18 Cute Kids Who Deserve Better Parents

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Not to go all Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler on the men and women responsible for the following photos, but we have one word for them:


They may be decent parents at other times, but they clearly failed when these pictures were taken. 

Click around below and see if you agree:

1. Hello? Is Anyone There?

Hello? Is Anyone There?
Anyone at all? Guess I'll just hang out for a bit by myself.

2. Raiding the Fridge

Raiding the Fridge
When the parents are away, the kids will play. And also eat.

3. Just... No

Just... No
Nothing that fell into that pit is worth this, Dad.

4. I Can't Breathe!

I Can't Breathe!
I admire you for trying to lose weight, Mom, but keep me out of it next time.

5. Catch!

Please, someone tell us this was Photoshopped.

6. In the Crapper

In the Crapper
Come on. The bathtub is right there!

7. An Axe to Grind

An Axe to Grind
Or throw. Or drop on his own feet. A kid just should never have an axe.


It's funny when a baby cries while meeting Santa Claus. But this is less funny.

9. What's for Dinner

What's for Dinner
Oh... it's me, isn't it?

10. I Came Out of THERE?!?

I Came Out of THERE?!?
How did I fit?!?

11. I'm Not Laughing

I'm Not Laughing
Please stop.

12. A Little Gun Control, Please

A Little Gun Control, Please
Also, show some self control.

13. Smoke Em If You Got Em

Smoke Em If You Got Em
But why does she have one?

14. Yes, I Fit

Yes, I Fit
You better have won a lot of money on this wager.

15. This Speaks for Itself

This Speaks for Itself
And it says some awful things.

16. Act Like You're Happy, Darling

Act Like You're Happy, Darling
Even if you're bawling inside.

17. It's Been a Long Night

It's Been a Long Night
We understand. But still.

18. Forget the Plane

Forget the Plane

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