2016 Spring TV Awards: And the Winners Are...

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Some shows went out on top this week.

Others shows went out like Kim Kardashian in the Kim Kardashian sex tape; that is, on the bottom.

With the spring television season now behind us, it's time to take a look back at the best and the worst from the past few months on the small screen...

1. Worst Cliffhanger

Worst Cliffhanger
EMPIRE. Promos teased that a "Lyon would fall." This ended up being literally the case, with two members of the family falling off a building, with viewers needing to wait until next season to learn who died. Lame! Empire is a strong enough show that it need not rely on such a transparent cliffhanger.

2. Best Plot Twist

Best Plot Twist
SUPERNATURAL. The Darkness is God's sister?!? What? Huh?!? It's creativity such as this that has kept the show humming for 11 seasons and counting.

3. Worst Plot Twist

Worst Plot Twist
CASTLE. The reveal of LokSat was not worth the wait. Not by a long shot. It didn't help when Caleb Brown magically appeared in the loft to shoot Kate and Rick.

4. Best 'Ship

Best 'Ship
Jason and Alicia, THE GOOD WIFE. The series finale was awful, let's be honest. But the chemistry between these two was red hot all season long.

5. Biggest WTF Moment

Biggest WTF Moment
JANE THE VIRGIN. We know this is akin to a telenova and we should not take it too seriously. But we did NOT see Petra's twin sister coming. At. All.

6. Best Fight Scene

Best Fight Scene
THE 100. We're still on the edges of our seats over Lexa taking on Roan.

7. Most Heartbreaking Moment

Most Heartbreaking Moment
What Agents of Shield viewer out there was NOT shedding a tear after Lincoln said goodbye to Daisy?

8. Best Finale

Best Finale
GREY'S ANATOMY. Nope, no one died. There was no crazy plane crash or mass shooting. That's what made it so refreshing. It was mostly a happy episode!

9. Worst Finale

Worst Finale
CASTLE. A double entry here for Castle, both for bad reasons. What an awful way for the show to wrap up eight seasons, just flashing to a 30-second coda that skipped ahead many years and showed Caskett as a happy family with kids. It was rushed and it was clearly never the main plan, as producers wanted a ninth season until fans protested against it.

10. Character We'll Miss the Most

Character We'll Miss the Most
Robin on ONCE UPON A TIME. May he rest in peace. He brought out the best in Regina.

11. 'Ship That Sunk the Hardest

'Ship That Sunk the Hardest
Scott and Kira on TEEN WOLF. They had been through so much, what with Kira getting possessed by an evil spirit and all. Kira went back with the skin walkers at the end of the season... and we all know Arden Cho won't be back next year.

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