Mama June: Going to Prison on Drug Charges Following Federal Indictment?!

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Mama June done messed up.

Or, well, she's been messing up basically for her whole entire life, but this time she messed up. Badly.

We're talking really, really badly. Like so badly that the unlikely reality star could be going to prison.

And honestly? It would probably be for the best at this point, given the controversy surrounding her.

We'll get into that - she's been indicted on freakin' federal charges - but to kick things off, just know that ol' June Shannon has definitely seen better days ... to say the absolute least.

1. Bad Times

Bad Times
June ... well, June isn't exactly having a good time right now.

2. Well ...

Well ...
And that's because June is a drug addict who makes unbelievably terrible choices.

3. Memories

The bad choices thing has been happening for a long time -- remember when she dated that guy who had just gotten out of prison for molesting her own daughter?

4. This Guy

This Guy
But the drugs seem to be a relatively new addition, all thanks to her gross boyfriend, Geno Doak.

5. Ugh

Yep, Geno only came into the picture at the beginning of last year, and before that, June had been working on her new body and having a fun time with her daughters while doing it.

6. Sad

Now, her daughters want nothing to do with her -- but more on that in a minute.

7. What a Ride

What a Ride
So for several months, Geno was OK-ish. He gave off weird vibes, sure, but at least he hadn't been convicted of molesting one of her kids, so it was a big step up.

8. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But then in March, things got real bad, real quick.

9. What Romance

What Romance
June and Geno were both arrested at a gas station in Alabama -- they both got charges of felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, but he got a bonus charge of domestic violence because they were fighting and it would seem that he fought dirty.

10. The Findings

The Findings
He had a needle in his pocket, and there was another one in the floorboard of their car. On June, they found a glass pipe, and in the glove compartment was a pill bottle with crack residue inside.

11. The Next Step

The Next Step
She was held in jail for a few days before she was released, and eventually she made her way back home to Georgia, where her life continued to fall apart. Because she'd been doing crack.

12. Not Looking Good

Not Looking Good
She pretty much stopped trying to keep up appearances, because hey, everyone already knew everything, so why bother?

13. Trying to Help

Trying to Help
Her family even staged an intervention because things were so bad -- apparently she was taking such poor care of herself that her teeth were beginning to rot out of her head.

14. Losing Everything

Losing Everything
Alana, June's only minor child, moved out of her house and in with her big sister, Lauryn, and the poor kid has promised not to come back as long as Geno is still in the picture.

15. Oh

Unfortunately, it looks like June is perfectly content to throw away her whole entire life for her boyfriend.

16. Heartbreaking

Not only have her children cut her off, but remember her beautiful home? Yeah, it's not so beautiful anymore.

17. Because Crack

Because Crack
She and Geno have been trashing the place, and she's been selling everything in it -- she even has the house itself listed for sale. The word is that they're looking to live in an RV instead.

18. What Could Happen Next?

What Could Happen Next?
Things sound so bleak, right? How could they possibly get worse?

19. Surprise!

We'll tell you how: prison!

20. Actions Have Consequences

Actions Have Consequences
Yep, June has just been indicted on a charge of felony drug possession, and an extra misdemeanor charge for the paraphernalia.

21. The Scene

The Scene
It all went down in Alabama, but June wasn't personally there to hear the news.

22. A Missed Opportunity

A Missed Opportunity
Which is unfortunate, since her sister was there, along with a camera crew, to try to help her with another intervention, presumably thinking the indictment may have been a wake-up call for her to change things.

23. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
She might have better luck next time -- June is required to be in court later this month.

24. However ...

However ...
Of course, that doesn't mean she'll turn up. She has commented on any of this as of now, and it wouldn't exactly be a shocker if she tried to skip court again.

25. Such a Disaster

Such a Disaster
If we're being completely honest, we're kind of hoping she ends up serving time. It would keep her away from drugs (hopefully) and Geno (definitely), and hey, that's a start, right?

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