90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: Meet the Season 5 Couples!

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Seven new couples.

One -- and only one -- familiar face.

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is promising all of that and more.

Production has announced the new stars of the upcoming season.

You can read all of their details -- and get a head start on making heads or tails of their drama -- below.

No, we don't know why, out of seven couples, three include an American partner from Michigan, specifically.

Perhaps that is just one of life's mysteries.

What's not a mystery is when this messy, Michigan-filled season will begin.

Season 5 will premiere on TLC on December 12.

1. Ben and Mahogany

Ben and Mahogany
Ben is a 52-year-old from Michigan. Mahogany is a 24-year-old from Peru. After he was featured in a fitness magazine, he caught Mahogany's eye and received a DM from her.

2. Ben has a lot of baggage

Ben has a lot of baggage
He was once a married pastor in a very strict Christian community that he ultimately left behind, but he is still a Christian -- and believes that it's God's will that he get with this Peruvian beauty who is less than half his age.

3. Red flags?

Red flags?
But he and Mahogany have never video chatted, at all. His friends are alarmed by what they see as signs that he may be being used or potentially catfished, and so far, we have zero glimpses of the two of them together. For what it's worth, Mahogany was real enough for TLC provide a photo of her with her casting announcement.

4. Caleb and Alina

Caleb and Alina
Caleb is a 28-year-old from Arizona. Alina is a 27-year-old from St. Petersberg, Russia. They were actually online friends as teens, lost touch over the years, and then coincidentally saw each other on a dating app when Caleb was planning a trip to Russia. While the trip never happened, their rekindled friendship took a turn for the romantic.

5. Caleb is an active guy

Caleb is an active guy
He knows he and Alina could face judgment for their relationship, because she is a little person, and there are always questions when someone who is able bodied (and especially good-looking) dates someone who is disabled. Even friends might ask if he's a chaser, for example, who fetishizes her disability, though their history of friendship may put some minds at ease.

6. Alina's fear is almost the opposite

Alina's fear is almost the opposite
She cannot stand or walk for long periods of time due to her disability, and there are concerns of how her disability will mesh with Caleb's active lifestyle. Still, Alina fears that Steven seeing her in her wheelchair at the airport will be too much for him to handle.

7. Ella and Johnny

Ella and Johnny
Ella is a 29-year-old from Idaho. Johnny is a 34-year-old from Jinan, China. Ella is a country girl who describes herself as being obsessed with Asian culture. The two met on a dating app that exists to pair Asian men with white women. So ... there's already a lot going on there.

8. Ella is worried about how Johnny will react to her in person

Ella is worried about how Johnny will react to her in person
There have been months of delays in the two of them being able to visit, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they're gearing up for Johnny to visit her in Idaho. But though they've had intimate chats in recent months, Ella is worried about how he'll view her -- in part stemming from her past history of painful rejections.

9. Only time will tell

Only time will tell
Johnny's family has their own apprehensions before he travels, and the pandemic has been a major roadblock for the two of them. Cultural issues, body image, and weird racial fetishization stuff all seem like they might be in play this season.

10. Gino and Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine
Gino is a 51-year-old from Michigan. Jasmine is a 34-year-old from Panama. Gina has divorced his ex-wife, a Brazilian woman, after seven years of marriage and is looking to move on. He found Jasmine on an international dating site and fell head over heels for her beauty and her brains, not to mention her personality.

11. Things look steamy

Things look steamy
Jasmine is not shy about getting explicit over the phone, even when cameras are watching, and the two also have some sexy fun in the water during the trailer.

12. But Jasmine has a jealous side

But Jasmine has a jealous side
At one point, she demands the password to his phone -- a boundary issue that Gino had not expected. Some couples do a "total transparency" thing where their phones are an open book. Others do not and think that it would be creepy.

13. Did Gino make a mistake?

Did Gino make a mistake?
When things get ugly during the Season 5 trailer, Gino wonders this as Jasmine yells and interrogates him before storming out.

14. Kimberly and ... USMAN?!

Kimberly and ... USMAN?!
Kimberly is a 50-year-old divorcee from San Diego. 32-year-old Usman Umar is already well known to fans as the aspiring music star "Sojaboy" from Nigeria. We already saw his disastrous marriage to "Baby Girl" Lisa Hamme. Apparently, a year ago, Kimberly messaged Usman as a "fan" of his music ... remarkable in and of itself ... only for things to blossom from fannish DMing to a potential romance.

15. Kim went to meet him in Tanzania

Kim went to meet him in Tanzania
Usman invited her to come see him where he is filming a new music video, despite his hesitations about dating yet another much older white American woman.

16. Oh boy

Oh boy
Usman is the only familiar face returning this season, and while fans remain divided over his intentions (like ... promoting his music to an international audience of millions), he won a lot of sympathy over how Lisa treated him during their brief, toxic marriage.

17. History repeats itself

History repeats itself
In the trailer, Kimberly expresses jealousy over why Usman would invite her to see him film a music video that's about another woman. Eerily similar to Lisa's jealousy issues.

18. Usman thinks that it's funny

Usman thinks that it's funny
That's when Kimberly splashes his face with water in the trailer and storms off. Oh yeah, this storyline is going to be a lot.

19. Memphis and Hamza

Memphis and Hamza
Memphis is a 34-year-old Michigan native and Hamza is a 28-year-old from Tunisia. The two met online 8 months ago and developed a relationship. Memphis has a "wild side" following an unstable childhood, but is hoping to find a stable relationship to keep her grounded.

20. The attraction here is intense

The attraction here is intense
We get to see some of their long-distance shower video chatting, which is apparently just a thing that this franchise is doing now. It turns out that Hamza proposed to Memphis after only a few months ... and she said yes. She's planning to marry him during this trip to Tunisia.

21. But how much do they actually know about each other?

But how much do they actually know about each other?
In addition to getting to know her fiance better, she wants him to sign a prenup ... and the pushback could end up being a dealbreaker. But then, so could a lot of things.

22. Mike and Ximena

Mike and Ximena
Mike is a 34-year-old from Thiells, New York. Ximena is a 24-year-old from Colombia. She is also a single mother of two with a lot of complicated baggage.

23. Serious baggage

Serious baggage
But the two of them are talking about marriage and kids, which means that Mike wants to not only marry Ximena, he wants to take her and her kids back to the US with him as a family. It's a beautiful dream that they share.

24. There's also a language barrier

There's also a language barrier
Ximena speaks no English. Mike speaks almost no Spanish. They use a translator app, which we all know can be a little awkward and at times disastrous.

25. The potential for hurt feelings is high

The potential for hurt feelings is high
Mike has sent Ximena money and gifts, and there are real questions about whether Ximena truly loves him and not just what he can do for her. A moment of painful honesty in the trailer sees Mike literally fleeing, running off through Colombian streets as production chases after him. Oh dear.

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