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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 9, several couples saw some long overdue honesty.

The most painful part of this by far was Sumit’s mother’s two-faced visit to their home.

Despite her status as a guest, she ordered Jenny about and insulted her … but the worst came from Sumit himself.

Ariela is still awaiting baby Avi’s surgery, but tensions are flaring long distance as she and Biniyam fight.

Corey keeps begging Evelin to take him back, but they’ll need a marriage counselor’s help.

Wholesome news has Kenneth missing home more than ever.

Alina has been testing Steven in more ways than one, and let’s just say that he’s bringing down the class average.

Steven’s mad that she’s been testing him. And she’s mad that he failed so spectacularly.