9 Creative Ways to Break Someone's Heart

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Looking for some breakup advice? Consider this creative options.

1. A Delicious Dumping

A Delicious Dumping
On one hand, you're now single. On the other... you don't need to share!

2. Sorry, Nick

Sorry, Nick
If she didn't know you were a vegetarian, she likely wasn't right for you anyway.

3. Sorry About the Divorce!

Sorry About the Divorce!
Take note, Khloe and Lamar: THIS is how you get a divorce!

4. You're Better Than a Trampoline, But...

You're Better Than a Trampoline, But...
If you can't do the relationship time, at least you can come up with a catchy rhyme.

5. Best Breakup Ever!

Best Breakup Ever!
When in doubt, quote some popular song lyrics.

6. Not So Merry Christmas

Not So Merry Christmas
This Christmas card was going very well until the end. Tough break.

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