Amber Portwood Accused of Threatening YouTuber Who Reported on Andrew Glennon Abuse: I Know Where You Live!

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As you're probably aware, Amber Portwood was arrested back in July after she assaulted her then-boyfriend Amdrew Glennon.

Portwood is now on probaton, and she's been to jail before, so she knows exactly what's at stake.

Not only that, Amber will soon fight for custody of her son in court, and the odds are very much against her.

In other words, he woman has every reason in the world to keep her nose clean and control her emotions.

But is she doing that?

Of course not. In fact, she's been accused of doing the exact opposite -- threatening a YouTuber who's been reporting on her legal entanglements.

Here's what we currently know about this bizarre situation:

1. Back On Her BS

Back On Her BS
Amber Portwood is at it again. This time, the Teen Mom OG star stands accused of threatening a YouTuber who's been reporting on the allegations that she repeatedly assaulted Andrew Glennon.

2. Bad Things

Bad Things
Glennon claims that on July 5, Amber brandished a machete and attacked him while he was holding their child.

3. The Evidence

The Evidence
Throughout Amber's trial, Andrew's claims were supported by evidence obtained by Katie Joy, host of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog.

4. Threats and Violence

First, Joy posted audio of Amber threatening Andrew that had apparently been recorded by Glennon.

5. Escalating Abuse

Joy proceeded to post several more clips, and Amber's abusive behavior seemed to get increasingly worse with each one.

6. Mysterious Source

Joy has not revealed her source for the recordings, but she has stated that they were given to her by someone close to Glennon.

7. Going Mainstream

Joy's YouTube page is wildly popular among Teen Mom fans, but earlier this week, she entered the mainstream when she sold this video documenting Amber's machete attack to TMZ,

8. The Wrath of Amber

The Wrath of Amber
And it seems that's when Joy ran afoul of the notoriously short-tempered Ms. Portwood.

9. Amber Alert

Amber Alert
Despite the fact that she's probably been warned by her legal team to stay off social media until after her custody case is settled, Amber hopped on Instagram Live this week -- and she had some thoughts to share about the media.

10. Subtlety Is Not Her Strong Suit

Subtlety Is Not Her Strong Suit
Portwood didn't name names, but she seemed to be angry at one outlet in particular, and it's not hard to figure out the target of her outrage.

11. Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy
A spokesperson for the Marion County District Attorney in Indiana has informed TMZ that Joy has contacted police and accused Amber of making threats against her.

12. The Proof

The Proof
There's one part of the Instagram Story in particular where Katie says Amber crossed the line between trash-talking and issuing threats.

13. A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far
At one point, Amber muttered, "I know your address," a statement that Katie quite understandably took as a threat.

14. Why Now?

Why Now?
As we stated earlier, Joy has been reporting on the allegations against Amber for several months. So why did AMber wait until now to respond?

15. Off the Hook?

Off the Hook?
Well, for starters, she recently reached a plea deal that will allow her to avoid jail time. That unlikely turn of events has likely emboldened Amber.

16. Major Traffic

Major Traffic
On top of that, Amber was likely outraged to find the evidence against her on such a mainstream site as TMZ.

17. Shooting Herself In the Foot

Shooting Herself In the Foot
Of course, the plea deal doesn't mean that Amber is off the hook. Far from it, in fact.

18. Not Out of the Woods

Not Out of the Woods
The deal involved a suspended sentence, and Amber's time served allowed her to avoid further jail time. Now, she's on probation for the remaining time on her sentence, 906 days.

19. Major Mistake

Major Mistake
Yes, Amber is expected to keep her nose clean for the next two and a half years. Needless to say, she's not off to a great start.

20. Just What He Needed

Just What He Needed
On top of that, Amber will soon square off against Andrew Glennon in court for a second time. At stake is custody of Portwood and Glennon's 1-year-old son, James.

21. The Fight of Her Life

The Fight of Her Life
Currently, Andrew has full custody of James. And while she enjoys visitation rights, she reportedly plans to fight for custody at her next court date.

22. A Real Parent

A Real Parent
Sources say Andrew has been good about not keeping James from his mother. But given Amber's violent tendencies, he understandably doesn't want her to be alone with the boy.

23. Proven Right

Proven Right
For months, Andrew has been telling the court that Amber's attack was no isolated incident, as she frequently resorts to violence.

24. Playing Into His Hands

Playing Into His Hands
Now, the latest criminal complaint against Amber might be exactly what Andrew needs to finally make the judge understand his position.

25. Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned
We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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