21 Celebrities Accused of Domestic Violence

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Celebrity domestic violence occurs even in the most seemingly-stable relationships.

Hollywood violence knows no gender, age, or reason, and some of these allegations are gonna curl your toes.

Who dragged his partner with a car? Who beat someone's face in so badly she needed to be hospitalized? Whose own mother and sister accused this superstar, award-winning actor of physical abuse?

Things are about to get real deep and dark in here, so we hope you have a flashlight, a blanket, and a box of tissues, because ugh

Also, hey, can someone remind these asshats that violence is never the answer?

That could be pretty helpful, all things considered. 

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Chris Brown was arrested and placed on probation for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, who had to be hospitalized -- her injuries were that bad.

2. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp
Depp's wife, Amber Heard, filed a restraining order -- and then divorce papers! -- on the grounds that he abused her throughout their marriage. Among other things, Heard alleged that Depp smashed an iPhone into her face, resulting in bruising.

3. Columbus Short

Columbus Short
Columbus Short of 'Scandal' fame reportedly attacked his wife, and then threatened to kill her. And himself. And WTF is wrong with him?

4. Joe Budden

Joe Budden
Rapper Joe Budden was arrested after reportedly choking his former (pregnant!) girlfriend, as well as intentionally sitting on her stomach. She miscarried shortly after the reported attack. The best part of Budden ran down...never mind.

5. Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown was long rumored to have physically -- as well as mentally -- abused the late Whitney Houston.

6. Sean Penn

Sean Penn
Penn reportedly -- and repeatedly -- was accused of assaulting ex-wife, Madonna. In 2015, Madonna came clean about the abuse, saying that Penn "never struck" her.

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