of people had hopes that Amber had grown and matured over the years and that she was ready to settle down and be a good mom and a good partner to Andrew.

12. Not So Much

Not So Much
Then, back in July, she was arrested for assaulting Andrew and chasing him with a machete, all while he was holding baby James. So apparently she has not changed much.

13. So Sad

So Sad
She admitted to beating him with a shoe -- she tried to play it off as no big deal, but police did take photos of bruises and scratches he had from it -- but she's called his statement about her chasing him with a machete "insane."

14. However

Still, she's been officially charged with three felonies: two counts of domestic violence, and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

15. Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet
She hasn't said a whole lot about everything, besides the interview with Dr. Drew at the reunion where she called Andrew's story insane and made fun of him for texting 911. She did do a few Instagram Lives in which she said something about how she had a recording that proved he cheated on her, like that would excuse her actions.

16. Not Having It

Not Having It
But it seems like the reunion interview, along with the fact that Andrew wasn't given the same chance to share his side of the story, truly bothered him. Ever since then, he's been revealing more and more about his time with Amber.

17. Yikes

He's said that she'd been abusing him for months before the July assault, both physically and verbally, and that she'd even been rough with poor baby James, too.

18. Wow

But so many people were still calling him a liar and somehow still standing by Amber, so he dropped a huge bombshell by leaking an audio of a fight they had back in April.

19. Scary

Well, someone from his family leaked it, but in the recording, we hear Amber absolutely go off on Andrew for waking her up at 2:00 in the afternoon for an appointment. She screams at him, calls him horrible names, threatens to kill him ... it's bad.

20. Double Wow

But the second recording that was released was even worse because in this one, you can actually hear Amber beating him. She calls him the same names, she threatens to kill him again -- interestingly, in both recordings, she threatens to stab him, and the night she was arrested she allegedly chased him with a machete ... coincidence?

21. Such a Nightmare

Such a Nightmare
But yes, she was heard hitting him, he clearly tells her to stop hitting him, and James can be heard in the background ... it's definitely tough to listen to, as is the first recording, and it's changed a lot of people's opinions on Amber.

22. Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard
Including, it seems, MTV's opinion.,

23. Considerations

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Teen Mom executive producers had a conference call on Thursday, right after the first recording was released, to discuss things

24. Good

A source tells the site that the recording "changes everything" about how they were planning on covering things because “Everyone was in Amber’s corner after her arrest, because she said she was set up, and that Andrew was making things up to make her look bad. She doesn’t act like this when MTV is at the house."

25. Yep

"Now, they have actual proof of what was going on in the house.”

26. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
As of now, Amber "will not be filming" for the show, but that's because “Her lawyer is forbidding her from filming and has ordered her to stay off social media for the time being."

27. Ridiculous

But her producers have been talking to her -- as the source says, “They want to get her help and send her to a facility, possibly the one Catelynn went to, but right now Amber does not feel that she has a problem, so not much can be done.”

28. ... Why?

... Why?
Somehow, her producers "were shocked" to hear the recordings, and “They can no longer deny that this has been happening, and things from the past, even as far back as when she was with Matt are now starting to make sense."

29. Seriously, Why?

Seriously, Why?
Apparently some of those producers were "shattered" after hearing those now-infamous audio clips, and also "many of the producers have also literally begged her to stop going on Instagram Live and tried to get her to see how much her rants are hurting her case."

30. Probably Not

Probably Not
We don't know if she'll manage to keep quiet for too much longer, but regardless, executives are continuing to discuss what the next move should be -- as the source says, “A statement should be coming soon."

31. What a Ride

What a Ride
Do you think Amber will end up getting fired?

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