Adam Lind: Reunited With Daughter Following Drug Scandal?! [Shocking Photos]

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Adam Lind has long been widely regarded as the very worst baby daddy in the history of Teen Mom franchise, which is no mean feat.

Other dads have abused their spouses, neglected their children, struggled with addiction and had run-ins with the law, but Adam  has managed to do all of those things and so, so much more.

Recently, Lind tested positive for meth just moments before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

It signalled the start of a harrowing downward spiral that he's somehow managed to recover from. We think...

Join us as we delve into Adam's recent past to examine his shocking behavior--and its equally shocking lack of consequences:

1. Bad Dad

Bad Dad
Adam has two daughters, but shows no signs of slowing down. Chelsea Houska's ex is still prone to drug benders and fits of rage, and his two baby mamas reportedly live in fear of the effects his wild behavior might be having on their children.

2. A New Rock Bottom

A New Rock Bottom
Lind has managed to retain superivised visitation rights despite numerous brushes with the law and a handful of shocking, racially charged social media tirades. But it looked like that would change following an incident that took place back in April.

3. Meth in the Afternoon

Meth in the Afternoon
As part of his arrangement with his exes, Lind is subject to random drug testing prior to his visits with his daughters. A urine analysis taken just before a scheduled visit with youngest daughter Paislee revealed that Adam had meth in his system. Since amphetamines don't stay in the body very long, he was likely using in preparation for the visit.

4. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
From there, Lind's situation deteriorated further, to the point that many Teen Mom 2 fans began to fear the worst.

5. Drugs Are Like Children, Right?

Drugs Are Like Children, Right?
Last month, it was reported that Lind had ceased paying child support to Chelsea and Taylor Halbur, allegedly spending his money on meth instead. Support a child, support a habit ... same thing, right?

6. Skinny Lind

Skinny Lind
A recent photo in which Lind appears much thinner than usual has sparked concerns that his habits are beginning to take a toll. And unfortunately, his weight loss isn't even the most worrisome development of recent weeks.

7. A New Victim

A New Victim
Earlier this month, Lind was arrested for allegedly assaulting girlfriend Stasia Huber.

8. Shocking Claims

Shocking Claims
Huber filed for an order of protection against Lind, revealing that she had ended their engagement around the time he tested positive for meth. She cited "emotional abuse, drugs, and lying/cheating" as the causes of the split.

9. No Isolated Incident

No Isolated Incident
"While under the influence of drugs, alcohol and steroids he fractured my forearm, locked me in the house saying I couldn't leave, smashed my phone, and once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER," Huber told police. "We broke up for a while after that."

10. Lind at the Brink

Lind at the Brink
Lind and Huber reportedly reunited after he sent her a number of text messages in which he threatened to kill himself.

11. A Shocking Threat

A Shocking Threat
Huber says she finally broke things off with Lind entirely after a heated argument. "He threatened to hit me with his car if he ever saw me by his place," she said in court documents.

12. Finally Locked Up?

Finally Locked Up?
Following Huber's claims, many wondered what the future held for Lind. Would he finally be locked up and lose custody of his daughters? Don't get your hopes up, folks...

13. A Life Without Consequences

A Life Without Consequences
Far from being tossed in the slammer, Lind appears to be enjoying a relatively consequence-free existence these days. Sources say he's seen both of his daughters in recent weeks and spent much of the recent holiday weekend with Aubree.

14. A Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving
Fans have claimed Adam even got to spend Thanksgiving with his daughters, but the above photo that's been circulating was actually taken last year.

15. Chelsea Under Fire

Chelsea Under Fire
Fans have been critical of Chelsea for failing to take legal action to strip Lind of visitation rights.

16. Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Granted, a reunion just weeks after Lind was accused of spousal abuse doesn't look good, but it seems there's more to the situation than meets the eye.

17. Chelsea the Handler

Chelsea the Handler
Chelsea assures fans she's got the situation under control and recently took steps to ensure that Lind won't be permitted to drive with Aubree in the car.

18. Trust the Housk

Trust the Housk
"I am glad I took precautions and he isn't allowed to drive with her," Houska said. "Before, there was no proof. You know you are making the right decision, but you question it." Chelsea seems to have the situation under control, but fans are still voicing one concern over and over...

19. Is Her Judgment Being Clouded?

Is Her Judgment Being Clouded?
Some feel Chelsea's desire for her eldest daughter to have a relationship with Lind is preventing the mother of two from being as cautious as she should be. Many have even suggested that she feels guilty over the fact that her youngest child has such a superior dad. But those who know Chelsea best say that she's nothing if not a devoted mother--and she's certainly not turning a blind eye to Lind's bad behavior.

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