Isabel Roloff Delights Fans With Beautiful Baby Bump Photos

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Little People, Big World fans are beside themselves with excitement.

Like the pumpkin patch on Roloff Farms, their beautiful family continues to grow.

Very soon, Jacob Roloff and Isabel Roloff will welcome their first child.

With their December due date just around the corner, Izzy has had a lot of time to take photos.

Some pictures are private and just for family and their future child.

Others are so sweet, from family photos to displays of her growing baby bump, that she just had to share.

Take a look below at some of the most treasured photos documenting Isabel's pregnancy journey.

1. How It Started

How It Started
Isabel and Jacob made the heartwarming announcement on social media, letting fans know the news alongside their first look at Izzy's baby bump.

2. So Sweet!

So Sweet!
We'd love to say that you can see an extra glint of love in Jacob's eyes when he looks at his wife these days, but the truth is that he's always looked at her with this much love and admiration -- now, he just has even more reason to look forward to their future together.

3. At 20 Weeks

At 20 Weeks
Like most, Isabel didn't immediately break the news to the public, but they disclosed that they were expecting a boy. They wanted to make sure that all of their loved ones knew before they went public.

4. Throwback Time!

Throwback Time!
Isabel shared a throwback to her baby bump at 16 weeks, at which time the fetus was roughly the size of an avocado.

5. He's a Mover!

He's a Mover!
"Do you feel him already?" a fan asked, eliciting a reply from Isabel alongside this snap of her bump. "It's literally the craziest feeling," Isabel admitted. "He's a mover!"

6. Mirror Selfies FTW

Mirror Selfies FTW
At 23 weeks, Isabel shared this mirror selfie snapped at the home of her BIL and SIL, Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff.

7. Lovely!

Isabel showed off her baby bump with everything from bare skin to full dresses to comfy sweaters to casual shirts.

8. Seven Months!

Seven Months!
Izzy is a glowing beauty and dressed the part of a young pregnant bride ready to share her love with a new life when he arrives this December.

9. 31 Weeks!

31 Weeks!
Isabel fits in perfectly in this pumpkin patch with that ensemble, even if it does obscure (but not entirely conceal) her baby bump.

10. Bigger!

Isabel's baby bump is no joke and on display in all of its glory in this magnificent profile shot.


Isabel and Jacob and their fans aren't the only ones who are excited about this. Izzy of course received a lovely baby shower!

12. Funny!

Isabel quipped that she was having a "hot mom summer," and it's the least of what she deserves. With a baby due in very late autumn or possibly early winter, we hope that she soaked up all of the summer fun that she wanted.

13. SO Pregnant

SO Pregnant
Even with the wee baby Roloff on the way, Isabel hasn't lost her free spirit or the joy that she finds in the outdoors. With those surroundings, who could blame her?

14. Don't Forget Moose!

Don't Forget Moose!
This is a photo of pure protective happiness as Moose snuggles against Isabel's baby bump. Baby Roloff's loving family is so excited for him to join them.

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