21 Times Kaley Cuoco Has Won Instagram

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Kaley Cuoco does not have the most followers on Instagram.

But perhaps she should!

The actress may have made a name for herself on The Big Bang Theory, yet she has made a social media presence for herself with all the funny and silly photos she's shared over this space.

From selfies with her pets to selfies with her various hairstyles, click through the following Kaley Cuoco pictures and prepare to have a blast!

1. Getting All Gorgeous

Getting All Gorgeous
Kaley Cuoco prepares for the Golden Globes in this fun shot from 2014. We like her a lot. She often takes followers behind the scenes of her fun life.

2. Look at This!

Look at This!
How many others would actually take a photo of their varicose veins and share it online?!?

3. In a Bikini! With an Inflatable Swan!

In a Bikini! With an Inflatable Swan!
Man, we love her so much.

4. Stuck in the Hospital

Stuck in the Hospital
Yes, Kaley Cuoco underwent sinus surgery, the results of which you can see here. But, no, she did not have a nose job!

5. Puppy Love

Puppy Love
Kaley's one true love is horses. But she thankfully gives us the occasional look at her collection of dogs as well.

6. Bed Head Alert!

Bed Head Alert!
Yup, she even looks good with bed head. And she's not to proud to keep this look a secret.

7. On the Can

On the Can
Kaley revealed on Instagram that she gets her hair done while sitting on the toilet. We think we were better off not knowing that.

8. In Her Birthday Suit

In Her Birthday Suit
Not really, of course. But Cuoco beat the paparazzi to the punch by pretending to release her own naked photo online.

9. YUM!

Most celebrities share photos of their fancy dresses on Emmy night. But Kaley shared one of her eating french fries. Did we mention that we love her?

10. On The Big Bang Theory Set

On The Big Bang Theory Set
Looks like they have as much fun off camera as they have on camera.

11. A Fun Couple

A Fun Couple
It's too bad Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting didn't work out. Because they clearly had a blast together.

12. Underwater Fun

Underwater Fun
You really can't ever go wrong with an underwater camera.

13. Another Puppy

Another Puppy

14. Getting Madeover

Getting Madeover
She doesn't need it, of course. But we appreciate the look behind Kaley's curtain.

15. Team Ben!

Team Ben!
Kaley loves The Bachelor. How much? So much that she's wearing leggings here with the face of star Ben Higgins on them.

16. No Shame Here!

No Shame Here!
Stars, they are just likek us, right? They also get tan lines.

17. A Weird Look

A Weird Look
Kaley Cuoco is showing off her slamming body in this photo. She is wearing a self-described "swim-suit pant."

18. Pink Hair, Don't Care!

Pink Hair, Don't Care!
Give the actress credit for never being afraid to change up her look.

19. No Baby on Board

No Baby on Board
Kaley Cuoco posted a photo of herself in a crop top to assure fans that she's not pregnant. We love how she addressed the rumor straight on.


Nothing special to say about this one. We just think Kaley posts photos that are far more unique and fun than those of other celebrities.

21. Flipping the Bird

Flipping the Bird
Is this harsh gesture meant for Sweeting? Maybe. All we know that it's another example of Kaley's Instagram accout being a must-read on a daily basis.

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