Teen Mom OG: Is the Marriage Really Over!? Catelynn Breaks Silence on Separation

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Say it isn't so, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra!

On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, the most steady couple in the history of this franchise decided to take a break.

Having been together since their days on 16 and Pregnant, the reality stars decided they couldn't work out their many lingering issues while living under the same roof - and chose to actually separate for a period of time.

What does this mean for their future?

How did each side react to the move?

And what were other cast members up to on Monday night?

Scroll down for a full recap...

1. The Separation was Tyler's Idea

The Separation was Tyler's Idea
After spending a weekend at a couple’s retreat in Arizona, the stars were hit with some shocking news: Catelynn is pregnant again! This didn't solve the issues that had been plaguing their relationship, however.

2. Let's Try This for a Month, Okay?

Let's Try This for a Month, Okay?
That was the plan, and Catelynn eventually got on board with it. She admitted that she wondered ‘who are you as a person by yourself?' because she had been with Tyler for so long. Perhaps they needed to determine their own identities outside of the marriage for a bit.

3. Still, This Hurts. A Lot.

Still, This Hurts. A Lot.
"It was scary, it was sad, it was hurtful," Catelynn said of the suggestion to separate. "It's like bringing up the old wounds from the miscarriage and that's traumatic. In my mind it makes it harder for a mom to be trying to do that, to take care of a three year old and being pregnant. It's a lot of stress."

4. Could Tyler Be Cheating?!?

Could Tyler Be Cheating?!?
Catelynn went to a friend and explained that the spouses wouldn't be seeing other people. She added that she had even asked Tyler if there was "somebody else" when he first pitched the idea to her. "He was like, 'What the f-ck, do you think I would cheat on you?'" she said.

5. The Gender Was Still Revealed

The Gender Was Still Revealed
Despite this separate, Tyler and Catelynn hosted a gender reveal party during which they learned they were having a girl -- and Tyler seemed optimistic about their future, telling his mom that he and Catelynn would have occasional date nights and: "After the month, Cate can come home to a brand new house all nice and fresh."

6. What About Bristol?

What About Bristol?
While in Alaska fishing with friends, Palin talked about how great it feels to be divorced from Dakota Meyer "I feel like a huge weight off my chest," she said, prior to telling her pals that she doesn't think she'll ever get married again.

7. But She'll Go on Tinder or Something, Right?

But She'll Go on Tinder or Something, Right?
Nope. "I've only dated one guy that wasn't from Alaska and looked what happened, okay?" Bristol told a friend who said she should find a Texas cowboy. "Learned my lesson. I don't want to date ever, ever, ever."

8. It Just Got SO Bad...

It Just Got SO Bad...
Palin also vented to a friend about how "ugly" things had gotten with Meyer following their split, as the series has documented well. "I can't say that I'm surprised, because I saw these kinds of traits and that's why I didn't want to get married in the first place," Palin explained.

9. Dude is Just Full of Hate

Dude is Just Full of Hate
"He hates everyone around me," Bristol continued. "And he sat there and convinced me that my parents hated me, you hated me, everyone hated me and moving to Texas, it's like I literally cut out every person in my life. It's always been a control thing. Because we're divorced, I feel like I'm stuck in Texas."

10. Right Back at Ya, B!

Right Back at Ya, B!
While speaking to his mother, Meyer said he prayed for the day when Bristol would "leave me alone" and their only interactions would be about the kids, "like a business relationship." Yeah. These two were NOT meant to be together.

11. Gary Gets Got

Gary Gets Got
Gary Shirley enjoyed a storyline of his own this week, although perhaps "enjoyed" is the wrong word, as he decided to get a vasectomy. After wife Kristina suffered an ectopic pregnancy, Gary went through with the procedure so they wouldn't have to worry about her getting knocked up again.

12. You're a Good Guy, Gary

You're a Good Guy, Gary
"I'm not gonna say I'm 100% comfortable, because I'm not," Amber's ex told his wife before the procedure. "But I'm okay doing it."

13. Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!
After putting on a jock strap for the operation, cameras followed Gary into the operating room as he got snipped. "I went through this for you, so you don't have to get pregnant no more," he told Kristina afterward. "I'm thinking about it now, I think it was about as bad as I thought it would be exactly. I felt like my testicles were gonna hurt, and they did. After it was like I got kicked in the balls."

14. As for Amber?

As for Amber?
She remained mostly on the sidelines again, attending MMA class and saying it helped with her bipolar disorder.

15. We're Outta Here!

We're Outta Here!
Maci and Taylor decided they had to move and house hunting, finding a residence they loved. "It's definitely on the top end of the price range," Bookout warned, but everything else about it was perfect.

16. A Big Move

A Big Move
The couple made an offer, it was accepted and - bam! - just like that, they were packing everything up. Still, Maci couldn't help but feel a little sad about it all, saying: "I'm definitely happy, the new house just isn't going to feel like home for a while."

17. Cheyenne Also Makes a Move

Cheyenne Also Makes a Move
Cheyenne Floyd, meanwhile, traveled Michigan with Cory Wharton so their daughter Ryder could meet his friends and family. Such a move, ultimately, put a permanent wedge between her and her now-ex-boyfriend, Zach.

18. Why Aren't We Together?

Why Aren't We Together?
After teasing a confrontation between Cheyenne and one of Cory's exes, the episode ended with Cory admitting he was getting frustrated with people asking him why he and Cheyenne weren't an item, a question Cheyenne fielded from his friends as well.

19. Maybe They Still Can Be?

Maybe They Still Can Be?
The episode wrapped up with the two sharing a sweet moment, agreeing they'd choose each other and their daughter if ever given an ultimatum by a significant other. So that's something, we suppose.

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