90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh Secretly BETRAYS Jenny Slatten!

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Past traumas came back to haunt the couples on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 12.

First, Sumit began to get cold feet, and explained to Jenny that it's because of his ex-wife.

Jenny understood that. What she will never understand is how he went behind her back and betrayed her.

Biniyam had a heart-to-heart with Ariela's mom ... where he admitted that he routinely lies to Ari.

Corey and Evelin had diametrically opposed ideas about the wedding ceremony.

Victor showed Ellie where he and his sister huddled to survive, but that trauma still haunts him ... and it's impacting their relationship.

Kenneth and Armando received their families as guests ahead of the wedding.

While Armando grappled with his father's reluctance, Kenneth's family expressed reservations of a very different kind.

1. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh
After years of being stonewalled and insulted, Jenny finally earned the closest thing that she could to approval from Sumit's parents -- neutrality. With their non-blessing to marry, they can move forward. To Sumit, that means once again consulting the astrologer who made all of this happen. As Jenny says, Sumit seems incapable of making decisions on his own.

2. Khalid once again has good news

Khalid once again has good news
After consulting with various celestial bodies of rock, gas, and plasma, he has determined that Jenny and Sumit can marry more or less whenever.

3. BUT

It's more auspicious if they marry after the next nine days and not before. So, any time starting ten days ahead is great. Jenny still has her ticking clock with her visa extensions and there are other factors, but as far as planets and constellations are concerned, that's their timetable.

4. But wait, there's more

But wait, there's more
Khalid does tell them that it would be best if they marry formally, in a courthouse, rather than get a temple marriage. They no longer need to go the temple route because Sumit's parents claim that they won't stop them this time, and honestly, Khalid may be right -- it just seems better to marry in a way that's totally honest with yourselves than to jump in to do a religious ceremony as a loophole, you know?

5. Hooray! Right?

Hooray! Right?
Sumit admits that, immediately, he is anxious at the idea of actually marrying Jenny. They have been in a relationship since 2013, but he still feels like things are moving too quickly.

6. To his credit, he opens up to Jenny about it

To his credit, he opens up to Jenny about it
He has a lot of trauma from his arranged marriage and the divorce that followed, from how she treated him to how her family treated him to how he had to beg and plead with his own family to let him divorce the woman they forced him to marry in the first place.

7. Sumit promises to work on it

Sumit promises to work on it
He notes that he is afraid that marrying Jenny will cause him to lose her because things are good right now, but might change. He may have that backwards.

8. Jenny and Sumit go see a marriage attorney

Jenny and Sumit go see a marriage attorney
Sumit explains the situation, and the attorney agrees to humor their concerns. This is actually an important line, because it would be a shame if some viewers came away with the impression that India, a nation of nearly 1.4 billion, is all as beholden to stellar phenomena as Sumit and his parents are. Those of us who are Americans can all understand that we would feel similarly uncomfortable if those from other countries saw Angela Deem or Ed Brown as representing us all.

9. Let's gooooo!

Let's gooooo!
The marriage attorney tells them that he can start the paperwork right away, and assuming that they don't hit any hurdles with getting it approved, they could be married in about a month. Great news! Right?

10. Oh boy

Oh boy
Body language is often overhyped, especially by 24-hour news networks fixated on generating nonstop content for profit, but there's no mistaking it when Jenny is nodding her head while listening and Sumit is uncomfortably shaking his head beside her, as if this were bad news. Jenny says to go ahead and file for the marriage license. Sumit does not object.

11. Later, Sumit checks in with a friend

Later, Sumit checks in with a friend
Going to some sort of internet booth outside of his home -- it's not clear if it's for privacy or necessity -- Sumit speaks to his good friend Neeraj, who is close with him and Jenny and knows their love story.

12. Sumit voices his fears

Sumit voices his fears
He talks about how his experiences with his ex-wife made him terrified of sabotaging what is, right now, an ideal status quo with Jenny. He fears that somehow Jenny will magically change when they marry, because his ex made his life even more miserable than his parents did but he has heard that she was a nice woman outside of marriage.

13. Neeraj states the obvious

Neeraj states the obvious
Sumit is in a relationship that has spanned nearly a decade, through thick and thin. In contrast, his ex was through an arranged marriage. There is no comparison.

14. Sumit drops a bombshell

Sumit drops a bombshell
He reveals that he secretly told the marriage attorney to put a hold on the marriage application, not telling Jenny, who thinks that the paperwork is underway for them to get married.

15. WTF?!

Neeraj tells him directly that he's being a jerk. He tells him that he HAS to come clean with Jenny. Sumit fears that telling Jenny what he has done will drive her away from him, and he's right, but this is a mess purely of Sumit's own making. Jenny has a right to know.

16. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
Janice, Ariela's mother, wants to speak to Biniyam alone while Ariela and Avi take a nap. Just to be sure that they understand each other, Janice has the translator from the previous episode meet them. This time, it sounds like Bini doesn't have any complaints about the translator being hired.

17. So ... did he cheat?

So ... did he cheat?
Janice knows that it's awkward to ask directly, but she does anyway. She has seen this side of Bini that is not a good partner to Ariela -- partying, refusing to answer the phone, dishonesty. But did he cheat on her?

