9 Stages of Relationships in the Hook-Up Era

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Trying to date in the world of hooking-up? Here are 9 stages you might find yourself going through. 

1. The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand
So, you had a one night stand. You think it was great. Wasn't it great? Hey, you have a phone number. Maybe another encounter will answer your question.

2. The Second Look

The Second Look
You don't remember much from your one night stand. You take a second look to try and jog your memory, sans beer goggles this time. Okay, so with 3 beers instead of 6.

3. The Booty Call

The Booty Call
So, good news! It WAS a good one night stand! So good you'd like to continue having sex with this person but without the confines of a relationship! Welcome to the booty call.

4. Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits
Uh-oh. Now you're friends with the booty call. You chat randomly throughout the day and not just when you want to hook up. You're friends with benefits.

5. The First Date

The First Date
Friends with benefits has turned into "maybe we have a shot at this." You go on a legit first date to give it a whirl.

6. The Fling

The Fling
At least one of you is pretty sure this is just going to be a fling, but neither of you wants to tell the other person. You just want to enjoy it while it lasts.

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