Amanda Bynes Blames Hard Drug Use for Epic Meltdown, Bares All in New Interview

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Like Kim Kardashian before her, Amanda Bynes is here to break the Internet.

Unlike Kim Kardashian before her, however, Amanda Bynes is not posing on the cover of Paper with a champagne glass balancing on her rear end.

Still, the actress is featured on the latest cover of Paper, opening way up for the first time about her very public meltdown that started in 2014 and which has basically continued to this day.

Or has it?!?

Scroll down to read what Bynes has to say about what prompted this breakdown and why she thinks she's now on a path to full recovery...

1. Looking Normal, Right?

Looking Normal, Right?
Based on this new photo of the actress, one would never know she had gone through so much over the past four years or so. She is here to set the record straight.

2. When Did We Last See Her in Public?

When Did We Last See Her in Public?
Back in February of 2018, as she dined out with friends and wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo here that she was having "Dinner with friends." Not very revealing, we know.

3. Prior to That?

Prior to That?
Where do we even begin? Bynes fell off the radar in 2016 and 2017, but she was kicked out of a nightclub for fighting with Paris Hilton in late 2014.

4. And Prior to That?

And Prior to That?
Ummm... she asked folks to "feel my pain" while she Tweeted about Hitler.

5. Uhhh... and Prior to That?

Uhhh... and Prior to That?
Bynes accused her father of sexual abuse and was placed in a 5150 psychicatric hold, which means people around her thought she was a danger.

6. So... Things Were Rough There for Awhile?

So... Things Were Rough There for Awhile?
Yes, very rough. It was widely believed that Bynes suffered from bipolar disorder.

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