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Amber Portwood has done it again.

And by "it," of course we mean "shock and terrify us all by being a completely horrible person to Andrew Glennon in leaked bit of audio."

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Yep, we just heard the first recording of Amber verbally abusing Andrew and threatening to stab him, and already there’s a brand new one.

This recording is of a fight that took place on Christmas Eve last year — great timing, right?

It all started because Amber was complaining about being "stuck with a baby" since Andrew got her pregnant.

(Sidenote: James was there for this whole fight, too.)

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Andrew, who actually loves James, didn’t appreciate the remark, and so the fight began.

It got bad pretty quick — she called him more names and started yelling — but what makes this recording different than the first is that in this one, she can actually be heard beating him.

Later, she told him that she’ll kill him, that she’ll stab him in the neck if he doesn’t take James and leave the house.

The whole thing is really, really hard to hear, so be careful, OK?

You can listen to it all here: