Amber Portwood Lashes Out at Critics, Plays Victim in Epic Instagram Live Meltdown

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Amber Portwood has never been great, you know?

Like it's been nearly ten years since the first time she was arrested for domestic violence, and she's currently on probation for doing it again.

It's bad. It's all bad. Really, really bad.

In addition to the domestic violence, Amber also has a bad habit of staying on Instagram Live for hours going off about any old thing.

That's what she did today, and man live, some (or pretty much all) of the things she said in real time were really just unbearable.

Unfortunately for us, we listened to every last word of it. This was a time in our lives we will never get back. But for you all at home?

We've got the crazy rundown for you. And it is crazy.

1. The Beginning

The Beginning
Amber Portwood has messed up a lot in her life. This is not news to longtime card-carrying members of Teen Mom Nation. But she really, really screwed herself over on the night of the Fourth of July, Two Thousand Nineteen.

2. Amber, Amber, Amber ...

Amber, Amber, Amber ...
You've heard the story, and you may have heard the audio which was leaked more recently, but the long and short of it is this: Basically, Amber went off on the father of her son James, Andrew Glennon, because they weren't able to see some fireworks, and she went off HARD.

3. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man
Andrew has said that she beat him with a shoe, and that later she threatened to kill herself and then chased him with a machete, all while he was holding their one-year-old son.

4. The Arrest

The Arrest
He sent a text to 911, police arrived and arrested her, and then the next phase of his mess began: the court battle.

5. Good for Him

Good for Him
Andrew went for sole custody and he also got a no contact order against Amber.

6. Wow

He even started opening up about what his relationship with Amber had been like ... and it wasn't pretty.

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