Mackenzie Standifer: It's Maci Bookout's Fault Ryan Edwards Did Drugs!

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On last season's Teen Mom: OG finale, Ryan Edwards hit rock bottom in shocking fashion, passing out behind the wheel while driving to his own wedding.

Shortly thereafter, Edwards checked into rehab, and he's reportedly been clean and sober ever since.

But as we learned from last night's TM:OG season premiere, Ryan's substance abuse is still very much on the minds of his loved ones, especially wife Mackenzie Standifer, who expressed some surprising thoughts about Edwards, his addiction, and his relationship with ex Maci Bookout.

Here's a rundown of exactly what happened and how fans reacted to Standifer's bold claims:

1. A Terrifying Low

A Terrifying Low
Fans were stunned when Edwards nodded off behind the wheel while driving to his wedding on last year's season finale. This week, we learned new details about just how dangerous his addiction had become.

2. A New Start

A New Start
Ryan checked into rehab shortly after his wedding, and he's reportedly been drug-free for the past several months.

3. Take Two

Take Two
Ryan and Mackenzie held a second wedding earlier this month. The ceremony represented a new beginning for the couple, but it's clear that Edwards' demons are still hanging over their heads.

4. Maci vs. Mackenzie

Maci vs. Mackenzie
Mackenzie butted heads with Ryan's baby mama, Maci Bookout, during last season's reunion show, resulting in an explosive on-stage fight.

5. The Conflict Continues

The Conflict Continues
Comments made by Mackenzie on last night's season premiere revealed that the discord between the two women in Ryan's life won't be letting up any time soon.

6. Blaming Bookout

Blaming Bookout
Asked by a therapist about Ryan's addiction triggers, Mackenzie didn't hesitate in her respone, revealing that she feels Maci is the primary cause of Edwards' substance abuse. Needless to say, fans were stunned...

7. Mackenzie's Blood is Boiling

Mackenzie's Blood is Boiling
“Ryan feels belittled,” Standifer explained. ”He’s never been given any credit. Ryan is not a bad guy. You don’t think of anyone’s emotions but your own and my blood boils because she does this for her own self whatever and it really is just pissing me off.”

8. Worse Than We Thought?

Worse Than We Thought?
At one point, Mackenzie revealed that Ryan was spending $10,000 a week on drugs, mostly prescription painkillers.

9. Maci's Not Messing Around

Maci's Not Messing Around
Maci was more practical in her assessment of Ryan's recovery, revealing that he can't play a role in his son's life if he continues to to use. “I don’t feel like it will be fixed in 30 days," she said during last night's episode. "If you don’t do what you need to do outside of your recovery as far as Bentley is concerned and as far as staying sober for real then we’re done."

10. Clear Consequences

Clear Consequences
Maci made it apparent that her son's needs come first, and if Ryan isn't able to stay sober, she'll do what she has to do to prevent him from seeing Bentley. "Consequences with me are actual real f--king things that actually happen when you screw up," she told a friend. "We’re talking about my child’s life.”

11. The Reaction

The Reaction
Fans took to Twitter to choose sides in the Maci vs. Mackenzie conflict. And a clear winner quickly emerged.

12. Mackenzie's Social Media Blackout

Mackenzie's Social Media Blackout
Mackenzie deleted her Twitter account after being heavily criticized by fans last season. Today, it's probably best that she continue to keep her distance from social media, as TM:OG viewers are NOT happy with her...

13. Typical Addict

Typical Addict
One fan expressed her belief that Ryan is manipulating Maci and accused him of "typical addict behavior."

14. Number One Enabler?

Number One Enabler?
Many fans accused Mackenzie of enabling Ryan's addiction. Most seemed to favor the more hard-line approach taken by Maci.

15. The Annoyance Is Real

The Annoyance Is Real
The consensus on Twitter seemed to be that Mackenzie is simply looking for someone--anyone--to blame for her husband's addiction.

16. Just Jelly?

Just Jelly?
Some fans were a bit less nuanced in their assessment of the situation. Could it be that Mackenzie is really just jealous of Maci and Ryan's past?

17. Mackenzie: Not the Only Enabler

Mackenzie: Not the Only Enabler
Several viewers pointed out that Mackenzie isn't the first one to make excuses for Ryan. His parents assumed the role of enablers many years ago

18. Maci Bookout: Also An Addict?

Maci Bookout: Also An Addict?
Mackenzie allegedly took to Instagram to claim that Maci is an addict in her own right. As you can see, the argument didn't go over well.

19. Mackenzie Has a Long Way to Go

Mackenzie Has a Long Way to Go
Obviously, at the end of the day, recovery is first and foremost Ryan's battle, but those closest to him have roles ro play, as well. Unfortunately, it seems that Mackenzie has yet to come to terms with the fact that the process never ends, and blaming other people for her husband's addiction is wildly counterproductive.

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