18. "No"

Biniyam says that Ariela simply misinterpreted a preponderance of photographic evidence, the word of Bini's own friends and family, and made assumptions because of that. He says that he converted their house into a music studio while she was gone, and that it was only natural that random other people showed up during that time. Maybe that Field of Dreams argument makes more sense in his head.

19. Janice believes him ...

Janice believes him ...
Or, she's too polite and sensible to simply accuse him of lying to her face, since that would accomplish nothing. She tells him, however, that Ariela cannot trust him because he lies to her so frequently. He lies about what he's doing and where he's doing it and with whom, Ari finds out, and naturally concludes that nothing that he says can be believed.

20. Biniyam confesses to habitual lying

Biniyam confesses to habitual lying
He says that Ariela will sometimes be upset when he hangs out with toxic influences or makes plans to keep him away from the house for too long, so instead of telling her what he's doing, he lies to her. That is ... not a solution in any way, shape, or form.

21. Biniyam says that he understands

Biniyam says that he understands
Back at the rental, they rehash the conversation with a skeptical Ariela, but Bini insists that he truly wants to fix things. His past behavior has not shown that he's willing to make any efforts to be a good partner, BUT he did move to Kenya for this, so that is promising.

22. Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas
The two of them have been in a much better place and their wedding is approaching. They're already legally married so this is more of a gesture of their love and renewed commitment. But they still have a few issues to work out.

23. But what kind of ceremony do they want?

But what kind of ceremony do they want?
Evelin would prefer a non-religious ceremony. Part of the reason that she wants that is because her family takes religious marriage very seriously and doesn't believe in divorce -- if you get married and it's not working out, you're just stuck together, stewing in your mutual misery until one of you dies. Evelin thinks that they'll put less pressure on her and Corey if they have a non-religious ceremony (which is normal -- certainly, every wedding that I've attended in my adult life has been non-religious).

24. Corey totally disagrees

Corey totally disagrees
He notes how religion is important to Evelin's family and to his. Corey comes from a Mormon family. Evelin's family is also Christian (Ecuador's religious demographics breakdown is not diverse -- almost everyone is Catholic, and the slim minority of respondents who are not are listed as non-religious).

25. Evelin explains how her family views marriage as "forever"

Evelin explains how her family views marriage as "forever"
Corey argues that this is what marriage is, though that's not quite the truth. Some marriages last until death, but many do not, and not every culture, tradition, or religion frames marriage as eternal or never-ending.

26. Evelin wants to keep her options open

Evelin wants to keep her options open
She says as much, noting that if things go wrong, they'll get a divorce. It's clear that she is still raw and hurting from the Jenny in Peru fiasco, but she does apologize to Corey for not considering his feelings as she described the possibility of an eventual divorce.

27. They iron out some wedding details

They iron out some wedding details
The dining layout for their upcoming nuptials look great, no matter how the ceremony goes, and Evelin is very complimentary of them and of Corey.

28. But the ceremony question continues

But the ceremony question continues
Corey hopes that a religious wedding will get Evelin to take it more seriously. It almost sounds like he's saying that he wants Evelin to feel like she can't leave him without backlash from her family, but hopefully that's not his meaning at all.

29. Evelin has an idea for the officiant: her sister, Lesly

Evelin has an idea for the officiant: her sister, Lesly
Corey recoils at this, not just at the idea of a non-religious wedding but at the idea of it being Evelin's sister, who strongly disapproves of him and of this relationship. Evelin does understand, but she's close to Lesly and would like for her to officiate the wedding.

30. Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean
They go for a drive in the ruins of Providencia, surveying additional damage. Ellie does note that more trees had survived the horrors of Hurricane Iota than she had first thought. (Yes, it's been a hot minute since we saw these two on our screens, so the show is kind of reminding us of all that's happened)

31. Victor takes Ellie to his sister's house

Victor takes Ellie to his sister's house
Inside is a wreck, and he walks her through how the house came apart around them, finally showing her the sink where he and his sister and his sister's family hid inside the cabinets, where (if you've never lived where hurricanes or tornadoes can happen) the metal piping of the plumbing provides extra support against the devastation. They could have easily died that night.

32. Back home, they happily talk about the future

Back home, they happily talk about the future
There had been conversations before COVID of marrying and having a child together, but the pandemic (and Victor's cheating) put a hold on plans long before the hurricane came through.

33. Maybe it's time to bring it up again?

Maybe it's time to bring it up again?
They talk about the idea of giving Victor's existing daughter a younger sibling. Ellie does mention that her odds of conceiving are a little lower now.

34. Everything falls apart

Everything falls apart
A simple note about how the house will be perfect for the two of them when it's fixed up but might not work as a long-term home turns into a bitter, angry fight about work and money. Ellie will discuss an economic reality (like how is Victor going to tend bar for tourists on an island that was destroyed), Victor will react because he's sensitive about money stuff and feel like Ellie's lording her money over him, and then they both get angry.

35. Yikes

It looks like this fight will continue on the next episode with these two. Messy!

36. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
Kenneth and Armando go outside with Hannah to greet Armando's family, who have come up for the wedding. Hannah is especially overjoyed to see her grandmother.

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