90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Asuelu's Sister ATTACKS Kalani

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5, Episode 11 was full of conflict.

Michael returns home only to be menaced and kicked out by Angela.

Andrei tries to be on his best behavior for Elizabeth's family as her mother and sister arrive.

Larissa tells Eric that she wants to get a boob job and more ... and for him to pay for it.

Syngin drops a bombshell at dinner with his family, and Tania bursts into tears.

Colt invites Jess to Vegas ... but he has been lying to her about multiple things, because that is what he does.

Most jaw-dropping of all is Kalani's outrageous meeting with Asuelu's mother and sister.

Hearing her mother-in-law say that she "doesn't care about the kids" is bad. Her sister-in-law trying to attack her is another.

Watch that appalling clip below!

1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Last week's episode ended in Angela yelling and screeching in rage after seeing Michael suggest to his aunt that his culture might play some role in his day-to-day married life with Angela. She stormed off and declared that the wedding was off.

2. Michael just wants peace

Michael just wants peace
Michael wants to please his verbally abusive fiancee -- which is exactly the sort of feverish, eager-to-please behavior that her behavior is designed to instill. He is driving home ... to where Angela is waiting for him.

3. She gives him such a hateful, menacing look

She gives him such a hateful, menacing look
Fortunately, the cameras are there. Angela may not care enough about other people to refrain from smoking indoors like it's The Purge, but she probably won't escalate beyond yelling on camera, right? Not every 90 Day Fiance star is Anfisa.

4. She unloads her fury

She unloads her fury
Angela has repeatedly insisted that she will respect Michael's culture, with no evidence of that cropping up anywhere. She also insists that her yelling is "her culture." While we don't doubt that she's not the first person in her family to yell, being verbally abusive to your partners is not excused by nationality, culture, or anything else. No one deserves to be treated the way that she treats Michael.

5. She kicks him out

She kicks him out
Threatening to stay at a hotel, she tells Michael to get both himself and his possessions out of her sight. Ugh.

6. They speak again

They speak again
The next day, Michael is still trying to make this relationship work (Michael, please run) while Angela smokes indoors like it's 1983. Angela learns that his brother is bringing his mother over.

7. Tensions are high

Tensions are high
But Michael's mother says that she still gives her blessing with Michael and Angela having an "equal" relationship.

8. Her reasoning makes sense

Her reasoning makes sense
After all, she admits, if he loves her, he'll just be miserable with someone else. Unfortunately, she may not realize that he'll be miserable with her, too. Angela's idea of an "equal partnership" has her being much more "equal" than Michael. No one deserves what she has to offer.

9. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
They are at the airport to pick up family -- Elizabeth's mom, Pamela, her sister, Jenn, and her stepdad. Elizabeth's story had really glossed over her parents being divorced, which is a GREAT example of how reality TV editing and production choices can depict a dishonest reflection of reality. Anyway, Andrei promises to not cause problems.

10. Here they are!

Here they are!
Straight talk -- we know that Elizabeth's family is very clearly voluntarily assuming an antagonistic role in order to help Elizabeth with her reality career. That is actually really nice of them. Even if it means being bad guests.

11. Jenn dives headfirst into the Season Villain role

Jenn dives headfirst into the Season Villain role
She is immediately negging the weather for being "gloomy," which honestly makes Moldova sound like a vacation destination for me (a quick glance at some other things about the country, uh, counteract that). Remember, these are people from Florida; they have the same ideas about desirable weather as particularly masochistic palm trees. Anyway, we love Jenn and we're glad that she's here.

12. She gives Andrei a hard time

She gives Andrei a hard time
Andrei loudly declares that he is not taking the bait, even good-naturedly (really!) joking that he shouldn't even have picked her up from the airport. If this were a romantic comedy, this trip would be about Elizabeth realizing that she doesn't want to be married to Andrei, and Andrei and Jenn resolving their tension by having Mistake Sex. But this is not a romantic comedy.

13. Andrei is being SO good

Andrei is being SO good
We don't mean to praise a man simply for "acting like a human being and not a particularly ill-tempered gorilla," so we won't, but it was nice to see Andrei behave.

14. It continued at the family gathering

It continued at the family gathering
The Potthasts and the Castravets had a little welcoming get together and things went well. Andrei was happy that Elizabeth was proud of him. She told him that it was "sexy" that he wasn't "being an asshole," which is pretty basic positive reinforcement.

15. The next morning ...

The next morning ...
The Potthasts (okay, mostly just Jenn and Chuck) are roasting Moldovan food, claiming that they don't know what many of the dishes are. Jenn expects to lose weight during the trip because she doesn't like the food. Girl, there is a whole plate of plump, fresh grapes on the table in front of you. (Again, I love Jenn, but they're GRAPES)

16. It's time to fill the ladies in

It's time to fill the ladies in
They get told a version of events about the grilling of Andrei and his hostile reaction. Jenn is excited to do some sleuthing of her own, looking into Andrei's past. (The stuff about Andrei's past is ALL for the cameras, very clearly, to needlessly cause conflict, but it's nice of Elizabeth's family to do this for her)

17. The investigation begins

The investigation begins
Jenn, instead of asking Andrei to his face or drunkenly trying to fight him, instead chats with his sister-in-law while Elizabeth is in the dressing room, getting a woman who works at the store to translate. Retail workers, all over the world, are not paid enough.

