7th Grader Blends Into Green Screen for School Pictures, Hilarity Ensues

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Heretofore random Facebook user Laurel Hutsell said she had her son's school picture day all planned out.

She picked out clothing for him to wear. She knew how she wanted his hair to look, she had talked to him about smiling nice and big and proudly.

There was just one problem this summer when this 12-year old Missouri resdident when off to seventh grade for his class photo.

He was wearing a bright green shirt.

And the photographer was using a green screen behind his subjects in order to give parents a variety of background options from which they could choose for the final version.

"We had this whole conversation, which makes this hilarious,'' Hutsell told Today about the snafu, adding:

"We practiced the smile, like don't squint your eyes and look like someone is coming up beyond you, and run your fingers through your hair right before."

All this practice could not prepare young Carter for what was to come, however.

Due to the combination of the green screen and the green shirt, well... scroll down to see what happened.

(And don't be afraid to laugh; Laurel shared these pictures on Facebook and she finds them hilarious as well.)

1. The Shirt

The Shirt
It's nice, right? It stands out, it's clean and pressed and Carter looks very handsome in it.

2. And Then This Happened!

And Then This Happened!
We agree: his hair and his smile were totally on point! Ready to see for yourselves, readers?

3. HA!

"At least we know it's 2018," Laurel wrote as a caption to this first example of the green screen at work.

4. Come On, Green Shirt!

Come On, Green Shirt!
It's working so hard to show itself here. We're dying of laughter.

5. He's Feeling Gray in This One

He's Feeling Gray in This One
He's just feeling so very, very, very gray.

6. Barney Probably Likes This One

Barney Probably Likes This One
"Not even sure what to say about this one," wrote the mother as a caption to this one. She's nearly as funny as the pictures themselves.

Wait! There's more th Grader Blends Into Green Screen for School Pictures, Hilarity Ensues! Just click "Next" below:

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