18. So yes, she saw the fight

So yes, she saw the fight
And she admits that she has seen Andrei's hostile behavior before, but not like she saw with Elizabeth's folks.

19. Elizabeth, dressed like a nesting doll, tells them to cut it out

Elizabeth, dressed like a nesting doll, tells them to cut it out
She reiterates that having a second, Moldovan wedding is something that she promised Andrei's family, and one that she plans to keep.

20. Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols
Larissa is at some sort of high-end furniture store with Eric, which seems as good of a setting as any for them to have a talk. (If it weren't for producer interference, you know that 90% of all of these scenes would be in the same rooms of the same houses)

21. OH WOW

The couch that she sits on and likes is, full on, the price of one that Kris Jenner would buy and has bought for her house. Neither Larissa nor Eric are worth the 8-9 figures that have any business buying a couch like that. Even a low-end millionaire would be wasting an absurd amount of money on the purchase. Anyway, as Eric points out, the couch is priced like it's a car.

22. So ...

So ...
Larissa laments that Eric was "cheap" in the past, something that she has said before.

23. She wants to see if he has changed

She wants to see if he has changed
Even Larissa's diehard fans know that this is deeply silly, and on some level, so does Larissa herself.

24. Out with it!

Out with it!
Larissa would "like to do a boob job." She does not mean a sex act, despite her phrasing. She wants to undergo elective surgery to make her breasts largier and, perhaps, perkier.

25. That's not all

That's not all
She also wants a nose job -- to which Eric protests, as he loves her nose. (He's right -- we can't say that we've seen much of her breasts, which is just fine, but her nose is fine! Cute, even)

26. This isn't about Eric

This isn't about Eric
Larissa emphasizes that this is about her "satisfaction as a woman." She also hints that Eric's disparaging comments are part of what is spurring her. (Folks, she may have body dysmorphia, which is when people irrationally perceive flaws that do not exist in their bodies and fixate on them)

27. Plus, Eric is hot

Plus, Eric is hot
Larissa unfortunately body-shames Colt, referencing that he is overweight, while explaining that she wants to be hot because she's with Eric. We know that it's a cultural difference, but Larissa could talk about all sorts of things about Colt instead of his weight. His cheating, his fondness for mind games, his general creepiness, his unhealthy relationship with his mom, etc. Instead, she talks about his body. She needs to cut that out.

28. Her nose job plans are a little confusing

Her nose job plans are a little confusing
Eric isn't sure why she'd want to change, and her explanation sounds ... worse ... than her actual nose (a nose that we and Eric like). But whatever, it's her body. She could go Full Voldemort and cut off her nose and she'd have that right, but we wouldn't recommend it.

29. Eric stresses that he doesn't want this

Eric stresses that he doesn't want this
He affirms that Larissa is a total hottie right now and he doesn't want her to think that she needs to change, at least not for him.

30. Anyway ... she wants him to pay for it

Anyway ... she wants him to pay for it
Eric ends up talking to Larissa about drawing up a contract for her to pay him back, with some interest, if he helps her get these procedures. That is smart. Remember, if you "loan" someone money without any documentation and they decide to not pay you back, your hands are tied because you gave them a "gift" of money. A handshake is not a signature.

31. Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester
They're preparing for a braai, a tradtional South African BBQ, with Syngin's family, and Syngin is already making jokes about drinking. Honestly? If they're happiest together, we're totally rooting for these two. They're both good people who deserve to be happy.

32. Okay WOW

Okay WOW
Again, this is another one of those weird cultural difference things. At the same time, Syngin doesn't meet any defintion of "fat" that you'll find outside of a pro-ana blog.

33. The whole family is there

The whole family is there
Dylan, looking like a Musketeer (that is a compliment) has to have his leg up because of his own health issue, so the family is spread out for the cameras instead of all seated at the table. But the awkwardness has just begun.

34. Then, Syngin drops a bombshell

Then, Syngin drops a bombshell
He talks about shopping for land with Tania ... and then declares that he "wouldnt' want to buy land" anywhere but South Africa. This is ... not part of their plans.

35. Obviously, it's Syngin's choice

Obviously, it's Syngin's choice
Syngin could choose to simply remain in South Africa if he chose. But where does that leave Tania?

36. Tania has strong opinions

Tania has strong opinions
Acknowledging that America has its issues, she says honestly that she does not want to raise children in South Africa. She is not the first 90 Day Fiance star to state this, either. There is a lot of racism -- to which America is no stranger.

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